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protip:you can't
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There are enough things in that image to make it easy to find with tags
I don't like cock?
found it, but it's the sequel and the first isn't translated

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So, I'm finally watching Armageddon and, is it just me, or does none of this shit make any sense whatsoever?
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What dont you get?
It's a pretty straightforward story.
Invaders attack, Moon Wars happen, Getter Team is established with Getter Robo, and shortly after Saotome's daughter dies under semi mysterious death of Michiru. Ryoma gets framed for the Death of Saotome, and time later, a crazy resurrected Saotome attaks humanity with his newest creation, SHIN DRAGON.

A shit ton more happens, but it aint complex.
Basically, Saotome got infected by Invaders, and lost control of himself, but had emergency plans set up in the form of SHIN GETTER.
if you read the getter robo manga series and then watch the OVAs, the story will be all over the place.

Armageddon is just pure action and doesn't really have to make much sense, just enjoy the ride.
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That's what happens when you have to change directors and story after three episodes. Its best to just ignore anything from those episodes that doesn't end up making sense or get answered, because they literally had to rewrite the whole thing after Imagawa took his ball and went home. At least it eventually finds its way again to lead to that amazing ending, so its all worth it.

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When the cancer is too strong.jpg
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What does /a/ think of school days?
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Only worth a watch for the ending.
Shit artstyle
I keep thinking... Pretty much everyone has heard of School Days and it's infamous ending, but how many people have actually sat down and watched it?

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>female:"leg lock"
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When is the actual waifu age coming?
(lifelike robots and/or physical VR)
10 years?
Are we going to be too old?
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Closest you can get is VR. Robot waifus are just too expensive and we simply don't have the technology for that yet.
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Ako is a precious girl.

Also this
And then followed up with

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True best girl, Remfags need not apply.
I want to play with her drills

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ITT god tier openings

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This was great but made no sense after watching the series.



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which type of pantsu is best?
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Every single teekyuu's

But outside of that, striped wins

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It's an alternate dimension 2001 and Bleach is about to get started.
Kubo Tite at the last second decides to have a writing partner and just do the art and main story.
This is the only chance to fix Bleach.

Immutable plot points that can't be changed:
-Grand Fisher
-The 13 captains are all the same

Everything else is fair game. go.

Everything else is fair game.
What changes to make it better?
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Keep it Japanese ghostbusters, next question.
Bleach wouldn't sell well and it'll probably get the zombie power treatment. Watch Kekkaishi or some other yokai hunter anime.

Seriously though, even if SS arc has to happen (or 1000 years war arc) just make it a small arc in the middle of ghostbusting.
Sort of like how Gintama used to have serious arcs once in a long while, and then it's back to comfy everyday life of the Yorozuya.

Also, Kubo shouldn't make new characters if he can't handle them.

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Hard mode: If you're a drawfag, make a picture, cover, or first page of your idea.
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80s girl v222222.png
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A cute 80s girl goes to rollerskate on weekends with her friends, and listens to Michael Jackson and 80s idols while pursuing a career as hair metal stylist.
An anthology manga about weird objects that give characters special powers. It sort of deconstructs the idea of people having special powers, no super hero shit, may or may not be a straight up battle shonen. Pretty simple stuff. Could try to do something to make the whole concept more unique. There may be an over arching plot connecting all of the stories, such as a minor character in a previous story is the protagonist of another. Could make the whole thing an anthology one of the other characters is jotting down/trying to keep a record of.
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(I got nothing, but story for a manga/anime)
Paladin's Story

-A, Paladin saves the life of a random loli from some demons.
-6 Months after that incident the loli tracks down the Paladin and reveals herself to be an immortal Archdemon who wants to fuck the Paladin, and have him fall from grace to be hers. (Catch is: She wants him to fall on his own free will)
-The loli Archdemon is yandere over the Paladin and stalks him wherever he goes as he carries out holy missions to exterminate demons who are causing trouble in the world in brutal ways.
-The main plot comes from the loli Archdemon wanting to drag the Paladin into the affairs of hell: To make them the savior of the mortal world as he vanquishes 6 other Archdemons.
-This is all part of a bigger keikaku of her's as Hell is in state of civil war because of the other Archdemons (Who actually stole part of her power and attempted to kill her 6 months ago with Demon assassins the Paladin saved her from), and with them gone she'll be able to unite hell under one banner and crown herself queen.
-The whole story focuses on the Paladin perspective who undergoes suffering in order to stay sane and on the right path to protect all his friends, with the perspective switching to the Archdemon doing her keikaku.

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Can other Fate girls even compete?
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just about every other Fate girl survived longer than Lamer.
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They cant. Its that simple.
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By being more than a Fate girl.

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Well that wasn't worth a month of waiting.
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Poor guy.
He doesn't know who to trust.
He even may have noticed he isn't really craving for sex anymore, but craving for his girlfriend instead.
He may needs some confirmation from Yame, if she really likes him in some sense or she's just toying with him as the other slut says.
the next chapter will end with him confirming if she was asking for advise, and she'll confirm she just wanted help cause it was her first boyfriend and then everyone comes in to cockblock them as the punchline.

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Flats need to be bullied
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I'll start with the obvious one.
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doesn't even have space in the name, how is it obvious to anyone?
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How would you spend a day with Mami?
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Taking her doggystyle.
Can't think of anything off the top of my head right now.
I'd prefer cowgirl. Then you'd have her tits right in your face.

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