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What character in all of anime/manga can win against Konata in terms of bants?
Protip: None.
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Toshinou Kyouko.
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Blue Chaika
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Bello /a/, today i'm sharing with you a song i dedicated to my favorite Kancolle, Shimakaze, tell me what you think

Sometimes you just have to
Talk to your self about what
It is youre ready to do
To satisfy your wishes
Sometimes i truly think that
I really should adress that
Issue that keeps me sleepless
Every other night
So here goes everything:
Why is Shimakaze always in trap porn?
Why can't i just have my
Standard vanilla lolicons?
Why does it have to be just trap porn?
I'm already shamed enough
I really dont know what to do

I've already tried with 3D
Cosplayers but they peave me
I really just want 2D
Banal, good hen tai
Sometimes i just feel desperate
Like at the end of my wit
I take the the trap porn and I
Jack off anyway
It shouldnt be like this..
Why is shimakaze always in trap porn?
Why can't i live in absence
Of underage anime girls?
Why is it always,always trap porn?
Loli g-string was enough
Now i like transvestites too?
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How old are you, holy shit.
Is that a yay or a nay
I'm thinking yay
It's a gay, actually. Like you OP :^)

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Post Shinkas from their respective series
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How does Yellow Shinka compare to Original Shinka?
File: Original.jpg (19KB, 210x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking newfags trying to force their shit taste in girls on my board.
Why does Shinka not have a boyfriend?

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So how does Boruto fit together? There are those chapters after Naruto ended (700+1 - 700+10) there is the Boruto movie and there is the new Boruto manga running in WSJ. Is all of that canon? How should I watch/read those?
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You shouldn't read it at all and be done with Naruto.
I'll tell you canon

Madara won and everything that happened after the infinite tsukuyskyjsk was just Naruto's dream
Took the words right out of my mouth.

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so, what's next for them?
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The afterlife.
Potato farms, maybe also an orange farm.

Pachinko machines, Eva merchandise, tomato farms.

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Besides the off the charts edginess and autism, we know nothing about him and he died for nothing
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The way he chased after the carriage elevated the show to 10/10

To annoy us.
I don't know, why do you have an iPhone?

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ITT: Shows that would not exist without Evangelion
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it's shit anyway
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So now that the dust has settled, which was the better isekai?
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> 10 fucking threads already.
konosuba without a doubt

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anime is saved
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Holy shit OP isn't bullshitting.


>he's this late
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Fukken awesome

More frogbro
More tanuki eating goddess

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im 10 eps in and basically nothing's happened yet. is it supposed to be this slow? if i don't like it by now am i screwed?
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Whose eyes are those eyes?
what the fuck

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why is this kid a fountain of asspulls and conveniences?
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Why isn't Kurapika the main character?
because of shitty writing
Electricity is actually powerful.

Shocking isn't it?

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How is ufotable allowed to copy and paste the same model over and over again and get away with it. We criticize kyoani and shaft all the time but Ufotable is really just getting lazy with this. After God Eater flopped they are back to their fate template.

If I told you this character was from Knk, Fate, and Tales you would believe me.
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nobody really gives a fuck about ufotable
Thought that was Velvet when scrolling by.
Because everyone already knows that Ufotable sucks dick

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Because the studio never does s2 of shows they work on. Do your research before shitposting, meme rat
Low quality shows usually don't get second seasons.

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Is it true that Harems can actually be dangerous for the MC?
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Is it for the NC of dragon riot. Only harem I actually enjoyed sucks translations never
What, they stopped translate it?

So why exactly did we all hate Sakura?
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But I don't? /a/ isn't one person.
I don't hate her, she was just fucking useless until the very end
I don't like any girl from Naruto, like at all. But purely in design, Sakura appeals to mai dick.

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