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Goodbye, my sweet gamer girl.
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Hope is overrated
Post your face when Kirigiri and Nanami are really dead, and Naegi is given a Kirigiri AI to help cope with his loss.
fuck off Junko.

One of these shows is one of the greatest artistic achievements in animated storytelling.

The other one is overrated garbage.

Can you guess which is which?
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Mecha a shit. Animation a shit. Story a shit. Ending a shit. Replacement ending movies a shit.

Bebop is a contender for AOTYAY.
Bebop was pretty good with a kinda shit ending. NGE was pretty good with a pretty good ending.
I legitimately take offense. In what way was bebop's ending shit or evangelion's butchered ass ending "good?"

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how can one girl be so cute?
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Cute legs.

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So I'm watching Black Lagoon to complete my backlog. Things generally were fitting a semi realistic setting.

But then Roberta shows up and amps the power levels with her crashing into a steel crate from the roof of a car going at top speed without even slowing her down or injuring her in the slightest.

Like I'm fine with an elite killer but the setting has never shown literal super powered people until now. The flashback at the end doesn't even explain some reason like a experimental serum or something, she was a revolutionary and quit.
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Roberta and her master were the first to give me a /ss/ fetish.
That's definitely true.
Roberta's Blood Trail was glorious, and it's not like the anime didn't already have plenty of super human characters, it's just that Roberta was a lot less subtle.

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Masterpiece or trash?
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randumb shit
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Although it's fondly remembered, it's actually just mediocre weeaboo bait.
The reason so many people praise it is because they most likely watched it when they were young "le 90's kids xD" who haven't yet developed real taste or fair judgement/criticism of anime at the time.
The the whole show really just boils down to lol so random moments and animation with no real deep point or morale other than growing up can be hard.
That all being said, it truly is essential nostalgiacore.

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Spoilers tonight.
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Reminder this is the new shifter.
I want to hold Mikasa's hand.
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Overrated manga thread
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I've probably only seen people talk about it a total of five times. It probably does stand out a little bit to some people for being a manga about a black guy, but I don't know if it has enough pull to be called overrated.
Nah, it's just because you're racist.
'hol up

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Is this the most retarded moment in the history of the whole shonen genre? I seriously can't think of any asspull able to top that.
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pretty much every chapter of fairy tale becomes the most retarded moment in the history of all of shonen
maka defeating the kishin with a courage punch
but fairy tail isn't bleach

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it's a meme manga favored by reddit
I doubt more than 1% of reddit has read joe
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>I don't like
>it's from reddit

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I mean seriously, just starting with the continuing series
>wixoss (now with YOBs!)
>working spinoff

Then there's Girl's Ping Pong, Girls Biking, Sore Ga Seiyuu Redux, New Game x Konobi Ripoff, and a number of other interesting-looking shows.

Literally what the fuck. When did anime get saved and where was I?
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can't wait to see this fat smug bastard again
This desu senpai
>Derped Akari and Aoba play ping pong

It is Kinema Citrus though; they have their own look like with Yuyushiki. It's about time they get back to these kinds of shows.

>Posting best girl.

Prove me wrong.
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I bet she ends up being the traitor
Sakura will definately be my favourite P5 girl. There mere fact that she is a lovable nerd with a petite yet curvy body voiced by Aoi Yuuki cemented that
Haven't seen this yet. How closely related to the game is it? Is it a direct adaption?

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Ruruka is cute! CUTE!
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Ruruka is dead! DEAD!
1st for being glad the bitch is dead

I just watched all of Re:Zero today. I have 3 questions for /a/:

1) Why does /a/ hate this show so much?
2) Will this have an anime original end or do they plan on doing a second season?
3) When is Rem the best girl?
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Ima spoil this shit for everyone

/a/ doesn't hate this show. The faggots hate this show. They are not part of /a/

They are probably gonna do a second season in the future. Since there is so much story that needs to come out.

Rem actually disappears for good. Sorry but thats what happens. It takes a couple more volumes and a shit ton of chapters before Rem actually comes back. Rem actually dies in the current situation and cannot comeback with death return. After they killed the whale the checkpoint was moved to beetle juice fight. After they won against beetle juice the checkpoint was moved again. But "Subaru wins back the trust of Emilia, but learns a shocking truth... she doesn't remember who Rem is.
He rushes to go see Rem, to find her comatose and no one remembering her.
Rem and Cruche has been attacked by Bishop of Gluttony. Rem was eaten and "erased" from the world, whereas Cruche's own memory was lost (others remember her fine).
Not even Ram, Rem's own sister, remembers who she is."

Yes she was eaten and erased again. But he cant go back because the beetlejuice objective was completed. Rem was eaten before that. Now he cant go back. Sorry but, Rem is gone, atleast for now
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1) Memes, bait, vocals, and those who genuinily don't like it
2) No original ending, they're already hinting at what happened in the web novel at the end of arc 3 with the blank letter
3) She was sent back to the capital with Crusch to rest since she was tired and hurt from battle by Felix's orders
I expected Rem to die and get locked out by a checkpoint from the start so I'm not surprised or really sad about it, but having everyone completely forget you ever existed is just too cruel.

I ended up liking it more the second time. a lot more. it actually reminds me almost perfectly of a murakami novel and when I stopped expecting a perfect anime ending with everything having a resolution for me, rather than for the characters, I enjoyed it.

was penguindrum a flop? I can literally find zero information on the novels and manga in english.
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Agreed, it's definitely an anime that's better after a second watch and time spent thinking about what the show's trying to say.
I was just surprised. For me it went from being maybe somewhere in the top 15 to #1. that's why I'm trying to get my hands on the novels, primarily.

Would it be worth it to even start reading Hajime no Ippo? What's it at now, 1150 chapters? It's been in my backlog forever, but I don't know if it's worth the time investment.
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I actually currently started the anime a few days ago. I'm on episode 40 and I really like it. Nothing feels asspully, as there aren't super moves or god-like abilities. Just two people duking it out to see who's stronger. The animation is great, music is memorable, and the comedy is actually pretty funny. My only problem with it is that Ippo's development feels a little too slow at times, but he's getting better. Other than that, solid sports anime.
Absolutely it is not worth it. There are better boxing/MMA manga out there such as Holyland/Shamo/Boys on the Run are each really different and interesting, whereas Ippo is moderately interesting for an early 90s sports manga for a couple hundred chapters.

It's a complete tire fire of a series. Avoid.
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Why watch people punch eachother when you watch people punch eachother so hard they explode?

Also, MC punched a tank to death.

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