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Here's to hoping OVA raws come out early so I can get a headstart
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Masked Brigade

"A masked inspection?" [TN: The proper English term for this is 'Mystery shopping']
"We're looking into a store we're running"

"Dejima-san was supposed to go, but something suddenly popped up,"
Masked Investigation
The job of disguising yourself as one of the customers and checking on the shop's service.
"So I'm doing it for her. You guys wanna join in?"

"So when you say 'mask', you don't mean it literally, right?"
Fuu fuu
"We're just checking, so answer us"
mega links plox

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The fact that so many /a/nons still name Lucky Star as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" SOL ever only tells you how far SOL still is from becoming a serious anime. Mecha critics have long recognized that the greatest mecha of all times are Macross and TTGL, which were not the most famous or viewed or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Shounen critics rank the highly controversial Jojo's Bizarre Adventure over Dragon Ball which was highly popular in viewers around Europe and South America. SOL critics are still blinded by commercial success. Lucky Star sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Mecha critics grow up watching a lot of mecha of the past, shounen critics grow up reading a lot of shounen of the past. SOL critics are often totally ignorant of the SOL music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that Lucky Star did anything worthy of being saved.
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Quit strawmanning and look past your bias.
>le meme word and meme ur memes
I literally said "It is liked for subjective reasons." By definition it's impossible for subjective reasons to be unbiased.
>Complaining about meme word when he can't get ten words in his last post without saying cuck
I was also saying look past your bias so you don't leap into defensiveness and actually read what I said. I never said Lucky Star wasn't liked, in fact its much closer to the opposite.

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When the fuck is season 2 coming
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Pretty sure her tits weren't that big in the original drawing.
Wasn't there a Fubuki doujin coming from C92?

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ITT: Series that have not aged well
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You best not be talking about the manga, faggot
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read it

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Has anyone seen this anime? Can you tell what episode the animation gets better?
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>Watching a shitty anime

Why would you put yourself through that?
I think the peak of animation in KHR is the first fight between Yamamoto and Genkishi. Would post a clip but all of them are shitty AMVs
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I just want to see beautiful animation and a somewhat coherent plot. I'm on episode 80. I can't back down now.

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Really makes you love Yukino.

Volume 12 in thirteen days
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Brah, I love the show, but no more threads for a couple of days.
Yukino ends up sucking 8man with Yui
This, there's fucking nothing we have 't talked about in the last couple 500p threads we've had since july.

Give it a fucking rest

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This manga is just great.

It goes from hunting, survival, culinary manga to action comedy adventure in a single chapter and it just does it so well.

I still wish this guy's Hockey manga did well, there are not enough Hockey manga.
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I'm pretty sure you can be banned for something like this
well i'm not finding shit when i image search it. so just spoiler me the name
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2MB, 2072x1494px

I believe you that you can't find it, so here. Use this image to find it, otherwise I'll just have to believe you're a lazy newfag.

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C-can we have a nice thread about hope and motivation with /a/pproved images?
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Hell Yeah we can! I'll be back in a bit!

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Trailer of the new ova was out, anybody seen it yet ?
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from what i read , new characters from season 2 will show up a bit
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some fan made subs i found on YouTube

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Who is the most beautiful gaijin character in anime and why is it Yamada Elf?
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Not even the best in that series.
Perrine Closterman from Strike Witches

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>Adult Swim has direct input in production and writing

cant wait for Haruko playing with a Pickle Rick
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Sure can't wait for the diversity and racemixing propaganda.

They have a new Haruko type character who is Black?? Middle Eastern??

they arent White or Aiian for sure
im not even going to bother with it because it's going to suck

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Her smile and optimism: gone
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She looks pretty eager to get her arm ripped apart.

Also why didnt Reg finish the job? It's already lost, releasing the torniquette will make things worse because of hypoxia-reperfusion syndrome.
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kids show.jpg
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Cute anime
Fucking Reg killed her with retarded caveman medicine. Just imagine the extra blood lost from that twisted arm

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Choose three kiraras to create a moe centipede.
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I love you Nono.
I hate you Nono
I like you Nono.

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All this cute arch wizard wanted was to make friends
Why does no one like her?
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some people just can't make friends
t. no freinds
She automally rejects anyone that wants to get closer to her
just like her body rejected the baby
delete this

>Concept is interesting
>Execution is shit
What's her name, /a/?
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90% of anime/manga? There are like lots of interesting premises which lay one in the first few episodes/chapters then shit themselves,empty their bag of trick and pull the Onsen/School Festival/Beach tropes then get cancelled
Oreshura is one of those.
Starts interestingly enough with a fake romance and an interesting romantic triangle because of that fake romance. But the author forgets the characters are pretending, then introduces two more characters that ruin the premise and the dynamics.

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