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Form the Chinese spoiler,
It appears that Ken is the only one in the group(other than Shāng )with good heart and he really like Dan fei, but he still left Dān Fěi in the prison to die and follow his big brother as he told him that he knows he likes the girl but let it go.
All the other members are all jackss like Xuě Yā, who following the trip for personal profit and shit talk about Dan fei and Shang in front of them while they are imprisoned.
Also, phinex killer die
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Snow duck request 5000 pounds of gold for selling his half of the sword
>Also, phinex killer die

Overrated glass cannon. Ken was right about him.
Ken started to questioning his big brother's nasty way of getting the money and treasure. Thinking it's not right.
And now we know why the archer join the group, it's for profit and money.

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>Nagitoposter starts out thread with dubs
I guess I truly am lucky...
Sasuga, Komaeda-san!
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I really am lucky

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>no anime about seiyuu whoring herself to get more roles

No fun allowed?
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Because it doesn't happen. You can't name anyone who supposedly did this.
Chiwa Saito
Is this AmaBuri?

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Is this /a/'s best MILF protagonist ?
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Are you saying there are more MILF protagonists?

tell me more
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Gonna have to ask for sauce on this.

Also, this. I want to know more about these "MILF protagonists."
No, Okusan is.

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Don't play video games, kids
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1st for Chiaki a shit
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For best purest and cuddliest omniscient waifu
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0-1 no death
2-9 death

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what kind of hair is that?
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Sex hair?
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Clarkson hair
cute hair

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Why is no one translating this awesome shit?
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>this awesome shit
You only got the 'shit' part right.
>awesome shit
How watching boring op protagonist with shitty characters is awesome in any way? If you need to rub one out just watch some porn or whatever.
I thought it was on hold since no chapters were coming out. It's mildly untertaining, but I got to say I'm way more interested in Tsuyokute New Saga.

Re:zero is the most overrated and mediocre show of this year.
It's the typical show "man who is trapped in a fantasy world" but more edgy.The only good point of Edgy:zero was the factor "die-repeat" adds in a fantasy anime like this but this factor is developed wrong.The main protagonist is not realistic,is simply stupid.Rem and ram are the stereotypes of "cute girls do things but they are also dangerous".
The villains are pathetic,they have no reason to be nasty or other and for this reason they look stupid.
The difference with sao is just that the female protagonist,Asuna,is more helpful than Emilia.
So why do you like this show?
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Okay, OP. I'm waiting for your next thread.
>People who hate Re:Zero type like absolute retards and like SAO

Wow, who knew?

>slut tried seducing MC despite knowing he has a girl he only cares for and was just messing with him

>MC attempts to rape her to scare her off

Absolute madman
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Sounds pretty fucking retarded.
That's gookshit for you
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Incorrect SFX.

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What does /a/ think about Itadaki! Seieki?
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my hentaifu
It was kind of bad, like most all hentai is, but the main girl was pretty cute.

Let down by that one scene

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This manga is so fucking comfy.
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Reminder that Chise is Elias's mom now.
Elias and Chise finally took a step forward huh?
Still, tentacle play wasn't expected at all.
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Episode 23 preview delayed by 24 hours for some reason.
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It's obvious the production is struggling as they reach the final episodes.
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They are using all their budget to make Felix look super sexy in the next ep.

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don't you mean "WHOOP WHOOP"?
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Why is any show that doesn't spoon feed the viewer labelled as pretentious?
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Yotsuba is the only non-pretentious series.
Because there aren't really any problems with said series.
Because it can't be their fault they didn't understand so they have to blame the show

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Predictions for the next episode?
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Yoshiko and You actually interacting to reflect how much time they technically spend together off-screen on the bus.
They are all cute and sweet and lovely and I continue to adore them

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