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Why boys do it better than girls?
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I see some tiddies there anon dats a grill.
Because you're so alone and isolated from females that you've collapsed in on yourself and given into being a homosexual so you can at least feel some sort of attraction to and attraction from something.
This, most people here are into traps out of desperation.

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What makes girls with blue hair so perfect, /a/?
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Their smile.
The're retards
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this smug little shit comes up to you and mispronounces your name
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I have the courage to let it slide.

Saying "I have the courage" makes it sound like I'm being mature, when really I'm just scared to confront such a dangerous loli.
Call the ghostbusters.
tell her to go home

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Why is early dragonball so much better than post-saiyan saga dragonball?

Is Goku having an alien background even canon?
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Dragonball is great because there aren't many THE WORLD IS AT STAKE plots, so there is a lot of room for flexibility and fun, which is what Toriyama is best at.
Whenever I'm discussing anime with coworkers, they always looked like they thought I was out of my mind for preferring DB to DBZ. I still dunno why.
Most long running shounen series like this become shit instead of deciding to not outstay their welcome, Dragon Ball isn't an exception.

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armpit pussy
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>crossover manga
How destroyed would you be?

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New key visual released
And Asami Sanada will replace Risa Taneda's role as Mio
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Well, at least it doesn't look bad.
vn translation when?
Why the VA change?

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Bruh can Mashima finally kill off a character already? Like how many times is he gonna do this? Lisanna was apparently dead... lol nope. Gajeel, Gray, Juvia is now the recent addition to the "character dies... lol jk they're alive" trend that he has created. Not Kubo, not Kishi, not Oda, none of them have done what Mashima has done to the level that he has done it. Fuck.
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Nah, Kishi bringing back Guy Sensei trumps all of that
Oda has only killed one character so far (flashback characters don't count).

But he never brought back Neji nor Jiraiya.
But isn't Naruto the reincarnation of ninja jesus?

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>Meme Art
only good anime in 5 years

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I've finally managed to finish chapter 11. Man this took a while. Anyway, as usual, if you spot a fuck up, point it out so I can fix it.
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Don't worry lads, we still have waifus left to kill
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Hajizuru next week, friends!
>Characters die
>"Their characterizations had no point at all!"
Welcome to DanganRonpa buddy!
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First for kohacka laughing at us

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What did you think of the anime and the recent ending of the manga?

Also, who is best girl?
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Sex with Chitoge
Chitoge is the best girl, but it's clearly the most generic shit ever to be shat.
Bland characters with an even more bland ending.

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In spirit of Fall arriving and Halloween hype, lets post characters, not necessarily MCs, changing into or acting like monsters. Bonus points for gifs/webm transformations.
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Which Ice would you Yuri?
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What do you /a/ fags think about what Miyasaki said about 'modern' anime?
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he's an old fart trying to stay relevant.
I prefer moeblobs over Miyazaki's garbage.
I enjoyed K-On more than any of Miyazaki's shitty films. Fags like OP need to stay off /a/.
But /a/ stands for anime not autism...

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ITT: Overrated Shit
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Is this the Baneposting of /a/?
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