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Thursday is going to be a good day.
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second for Mahiru
>the two biggest waifu baits die in the same week

I'm not ready

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The adventure begins
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Uncle replies

What do you think of the straw hats' upcoming astronomer/lookout/qt3.14 snowcone machine?
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I don't care, I just want that shit to end
>tfw can't stop watching it
She's dead Jim
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>Monet can make snow-cones that taste like her sweat

That's fucking lewd, you dick

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Currently watching this, It's pretty fucking great.
This better have been AOTS when it aired.
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>inb4 clusterfuck
>inb4 the first half was better
>inb4 anime original content sucked

I also thought it was great but it has a rampant hatebase here for whatever reason
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How can it be AOTS if its finale came months after?
>This better have been AOTS when it aired
Nice bait. Manga for this isn't selling at all.

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Why is naruto so much better dubbed?
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Why is bleach so much better dubbed?
That's not bleach newfag, go back to redit.
Don't you hate it when you hate on a shitty dub like Tokyo Ghoul Root A and people start randomly claiming that you hate all dub?


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>One punch man english dub
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>any dub in general besides the Pokemon dub and Bebop
>hey guys I hate dubbed anyme just like everyone here, hehehe can I fit in now?

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Subs are out.

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I watched all the episodes of this series and the OVA, is there a second season coming? I liked it.
so far, no news. There is a new stage musical, though.
That's not Yona in your picture is it? If so, Jesus Christ what happened?

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>you want to talk about your wife but her series is dead
>no merch
>little art
I hate this feeling.
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>tons of official art
>but very little merch, hard to find
>only you and a handful of other autists even remember the show exists
Too bad I'm a huge buyfag, otherwise I could cope. I know you're suffering too Mintbro, where ever you are
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>waifu's series is still going
>she's been cut from the cast
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Get a waifu who will be talked about for ages due to her dedication and love, not some generic moe bullshit who will be forgotten in the next season

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How does this image make you feel?
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Nothing in particular, because she's too old.
I remember that thread.
Makes no sense to me.

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Hello, I am the worst comedy anime of all time
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>liking family guy: the anime
>Hello I'm a brainless sheep, following a contrarian bandwagon trying to mask the fact that I've been here a year at best

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I got you a present /a/
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I don't want it. Return it.
did you wash it first?
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Most cancerous threads of summer season
My top 3

1. Re:zero - crossboarders and MAL/Reddit containment general
2. Danganronpa - crossboarders (mainly /v/ and /vg) and tumblr general
3. Clangserk
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>tfw watching nothing but LL Sunshine
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you forgot jojo

Tell us, mighty Anonymous, what is best in life?
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sex I guess, I lost all ambition and hope, sex is all I look forward to
Cute girls, preferably when they're doing cute things.
Samurai Pizza Cats.

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ITT: Anime Wisdom
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Great, now we're gonna get another 500 post shitstorm
Is that for real or just fake subtitles?

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ITT we post shitty anime that had good soundtracks.
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>death note
If anyone reading this thinks death note is shit anime is not for you.
First day on /a/? The general opinion is that Death Note was a decent series that went to shit after L died.

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