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Real accurate captchas these days.
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Thread Chika!
Everyone is her bitch and there is nothing we can do about it.
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This is the girl I'm going to impregnate!

Top 10 animes of all time.
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No one liked it?
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>/a/ is full of literal faggots

Oh look, another generic ecchi ani-HOLY SHIT, BROEST ANIME OF ALL TIME

gonna rewatch

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No really, what the fuck did I just watch?
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Like, where did Nono go?

How did Lalc know when Noriko was coming back?

Why did they spell the welcome back wrong?
Beyond time.

Everyone knew even they were coming back.
Why was the horn in Dix Neuf?

Why was the old buster machine clothes in the cockpit of Dix Neuf?

Why was there a dedicated clothes removal button on lalc's suit?

What did absorbing the "degeneracy generator" accomplish?

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korean scan
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last chapter - 80
i don't get it
> she fixed her identity issues (this was last chapter)
> otaku dude got a job
> lesbian friendzoned hard
> mom came back
there's not much to "get"

wtf i like re:zero now
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I'm starting to think that Felixfags aren't memers but actual homosexuals afraid of being looked down by society so they put their hopes and dreams on gay fictional characters
>wtf i like re:zero now

WTF I hate re:zero now
Felix is bro tier, 10/10 would hang out with.

Why are albinos the best character design?
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She needs some sleep.
I'll make sure that happens.
Is there an albino that portrays their notable traits, like being really sensitive to the sun, rather than just being white colored characters?

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Why did this not get a second season?
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Because I didn't laugh once while watching it.
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Why did this not get a second season?
I don't see anything.

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In this world, General Berserk discussion and conversation thread.
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Post some of your favorite moments or art
Is the holy see praying to idea of evil or the 4 kings?
The new anime is more exciting and engaging than the previous two adaptations.

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>Kishimoto Sensei: Plus, I believe that in terms of pure illustration ability, a manga artist cannot beat an animator.

>First off, there’s a huge difference in the amount of material they have to draw. And they have to worry about the lens, about the angles. What a genius animator can do is out of this world.

Is Kishi right?
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Interview source

It depends.
Animators get paid by the frame. They churn out huge numbers of them by necessity.

However, an animator could not beat a still tableau draw by Miura. They'd just quickly knock out a QUALITY boat and move on to their next $.05 cents image, whereas he was able to take 8 months hand-drawing every single wooden plank to PERFECTION. I mean, if you want a FEELING of the Dragonslayer slicing the air, then an animator churning out a dozen images of its arc ripping through the air before ripping through apostle guts, then yeah, an animator beats Miura who just does a BIG SWING image + speedlines and everything around him is falling to chunks.

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In all seriousness, what went wrong?
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You cared about it.
The ending was too much. I liked it up until the point where she got pregnant. Then the doujin entered uncanny vally.
She was a dumb bitch who got lured by a chad.

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>you will never fight shinka which ends with her snapping your neck with her thighs killing you
Why even live?
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>>>/d/ is over there...
Have fun while I fantasize about Shinka giving me the best handjob ever.
>you will never be Shinka
Why even live?
I don't think you quite understand. I can bench 110kg for 5 and deadlift 220kg for 5. I have passed a point where my mind and body don't even register weights less than 20kg. In my world objects less than 20kg don't exist.
I am getting stronger and stronger every time I hit the gym. I am starting to fear my own strength.

Which manga has the ugliest artstyle?
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This is the reason why I avoid one piece like a plague.
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What was the point of her character? Lelouch Barry acknowledged her properly compared to C.C. and Kallen.
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Attract the 12 years old girls audience.

Many characters in this, season 2 in particular, exist for the sole purpose of attracting a specific demographic.
Normal girl to contrast with the over-the-topness of the rest of the cast.

Episode 23: Unscrupulous Sloth (悪辣なる怠惰)
Next episode: Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight (自称騎士と最優の騎士)

All of the published LNs have been adapted.
Volume 9 comes out in Sept25 and the anime will end in Sept 19.
Volume 10 (start of arc 4, season 2 content) on October 25
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Why is Emilia so shit? She ruined the whole episode!
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Ferris too best.
>re zero is a light novel
wake me up

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Can I get left's head on right's body? Hate pigtails.
I choose to put them in the trash.
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Emilia a SHIT.

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