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Light has no internal conflicts and no character development whatsoever. He's a self-righteous sociopath that never questions his own beliefs. This is a concept fitting for some secondary bad guy in someone else's story, a walking plot device that was never really supposed to be an actual character. But who ever though that such a bland two-dimensional archetype would make for an interesting protagonist?
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Light isn't the protagonist of death note. He is the bad guy.
He felt bad for like a minute at least
>thinking "antagonist" and "villain" are the same
This is a common mistake, but no. Protagonist and antagonist are merely terms to define a character's role in the story, while "hero" and "villain" are the characteristics we give them outside of the story based on their actions. A bad guy can still be a protagonist.

How does this have like no merch aside from a few cds?
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And some off-brand tail pillows.
Because no one actually likes the show.
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Anybody know when we get the chorogonsen and valentines extra episode?

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Somebody help the amnesia monkey.
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Whoa, a thread. For you Anon I'm going to go watch the episode.
>there are still anon making thread for this
Nice, thought I wouldnt see anymore threads about the series. I'm still watching this although I still got last week episode to go through. I see the manga has been picked up too, didnt read it though.
Damn thanks for the reminder. Had forgotten to watch last week's episode even though it had the glorious Sanzo shittalking moment.

>somebody help
the heavens must fall for that.

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The One for All, Dehku, hand it over.
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>ofa is the power to gather strength and the power to bestow your quirk(s)
this would be a reasonable course of action to salvage permeation, so it won't happen
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Lady building.png
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love it!
arigato, kami-sama
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One day...png
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Gabu stinks!

S2 when
Stinky Gab

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I want to own physical copies of PunPun and Viz is releasing the last volume this month so I gotta ask.

Did they censor or fuck with it in any way? I don't wanna buy it just to find they edited it like Narutaru or Bokurano.
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Howls of laughter.jpg
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You judge.

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>supporting viz
I gotta answer.

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Dark Cherry Mystery > Kogarashi Sentiment > Fast Love > Orange Mint > Staple Stable > Decent Black > Futakotome > Platinum Disco > Renai Circulation > Mein schatz > Mathemagics > Ambivalent World > Kaerimichi > Terminal Terminal > Perfect Slumbers > Sugar Sweet Nightmare > White Lies > The Last Day of my Adolescence > Happy Bite > Mōsō Express > Yuudachi Houteishiki > Chocolate Insomnia > Marshmallow Justice
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I wish I had the autism necessary to go over all of the OPs and give them a proper list, but fuck that. All I know is Dark Cherry Mystery, Kogarashi Sentiment and Mathemagics are the best ones in whatever order you want to put them in.
Just go watch them all once again and see which ones you actually remember after watching them.
You are a fucking genius.

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netabare de taihousha.png
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Five people from Akita and Okinawa have been arrested for posting stolen One Piece image spoilers on the Net.
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Japs are technologically illiterate.
Kill the JAPS now

two nukes wasnt enough.

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unforgivable ending
retroactively ruined the whole series
Only watched S1, but I regret putting off for as long as I did. It was great.
Might as well stop there. The story is good, but the supernatural side gets a lot more focus and it really brings down the quality.

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Do you enjoy the (repetition of) sterotypes in (modern) shows, /a/?

How would you mix things up?
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dumb thread alot of the girls in pic aren't even tsunderes saged
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All of them except Hitagi have blue hair though.

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How many girls did he kiss already?
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more than anyone here
Is Latias a girl?
Does that count as him kissing her?

>Saber class
>Shoot a beam as their noble phantasm

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Is this Harry Potter?
Yeah, out of her sword
Sabers who can't shoot beams aren't real Sabers.

How was child abuse permissible on Cartoon Network back in the day?
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Back in the day corporeal punishment was okay.
A better question would be why is it not nowadays?
>How was murdering people permissible on Cartoon Network back in the day?

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