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why are lolis so controversial?
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Vampire café.
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Does Kyouko actually love Sayaka?
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And Sayaka will love anyone so long as their name starts with Kyo
No, are you retarded?
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This is Kyouko's best facial expression and she only wears it for Sayaka and food.

Read that guide.


ITT:Cuties on a Box
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Reminder: Never.

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This is best girl
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>starting the thread off with a lie
first for mezato being a shit
/a/ sings the OP when?

Do it for Reigen

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Chapter 49 Progenitor's Memory
Seraph of the end gets cover in this Weekly Shonen Jump issue
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Is there such a thing as "too big"?
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Would you, /a/?
absolutely not

Nah that's about the right size

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Tiny Ainz spinoff when Maruyama?
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>Shota Ainz adventures where he needs to avoid being raped by the female NPCs
>Albedo, Shalltear and Yuri are the biggest threats
>Aura, Mare, Sebas and Cocytus are his allies
>Demiurge just watch from afar hoping that one of the female NPCs are able to get the bone and somehow produce an heir
It's printing money.
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>I can't keep up anymore.
>We were walking this desert for too long.
>How long was it?
>Two months.
>The suffering is real.
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Ainz-sama is for ______

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Red Sprite
Love Rush
The Promised Neverland

Kimetsu no Yaiba >>146784979
Boku no Hero Academia >>146785797
World Trigger >>146787029

I dunno why this says "Chapter 1"
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World Trigger!

I forgot about Shokugeki no Souma. Here's the latest chapter. WSJD DDL: http://www95.zippyshare.com/v/7QzXuJ1g/file.html

Kimetsu no Yaiba >>146784979
Boku no Hero Academia >>146785797
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but damn Chika's thighs tho
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WSJD taimu

late desu

I think Takuan and Batsu is ending. They're talking about the final boss.

Last Love Rush chapter of Jump Start.

Owari no Seraph:
Blue Exorcist:

Alright, let's go.
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these are your japanese soccer players for today
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I feel heavily pandered.
It's called football.
It's called soccer, you dumb fuck.

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>[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 10 [720p].mkv
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dead thread
Bring it back to life.
Lewd usually do the trick.
No lewd.
Only cute and fluffy, yes.

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Gonna try and wrap this up. Hopefully I can actually finish today
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I'm going to sleep, but I want to say this: I love Chio-chan and I love you OP. Thanks for bringing us this joy.
The best time of the day has come
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"Oh that's the uniform from Eihei Girl's Academy"
"That private ladylike school, right?"
"It sure is rare to come across one of them here"

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Shinji is now shonen protagonist #12726 who transcends humanity to save his waifu. Asuka doesn't give a shit about Kaji anymore, but she has the hots for Shinji of all people. Rei became the own archetype she created. What the fuck is the point of Mari? She doesn't move the plot, she's only there for fanservice. Everybody has as much depth as a puddle of water. But the visuals are so pretty, right?
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Also the Evas.
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They morphed Evangelion (as of 3.0) into your standard Redemption plot.

I'm convinced 4.0 will be titled something akin to
You are (NOT) Forgiven.
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>has the hots for Shinji of all people

Yeah, that came out of nowhere.

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One page thread?
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Magi imagery.jpg
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laying egg.png
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How about one panel?
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