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You have ten seconds to list a redeeming quality of this pile of garbage
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It's better than YYH.
Didn't last as long as bleach, but at least ended ok. Wasn't as good story wise.

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to fuck up literally every adaptation
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And to flop.
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>mfw koe no katachi wins an academy award for best animated feature

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>There are people on /a/ right now who think GE - Good Ending had a good ending

How the fuck

What the fuck is wrong with you freaks, the worst girl won and the best girl got back together with her abusive boyfriend
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>good ending didn't have a good ending

You think Shou deserved what she got in that ending?

If GE had literally ended 1 volume earlier than it had, it would have been perfect.
Isn't it always the case in those "girl helps guy get with other girl" series that the helper girl wins in the end?

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Should I watch it in chronological order or release order?
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Read the novels
It's not better either way, so watch it however you want.
No, unless you like re runs.

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>almost 10 years later
>there are people who think Code Geass was anything more than a glorified shitshow
What happened?
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It's just anime hamlet
2 of my friends keep telling me to watch this but i dont trust them and dont want to waste time watching garbage.
You're a glorified shitshow.

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>show has a family where mom/dad is dead
>show family picture
>glare hides dead mom/dad

What do they mean by this?
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Or just outright hiding the face.
That was a relevant point of the story though.
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does anyone else unironically rate shows based on how many titties are in each episode? I get depressed thinking about the fact that we'll never get more ikkitousen or sekirei and hxh this season doesn't look like it's going to sell.
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>more Ikkitousen

Honestly, if we're gonna get something like that. I'd then also wish for Season 2 of Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge; and then Season 1 of Biorg Trinity.
wasn't the air gear anime supposed to be shit? I watched tenjo tenge years ago and all I remember is the op and half of it being a flashback.

It had potential to be good, but it ended prematurely. It should have gone into second season and had the fight between Sleeping Forest & Kogarasumaru--and ended there.

Tenjou Tenge in retrospect to my first post, now that I think about it doesn't really have a major point where it can end without the show not seeming to be unfulfilled. So disregard.

Air Gear anime overall is not bad actually though.

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Who is the bestest best girl in the history of best girls?

Pic clearly related
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Yo, Molester Man was a pretty good manga, I literally read it three days ago and was pretty solid, MC was great and Kansai was top tier.

Did you checked Onani Master Kurosawa? It's from the same artist, I don't want to exaggerate but personally this manga has to be one of the best ones that I ever read in my life.
The artist do any other manga?

YOKO isn't exactly a distinctive name.

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On scale of 1-10, how mad are you?
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it was expected but I'm still salty
0, you should have accepted this already.

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I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes and screamed "please kill yourself" at a TV show as much as I did during this scene.

What a fucking shit show.
>Retarded, Cringy af MC
>Nonsensical, forced plot
>Main love interest has absolutely no redeeming qualities besides 'muh purity, i just want to be loved'
>Better love interest is introduced as a love interest for fanservice reasons and then completely btfo by other shit tier love interest
>That fucking cat-ladyboy thing

Fuck this show. Fuck the nips who rave about it. Fuck all the closet dwellers who think shit like this GOAT.

God I fucking hate Japan.
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Nobody gives a fuck what you think.
Fuck you, Mr Bond.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>147365548
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dance muppets >>147406689
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CdvgbG8VIAIWBwa.jpg orig.jpg
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Is Amatsutsumi good for my second VN?

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Who's the best YuruYuri and why it is Ayano
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brat a cute. CUTE!
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Because canon lesbian
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when did /v/ go to shit?

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Best girl won
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But at what cost?
Emilia's ass and tits look so soft in that picture, goddamn.

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Are you all looking forwards to the OVA this firday
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I'm looking forward to sex with Komari.
Very rude
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Can we talk about Gundam ZZ?

Also, why do creators seem to create much better works while they're depressed and letting it bleed into their work, compared to when they aren't depressed? Look at Evangelion vs Rebuild for another example.
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Are you implying ZZ is bad? Because if you are, you're a faggot.
Check the date, bozo. Pic related.

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