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Why is this child drawn so sexily?
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To appeal to perverts like you.
What about perverts like me?
Thoughtcrime should be punishable by imprisonment

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>He doesn't watch 80s animes
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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
Stop that.
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smug anime face.png
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Should I use this instead?

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bezald you fucking faggot just let e down load these raws from your site. and he fucked up the file names so i had to re order them.

This whole fucking chapter is going to take a little bit of so help me out
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because this whole chapter gets....weird....
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also dont let the thread die. i posted this wayyy early in the day, so it will die because the kids arent in bed

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Am I a pleb for loving these shows?
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You're a pleb for phoneposting.
Sorry my dual monitor Alienware rig is in the shop with tendie sauce in the liquid coolant grid
I wish someone would bloody re-release this series already. Funi's been sitting on the rights for years.

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Valvrape the Liberator
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every single mecha anime with a shitty weakling protag that stumbled onto his power by sheer luck

Picture Unrelated

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is that a ninja star?

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What did she mean by that?
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Are you guys watching the new berserk? I thought it was going to be shit because of the CGI but it's actually pretty good, on episode 6 right now.
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they are no new berserk anime
it dont exist !! OKAY ??!!!
Sorry what? I'm not up to date with the "memes"...
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>I thought it was going to be shit because of the CGI
And it is shit because of the CGI. They're tracing, too, so the only thing holding it together is Beserk-canon itself.

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Literally the stupidest anime I ever saw.

I had high hopes for this to be like plastic memories.

The whole anime was about bonding over fixing a fucking projector.

There was not enough intimacy between the two characters and the setting was always the same color palette smudged in a different way.

>inb4 only 128 Exabytes of memory
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>I had high hopes for this to be like plastic memories.

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images (1).jpg
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>Friend recommends I watch Oreimo
>The entire series is "Which 14yr old do I want to date"
>Ends up choosing his sister

Is this even legal? Should I call the cops?
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I really hate this sort of harem, comedy, awkward main character type of anime, it just makes me cringe and consider suicide.
Call the cops. Check back on how ruined you make his life.
watch naruto :D then bleach :)

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Dumping Viz because it was a good chapter.
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Kill yourself

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do you really think i won't do it /a/?
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This was only funny the first time. Here, take my (you) and leave.
go ahead and do it you cunt.

No fun allowed.

How was the sealed card's power different from The Erase? They both remove things, but the movie sets up the cards Sakura had so far as "positive" cards that all create something, and the sealed card as the "negative" card that removes everything. Kero says it's supposed to have to do with Chinese yin yang. But what does The Erase's power have to do with positive power or creation that the sealed card doesn't?

How was Sakura able to so easily capture and transform the sealed card after talking with it? Near the end of the series transforming Light and Dark into Sakura Cards was a big deal that required enormous willpower from Sakura and help from Yue, Kerberos, and Shaoran because the cards were so powerful, and they had to be transformed at the same time. But if the sealed card is as powerful as all the other cards together, that includes Light and Dark. It should have been even harder to seal, right? But she did it like it was nothing. Did she get that much more powerful since the end of the series?

What was The Hope?

Why didn't Shaoran have to give up his strongest feelings?
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Why does Sakura make my dick so hard?
Dumb sakuraposter
Love conquers all. That's all you need to know.

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Three more years and it'll have been a decade since K-ON! aired.
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Talk about a one-hit wonder.
Do you think that the industry will have changed as much between 2009 and 2019 as it did between all those other intervals?

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>isekai back then was mostly shoujo with female protagonists and a lot of bishounen
>isekai now is mostly fanservice-driven anime for dudes with male protagonists
What happened?
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ah, i just realized inuyasa is also an isekai
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>isekai back then was mostly shoujo with female protagonists and a lot of bishounen
t. a fujoshi
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Haibane Renmei
Juni Kokki
Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai

Kono Suba
Sword Art Online
Re: Zero

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