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ITT god tier openings

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>golden boy OP
>not the german version

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>the perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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dead girls don't make good waifus
>Template threa-

Animes you liked a lot when released
But with time, you finally realize it was not very good.

Code geass S2
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Bakatest. I still like it, but I was a lot newer to anime when I first watched it, so I thought it was a lot more revolutionary than it actually was.
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Zero no tsukamai.

Ancestor of all Isekai
It was the first time I watched a show with a Tsundere.
al of them are really good, you are just a sheep fag

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Let's try to get a manga thread going. What are you reading, /a/? Pic related comes out soon-ish, looking forward to more Tadao. Anyone else read his works?
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Manga is the poor man's anime. You can't disprove that.
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Based Hiroya Oku's Inuyashiki and Kentaro Miura's Berserk.
I bought Kakegurui Vol.1, but some anons shut me down in another thread telling me its a mere fanservice manga, so won't be buying anymore of it.

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What studio does the best feet and why it is Kyoani?
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hey im sorry could you maybe
fuck off?
For some reason they went all out with it in Hibike 2. I don't think they do very good feet in any other show.
SHAFT, no contest. Everyone knows this.

What the fuck is her problem?
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She got fucked so good it broke her mind. I wish I could have been Casca and have Griffith fuck me better than Guts ever could.
>Female: Mind Break Ahegao
She literally got her brains fucked out

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>/a/ told me this shit was rushed
>it is actually perfectly paced
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It's shit
Shit right?

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Murata is streaming again
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14 pages left
Who is this
Did his assistants just arrive to his house? Because Murata turned off the sound.

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Looks like it ended.
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Slave end
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What would you prefer to see bare in an anime? Boobs, Butts or Pussies?
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Ew gross why would you want to see a naked chick
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You need to leave room for imagination.

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Do you like Maken-Ki, /a/? The manga of course.
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I haven't read it. I did recently download some of the manga but have not gotten to it yet. I kind of enjoyed the anime though and Inaho was my favorite girl from it.
The manga is a lot better. It's honestly one of my more favorite battle shonen ecchis in a while. Hiromitsu is a good artist. Shame he spends so much time drawing NTR hentai.
Espada is best girl.

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They all sing hip-hop.
Not bad
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Hire Kyoani to make one

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>Perfectly fine Grail War
>"No we need a hero of justice in this one too."
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Counter force bro.
>I want the strength to save someone!
>pulls out the sword
Why is this trying so hard to look like UBW?
Apos biggest issue is trying to hard to be a mix of fate and ubw and not setting its own unique identity with the framework

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So is Raye Penber a shinigami because he used pages of the death note to kill the other fbi agents??.
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you are literally a nigga
>you are literally a nigga

The first half of this anime it's a nostalgia for my life,the second half it's how they killed the manga.

>cat pyjamas

Is Sumi the peak of moe? What can we do to make her even more moe? And why is she so much more moe than that other man-stealing shitter Ink?
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Make her blonde.
That's boring and wrong, anon. Surely you can do better.
Add bandaid. Preferably on the knee.

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