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What's the worst anime you've ever seen, /a/?
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rec threads aren't allowed
Legend of the Galactic Heroes is utter garbage while i spit at its ugly ass 80s animation.

fight me galacticfags
your favorite

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>Archerfags on suicide watch
Kuro is stronger than Archer himself.
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Well, Kuro is a grail and all.
And yet Prisma Shirou is portrayed as stronger.


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New episode today, Don't see thread. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!

Loli got her day in bed, Sadly the "interaction" scene was cut!
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Fuck I meant episode 10. My bad.
Yurishia a best. A BEST.
How much loli was shown? This is important.

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I noticed that Hajime had fairly normal breasts in season 1.
In Insight,her boobs got bigger than her head!
There's got to be a treatment she uses to obtain such big,round and squishy breasts!
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They grew because she needed space for the Alien.
I remember in S1 they were actually drawn pretty inconsistantly (but most of the time they were decently big)
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I wonder what would happen when Katze gets out of them.And most importantly - how would he accomplish that?

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What's the oldest isekai anime?
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Captain N: The Game Master
Alice in Wonderland
My dick in both their asses.

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How the fuck does his power work?
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His blood it's the secret.
I don't get why he didn't just possess Wilhelm or Emilia though
>possessing your beloved

I FUCKING LOVE Yunochii! She is so goddamn CUTE!!!!!!
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Miya pls.

Don't eat spoilt food.
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Yuno is the cutest, so that's to be expected.
The cutest!

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I heard it not selling well. Why is that /a/?
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Another generic SoL
because it's boring af
it had potential, but they ruined it

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Asahina's scar on her left arm has disappeared (ep5=>6), while Munakata's facial scars are still present (ep5=>6)

In ep1, after seeing the pictures of the damaged building, Gozu-san said "The entrance is blocked by rubble." Asahina then enters the room 1min later, and is told by Naegi that "the entrance seems to be blocked." In ep6, Asahina said "Didn't Gozu-san say that the door was locked?" Why did Asahina said that instead of "Didn't you say the door was blocked?" because Naegi told her.

Asahina nonchalantly talked to Gekkougahara about how she's a Warrior of Hope (ep 6). Her friends were on Warriors of Hope's "hit list" and the Future Foundation had obtained that information. In fact, her brother died because of them, and based on Naegi+Asahina's conversation, they both knew about that. Thus, it's unusual for her to intentionally use the phrase "Warriors of Hope" with a smile, (from comments in the video: Also, Asahina was staring straight at the camera, not Gekkougahara, when she said that)

Asahina is shorter than Naegi. In ep3, Asahina is still shorter than Naegi. In ep6, Asahina is taller than Naegi.

When Munakata finds Naegi+Asahina after hearing from Tengan who's behind all this, he says "There you are, Despair." Note how Naegi shows up on the white side of the sword, while Asahina shows up on the dark side of the sword - perhaps another symbol?
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In ep6, Asahina held both hands together at her chest (3+ times). In the past (ep1,ep2,ep4), she had always used 1 hand at a time when doing that gesture. (With ep2 alone, I counted 4 times). Chisa does that both hands gesture so...

When Asahina saw Tengan's dead body over Gekkougahara's monitor, she didn't have much of a reaction.

She's eating donuts alone in ep6. In ep4 she made a promise to Gekkougahara to eat donuts together when "everything's over" (I assume her fight with the boxing guy). Why didn't she share her donuts with Gekkougahara - did she forget her promise?

Asahina called Touko "Fukawa-san" (-san indicates respect / formality). However back in Danganronpa1, she called her "Fukawa-chan"

In ep1, Yukizome was staring at the screen with a very serious face. It physically looks very similar to the face Asahina made in ep6 when Naegi was chatting with Togami (When Naegi says " 'That' island? Wait, do you mean...") remnants of depair A.K.A. her students

The Asahina in ep6 has a lot of cute gestures that had not been observed in previous episodes; her eye may also be a slightly bit more slanted

Asahina re-checked her NG code (ep 6). Under normal circumstances, there should have been no need to do so (I can't recall any other character checking their NG code for a second time for no reason).

Tengan told Munakata that Killer alternate/switched. Switched with Asahina perhaps.
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Can we just nuke Mirai hen and only have Zetsubou episodes?

>post yfw Hopeman pulled out a fucking gun
You're a blind cuck and your theory is full of cancer, red herrings, animation errors and you being a fucking dumb cuck. Now get over here:

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I'm collecting
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Has a manga ever ruined an entire genre for you?
>read punpun
>love it
>start looking for more depressing manga
>find fuck all, nothing looks good/interesting
>basically ruined emotional manga for me
It's like shonen after Jojo all over again
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fuck yea OP I love that shit
that dick squeeze in your heart
>It's like shonen after Jojo all over again
I feel you man, I don't enjoy choreographed battles anymore.
Typical Jojofag, never passing up a chance to defend his shit series.

Just what the hell is in Nekomaru's pants?
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>show me your anime when I return
So Future literally confirmed for anime?
His monster dong

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I want to fuck this hamster.
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Umaru is a fucking normalfag who abuses her brother.
Fuck off tomo shitter

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Hori is moe
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tsuyusplosion is qt as fuck
Kacchan as the frog is hilarious.
I have a new otp.

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