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>you will never transcend 3D to be with your waifu
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The translator for monster musume did. Fucking asshole. He's the one with the beard.
Tanktop fag got pretty hurt in that chapter though. I still hope he shows up more
According to the MM threads(generals) he's going to get officially paired with Polt. Our very own y-san, I hate him.

ctrl-f no berserk thread

let's fix that shall we /a/

Was Corkus really a bag of chips on purpose or did he really secretly admire Guts?
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Who's corkus? The fag that told him to fuck off after guts spilled his dream speech before leaving Griffith? If that's him he can fuck off.
Are you series how could anyone forget him m8
What time is the new ep out

Pick your champion /a/
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Eureka Seven
21st Century Boys

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Is Code Geass the GoT of anime?
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Code Geass is basically a shittier version of Gundam SEED with spaghetti people
CC is my waifu mine only

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What is this Nazi shit? Can't Anno make up his original villains?

>tfw you realize that the villains in Nadia are literally Aryan Nazis (The Thule Society and other occult sects which influenced Nazism literally thought that Aryans are the descendants of Atlenteans and hence superior) and the villains in NGE are literally cabbalistic Jews (hence the Jewish symbolism like the tree of life and SEELEs control of UN)

Next time come up with something different than the most common stereotypes of pure evil.
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Man Secret of Blue Water kicked so much ass.
its the occultist nazi meme
>you realize that the villains
Both series spell it out, in NGE's case, they even control the UN.

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September 2 is when the Sea became Beautiful
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The best day of the year! Happy Birthday Miuna!
Who is that?
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ITT : insane girls
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She killed so many people

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First for Student Council being best team and containing best girls.
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gangs und panzers.png
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Gangs und Panzers mod when?
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>In shape


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Its quality dropped so much, and it ran for so fucking long, that most people will say it was never good. But it was a really good shonen series once. It had world-building, great fights, and character development.

What the fuck happened?
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Part 2.
fuck off narutards
Chunnin exams or if you want to drag it longer Shippuden

Is this the worst character in anime history?
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why are there so many shit OP nowaday
Swarms of newfag rulesfag mods who never understood the spirit of /a/ delete everything remotely interesting, so we keep getting the same dozen or so threads over and over and over again.
The bitch they went to school with was way worse. She got several kids killed because she was a dumbass that asked a parasyte if it was a parasyte and then sprayed hair spray in his face

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What does /a/ think about Kyonyuu Fantasy?
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Best succubus related hentai series? Wished they finished it.
>tfw no endless supply of milk
reminder to buy the game when it comes out a week from now so we can get more good nukige translated

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Why's a retard allowed to be this sexy?
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only in fan art
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I wish I was sexy

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>watch Yuushibu for the boobs
>get a weirdly thoughtful critique of the military-industrial complex mixed up with a love letter to consumerism
>watch Maoyuu for the boobs
>get a socioeconomic drama and political thriller culminating in a fucking raw Nietzschean monologue about self-worth

Why does this keep happening to me?

All I want is something mindless that will titillate me and not bore me to tears. Can't I just turn my brain off and root for the thirsty monster girls and maybe even watch them kiss?
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Watch Monmusu
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Shit this is perfect. It's awful sexy garbage. The BD version even has nipples all over the place. Holy shit anon this is literally just what I wanted


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>mfw Haruhi-san is still the best thing to come out of the series outside Disappearance
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I didn't ask for feels when I started watching this. Some of that Ako shit hits way too close to home.
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Nobody gives a flying fuck.
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Hey. Fuck you.

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