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This is your nun for tonight.
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Queens blade nun is better desu
Designer ruined the anime.
i want to smell her smelly farts

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Time for spider hugs.

What do you do?
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I'm going to marry Draco!

I hope my body is ready
that would hurt so fucking bad

Why was it so good?
The only thing that pissed me off in this was that he never learned his lesson. He always put his trust into others even after being betrayed so much
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He still going at it

That's what makes it so good. Have you ever gambled before OP? Once you start winning you can't just stop.
It was frustrating to watch. I just got to the beginning of E-Card and seriously can't watch more because I know just how much suffering is going to happen.
Kaiji never learns his lesson. He keeps doing the same stupid things over and over and trusting the wrong people (read: everyone)

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Kakky Makes Me Happy
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Mfw when I wont be able to watch the episode till monday.

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Yama no Susume Friday
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Hinata is perfect everyday.
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Help me /a/, I'm in love with a goddess
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>a goddess
I hope you're not referring to Aqua when there's a far superior goddess.

Aqua is shit and this show is shit

For the love of God, please tell me you leash your lolis.
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Why is the mother blushing?
She's crying or has just finished crying. Notice the tear.
What would you do in this situation?

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Does Kiznaiver deserve the hate?
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Not really it's another case of /a/ being overly autistic combined with
>muh okada

when is niggastream gonna fuck over the guys translating Black Clover and maybe Red Sprite
since it's been confirmed this is getting an anime like what niggastream did with fallen angel scans
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I'm sure it'll happen eventually, they said they were interested in picking up the series after Bleach ends. Though it seems they're focusing on the Promised Neverland instead for now.
"We want to pick up some Jump titles, we're interested in Gintama, Black Clover and World Trigger (in that order)."
What the fuck is mangastream anyway and why are they stealing everyone's project? Fuck them for taking Shokugeki away from Casanova.

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Why is this show so epic?
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What a shitty falseflag.
what's the name of this show
Ping pong

Where the fuck is Ainz-sama? Lizard people? Cocytus? Climb? The fuck is this? Does it continue to focus on shit characters?
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Yes and I hope it continues to, because that's the whole charm of overlord series.
World and side character development.
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>Complain about Vol 4 and 5
>Anons here mostly were up till Vol10 and waiting for vol 11

OP, you need to read more, Vol 11 is out end of Sep.
The series goes in waves of 3 usually. 2 books for backstory crap with the 3rd one actually some kind of progress. Progress usually heavily involves Ainz.

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Why does best girl have to suffer?

Why does MC have to be such a faggot when he could have the QTest lewd tomboy?
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You only like her because she's easy.
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She's not easy, she's only lusted after MC.

And she is the QTest tomboy, look at this shit

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Be careful that your loli doesn't grow up to be a slut.
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That outfit is ridiculous.
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All lolis are sluts by default
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Speak for yourself snail. _____________________________Cog

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ITT: post your favorite anime in terms of its music
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Haha, whoa almost forgot about this.

2 in 1 this week.
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Triple Booking
Wanna invite them to the cultural festival
"Too many arrows!!"

Summary Volume

Their objectives to invite an idol group to their cultural festival.
Ousai and Eiryou

Both schools wager their invitation rights
And clash in the athletic festival.

The atmosphere around them--

Felt as if they relatively didn't care.
"When's the Eiryou Cultural Festival?"
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Comic 1
Your personal belongings

"It seems we lost some topic papers which we'll use for the borrowing race"
"That's a problem"

"Nothing can be done. Let's make some new ones"
"Sure thing"

"What should we write?"
"Anything as long as it's something people can hold"

[Going right to left]
The president's socks
The president's gym clothes (upper)
The president's gym clothes (Lower)
The president's bra
"Stop the coerced stripping"

Comic 2
Standing on Threes

Three legged race

"They say married couples also do the three legged race"

"Ahaha! This and that are different"
"I see"

"The married couple's three legged race is like this"
"And then we'll send a written protest!" Taka
Standing three
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Comic 1
This seems bad

Costume Relay

"The people in Ousai sure are fast in changing"

"Our private room has a mysterious countdown going"
"The curtain's gonna fall!?"
"That's a rule violation"

Comic 2
Mental concentration

"She's doing some image training"

"I'm gonna do the tug of war so let's do some image training too"

"Could let me speak for a bit?"
[Bottom] Tug of war fuck

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