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Think of an /a/ character. You got one? Are you sure? Good.

Last chance. Okay:

That character is the basis of your「STAND」, what is the name, power and stat readout of your 「STAND」?

Pic unrelated.
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This is the most disturbing image I've seen on 4chan, and I've been here for almost 10 years. Something about it just pierces my soul and haunts me more deeply than gore ever could.
Bullshit I've seen way worse shit here.
I've seen shit that is objectively a million times worse but this image just fucking disturbs me, man. I don't know why. I can't look at it. Child gore disturbs me less.

Who do batman and wonder woman face tho?
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you're mom
Piccolo and 18.
Daily reminder that Robin will and will ALWAYS beat both goku and superman no matter what happens

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Quick /a/,

You are forced to fight Toguro at 100% power, whats your theme music?

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ITT: Series with god tier OSTs
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She's the ACE.
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Every thread until I win nationals.
shut the fuck up fucking faggot

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What would happen if you tried to rob her flower shop?
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You'd continue spamming.
There's no spam here
Why would anyone want to rob a flower shop? Unless you're talking about 'that' flower shop.

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Post the most absurd asspulls
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something something nen
>taking symbolism literally
He quite literally derailed her aim. She neither hesitated nor misaimed.

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Actually bad shows
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Wizard Barristers
Soul Eater

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One will protect you, the others will try to kill you.
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Nothing personnel, kids.
I want to take YYK but she would be shit at protecting me so Ange I guess.
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New chapter of Shiori Experience.
Anyone else still reading this?
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>takes literal months to come out with one chapter
I like the story and all, but this is just insane.
Damn right I am. Chapter 21, then one about Meguro, was the chapter of the year. This manga is just so good.

Dump it if you can.
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its shit.png
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As much as I'd love to, it's more than 60 pages and I need to go somewhere pretty soon.

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Why isn't there a Fire Emblem anime?

>inb4 90s OVA

I mean the one people actually care about
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Making an anime for Heroes would be a win-win: everyone gets pandered to and it brings in new fans to the series. Even if the plot is shit, at least people can say their favorite characters got some attention. The true mistake would be straight up adapting Awakening or Fates.
Heroes would not be a good idea as everyone expects a winner of the Summoner-bowl, and unless it's the OC Donut Steel, there will be massive amount of butthurt.
Fwiw akatsuki no yona is basically fire emblem

Get ready for the new Madoka killer.
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I can't wait for best onii-chan and everyone dropping it once their favorite dies.
What chapter is this manga currently on?
Another one to add the pile of shitty Madoka ripoffs?

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Let's worship Umaru
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What do i get in return?
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How long until Linze kills someone?
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She already killed millions, if you catch my drift
What are you talking about?
Possesive girls are the worst, I'd rather a fairy.

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Is this the self-insert character of GochiUsa?
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I self-insert as Sharo.
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No, this is.
I self-insert as my wife.

Post your first waifu!
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Fell in love immediately when I saw her
Roll has an anime?
She has some appearances that could be considered anime, yeah.

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