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Is Serial Experiments Lain actually good or just something schizophrenics or deepfags hype up?
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Both, in all seriousness
I didnt like it, but I can see how deepfags would.
Nothing wrong with being a deepfag by the way
It's a very decent atmospheric anime

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ReZero Gainax Pose.jpg
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how do you feel about Re:Zero slandering actual good shows?
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Gunbuster wasn't very good
better than re:zero

Subaru does not deserve to do the Gainax pose.

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>Brother, videogames!
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this some reindeer looking shit with dem there horns
This thread is pathetic.
This post have me saccharine cavities.

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Kill it.
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I'm afraid you're going to have to come in on the weekend again.
Oh and don't worry about overtime, we'll talk about that later.
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Already the reality of wageslavery has set in.
That's a weird haircut for a girl.
My job only gives me a weekend off every other weekend.

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Yakeppachi no Maria v1 p001.jpg
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Gonna dump the first volume of Tezuka's Yakeppachi no Maria, a pretty zany story about a boy and his ectoplasm that comes to inhabit a sex doll.

Feel to post Tezuka stuff in general.
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File: Yakeppachi no Maria v1 p006.png (319KB, 977x1400px)Image search: [Google]
Yakeppachi no Maria v1 p006.png
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Copypasting relevant background info for those who're interested in how this work relates to Tezuka's career:

Even among Tezuka's many works, this one stands out as one of his weirder works for its content. It was serialized in 1970 when people were discussing if sex-education in schools needed a reform and when delinquent/battle academy-centered shonen stories were very poular. But more importantly, it was also the time when Nagai Go's Harenchi Gakuen was also running and ruffling a ton of feathers. Adults across Japan were seriously debating if these crude, disposable piece of entertainment known as "manga" should really be allowed to depict sex and violence. There was a sizable movement calling for the banishment of books posing "harmful influence" for Japanese youths. Obviously, manga like Harenchi Gakuen were a prime target but even Tezuka's Tetsuwan Atom(!) was labelled harmful by some of these people. It seems ridiculous to us today, but even the kissing scene in Tezuka's Apollo no Uta provoked criticism from the PTA, and some of Tezuka's manga were burned in public book burnings by this social-movement, many of whose members likely thought that all manga were better off eradicated.
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Sneaky Jack Png.png
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Tezuka is one of those creators who tried to do everything in his universe.

>Did this way back
File: Yakeppachi no Maria v1 p007.png (326KB, 980x1400px)Image search: [Google]
Yakeppachi no Maria v1 p007.png
326KB, 980x1400px
In this chaotic time for the manga world under attack when many new artists deliberately sought to break even more taboos to smugly annoy the uptight conservatives, Tezuka, being the father of manga, probably felt trapped between two sides. As an artist, he too, likely wanted to explore new boundaries without being restrained, but as part of the older generation, he probably felt more hesitant about breaking them than the youngsters. Moreover, his Mushi Productions was veering towards bankruptcy and that certainly must have added additional stress. It was this "desperation" that he felt at this time that allowed him to channel that era's zeitgeist and draw "Yakeppachi no Maria," whose main character is literally nicknamed "desperation (Yakeppachi)." In the end, like Alabaster (which I also translated), Tezuka has come to regard this manga as a rubbish work. In my opinion, however, I think it's an enjoyable quirky work (only 2 volumes long), and given its historical context and what it represented to Tezuka's career, deserves to be translated.

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Everyone would rather pretend that this show never happened
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Not me.
But then, I'm not everybody. I'm just anonymous.
If by everyone you mean yourself, then yes.
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I'd rather pretend you never happened.

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Why does anime think karate chopping someone on the back of the neck instantly knocks them out?
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Because Saiki brainwashed everybody.
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It works.
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>It's okay when the west does it

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pink and cute.png
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Little Chinatsu is the best and cutest yuru
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Could Godhand actually be defeated?

With abilities such as omnipresence, non-sequential understanding of past/present/future, reality altering abilities (when their own dimension is involved).
A few personal abilities limited to each specific character also exist.

Could anyone actually defeat such a group?
All we know is, when they transfer over to our reality (the one Guts&friends live in) they are limited to some rules that limit their physical abilities. However in their world, ideas and emotions are enough to change things as they are not limited to the limitations of physical exchange.
>ex a 5'8 man of x mass, can turn into a monster of much larger in mass
I'm assuming the only way that one of them could be killed would be in the case of Griffith who holds a physical body in our world or to use some means of destruction in their own world. Which would mean Guts making an adventure onto the other side.

The problem i'm seeing is thus,
Even if Guts kills Griffith/Femto and saves the empire and its people temporarily, Griffith will return to the ether and just become Femto again. They will bide their time and work their plots in the background and after another millennia a perfect situation for their plans will happen by again. At which point there will be no one to stop them and they will be able to merge the two worlds.

So is Berserk mostly pointless?
Is it like a Greek Tragedy, where the end result is ultimately a sad trivial win, but the greater loss still looming in the background.

Also to keep it interesting, which Godhand member is your favorite and why?
>he is the devil on your shoulder tempting you to sell your soul
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The God Hand are not omniscient, their scope is massive, but they only perceive a general scope of the future, not the whole picture, they are vulnerable at temporal junction points, points in time that are in flux, which is why SK attacks the God Hand at those times.

SK also already has a weapon that can defeat the God Hand, his sword of resonance is supposed to entomb the God Hand in the vortex of souls, destroying them in their physical and non corporeal forms. But I'm guessing the God Hand are only vulnerable when they are in their full physical forms, which is why Skull Knight didn't attack Slan when he could have. And we don't even know if the God Hand are even present in Fantasia at the moment, we've been given four double page spreads of God Hand meme offs but no context, so who the hell knows.

They've also got the Idea of Evil to contend with, a being capable of controlling fate in the physical world, even if the God Hand were destroyed, what's to stop IOE from forming a new generation of God Hand 1000 years later?

My favourite God Hand member is Ubik, because of how much of a laugh he is.
Griffith has a plan to kill the rest ( maybe with guts unknowing helpq) and become sole king
>Implying Guts won't become some sort of God himself

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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What are they looking at?

File: 1472808038855.png (407KB, 810x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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She looks cuter this way
They called me a generalfag...
File: MUHHHHHH.webm (620KB, 960x540px)Image search: [Google]
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File: mpv-shot0004.jpg (160KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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Gappy makes me happy.
Don't spam dreamscope for the entire thread please, they don't look good
posting best bros

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Apparently P.A. Works contracted Man At Arms to make a sword for their show. Why didn't they go to a Japanese swordsmith?

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They want that sweet Western Market that the nips don't pay any attention too. It's an advertisement.
Are there even any Japanese smiths who do videos like this?
Why can't Americans pronounce foreign words properly? Fuck it's not even difficult.

It's called Tamahagane, not Tamahaganeeeyyyy.

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Spoilers never.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie means the world to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.
Only endless festering tumblr cancer.

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