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Little Shikamaru.jpg
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Say what you will about Naruto, but the side characters were great. And there were alot of them
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It's pretty weird how kishi knew how to write people just doing stuff together pretty well and still managed to make the main plot a clusterfuck
Most of the hate for Naruto characters is because of Sasuke and Sakura.
I always laugh my ass off when they try to pass Shikamaru as being a smart tactician prodigy or some shit like that when all he does is points out the most obvious shit.
It's like one of those participation trophies.

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this looks like the template of some ghetto meme
>when some nigga roasts you but the squad got your back
I'm genuinely curious, how did you react when you first saw this scene?
might have been better if you had asked in the OP

One Piece (Cover & Lead Color Page)
Yakusoku no Neverland
Dr. Stone
Robot X Laserbeam
Black Clover
Kochikame (Color Page, Special Chapter)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Raven Burai (Color Page, Oneshot, GFC #3)
PSI Kusuo Saiki
Boku no Hero Academia (Color Page)
Hinomaru Zumou
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Shokugeki no Souma
Spring Weapon No.1
Harapeko no Marie
Cross Account
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Hunter x Hunter (Hiatus)

Shokugeki no Souma (Cover & Lead Color Page)
Chou Kasoku Ningen Leo (Color Page, Oneshot, GFC #4)
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Pure ranking

01 Neverland c.048
02 Dr. Stone c.020
03 Robot c.018
04 Black Clover c.118
05 Kimetsu c.071
06 Bokuben c.024
07 Saiki c.252
08 Hinomaru c.154
09 Yuna c.072
10 Soma c.224
11 No. 01 c.038
12 Haikyu c.263
13 Gintama c.644
14 Shudan c.007
15 Marie c.021
16 Cross Account c.006
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Why don't you post the cover for #42?
Bless bokuben. /lit/ best girl

Just read this for the first time to day. Creepy as fuck. Any more manga like Uzumaki?
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just read all of Junji itos stuff desu
Read more junji ito, and maybe try out fuan no tane, although it's more subtle horror and not that scary either. Ito is more bizarre, although those balloons did scare the shit out of me when I first read it because it was unsettling to me. Now I can have a laugh at it, but some of his works require you to think and others require you to ignore common sense at times.
Literally anything by Junji Ito

Tomie was good

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Manga Katekin Hardcore
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Is there a single character who can defeat Edajima Heihachi?
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He's more than ready.


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ITT: Endings you're still mad about
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It was a decent ending until Samurai Shit copied it and ruined it by having fags draw comparisons.
it was good fuck togame

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it's out: http://readms.net/r/jagaaaaaan/24/4558/1
Roba-chan is my god.
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I want to hug this submarine.
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I want to fuck this heavy cruiser.
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Arpeggio manga >>>>>>>>> Arpeggio anime

I really hope one day we`ll see new Arpeggio anime with manga plot.

Anyway, wee need more Kongou.
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I want to carnival dayo bukkake all over this fast battleship.

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>You die
>Get reincarnated to an isekai
What would it be,what would you look like, what is your role there?
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Isekai is trash.
I'll tell you when I get there.
Depends where and as what. If its Mushoku Tensei's world and human you want to be in some peaceful human nation not standing out.
For example in Overlord you want to be as far as Nazarick as possible and non-human.

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Since I only finished punpun like 5 days ago I really feel uneasy on myself and all this aiko stuff just hit me very hard

so, punpun is a weakly piece of shit
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I'm just about to start this. How could a book about a bird be sickening?
>so, punpun is a weakly piece of shit
it takes a big man to say that, doesn't it?
>Omnibus volumes of Goodnight Punpun are on the shelves of every manga section in every bookstore I've ever seen

How the hell did it get so popular?

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I started reading a couple months ago and just sort of burn through 40 or so chapters in one sitting before leaving it alone again for a few weeks. Currently at 232, but not feeling that final push or two. The art is fine and the fan service is not wholly unwelcome, but the story seems to just keep going further and further down the drain. Is it worth finishing, anons?
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Goes to shit at the end but some of the last fights are cool. Might as well finish it.
Just continue reading it faggot.
i gave up on the story and just read on for the oh shit moments and fight scenes

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SUNRISE and a-1
ahead of the pack
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>muh sales
Meanwhile they can't hire competent directors.
Literally take your sales shit to >>>/biz/
wtf are you talking about faggot
What are you talking about?

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If you can see this thread, you have been visited by Miyu Matsuki's Ghost of Lewd!

Good times and ectoplasm dickings will cum to you, but only if you reply with, "Happy 40th birthday, Miyu-chan. I miss you and still remember you."
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Happy 40th birthday, Miyu-chan. I miss you and still remember you~!
she was taken from us too soon, I miss that cheery energy she gave to her characters
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Happy 40th birthday, Miyu-chan. I miss you and still remember you.

Yoshinoya is waifu for laifu

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>New chick insults Nene.
>She gets a cold the next day.

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Redpill me on the advantages of nepotism without quoting Machiavelli
>Inside room temperature house without clothes on for a few minutes
>catches cold

I nominate Japan the first race of people to go extinct if their power grid ever fails, people will be dropping like flies
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What a fucking bitch. To that faggot anon that defended everything this little cunt did: yeah, we get it, she's "serious" about her job. Doesn't mean it's okay to bring animosity into your fucking cubicle because you think your coworker got in because she just knew people.
Makes you wonder who's the bigger autistic girl between her and Momo.

I need to rewatch season 1. I'm not really a Nenefag, but I like her much more this season than last season. I want to say that because last season she was sort of this meme character goofing off, but I need to confirm this. Maybe I do like her more now that she takes herself more seriously.

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