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There will never be a second season. White Fox are a bunch of hired mercenaries that serve to merely advertise something and then move on to the next new fad. Pic related is proof of that. It sold really well and yet we've been waiting for a second season for over three years now.
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Jormungand, Stein's Gate. Utawarerumono: was long since dead and they gave it a new season.
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You just HAD to fucking remind me, didn't you?

Don't forget about gochiusa

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>never watch anything twice
>watch samurai champloo yearly

Why is this /a/?
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>Why is this /a/?
Is this some sort of philosophical question?
Do you go to /mu/ and ask them why it's /mu/?

We're /a/ because somebody has to be, and we're the only ones who withstand the unlimited loli power.
It's episodic and it has nice music and nice swordplay, it's actually pretty re-watchable.
>Do you go to /mu/
Why would anyone do that?

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ishikkoro ae0139.png
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Why bother with Rem or Emilia when you can have a Ferris?
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I don't want to take the litter out.
I might need a few more images to be convinced, anon.
But what if I want to have children?

This is a Japanese scientist.
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She's from America, dude.
She's not a scientist because she doesn't use the scientific method in her "scientific" research.
No, she's cheap waifubait with an abysmally retarded fashion sense that falls in love with a sperg like Okarin for absolutely no reason other than to pander to the pathetic otaku who self insert as the epic, unlikable whacky scientist who wish that they could meet someone that spouts *chan memes.

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i'm about 3/4 through this.

Jesus, why don't they make any series that are as good as this anymore?
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20th Century Boy is better
this was a 6/10 it dragged on for way to fucking long
Now there's a show that needs some surgery.

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dungeon def.jpg
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You are allowed to give unlimited funds to finance a proper anime adaption of anything of your choice.

What do you choose? How would you have it?
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Robin Hobs's liveship trilogy
+ Age of Sail
+ politics
+ pirates
+ talking boats
+ sea serpents
+ dragons
+ A variety of excellent female characters, two of whom have amazing character development.

Don't tell me you wouldn't watch that.
The entirety of Overlord done by the same studio that did the first set of episodes or The Devil Is A Part Timer season 2.
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Steel Ball Run, told over the course of three movies.

Animated by David Productions with an enormous budget.

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The legend is back
Are you ready /a/?
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Cs2cvthUsAAPF_a.jpg large.jpg
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wrong pic
protag will be this qt
legendary hack
so just more of the same

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Your Kickstarter Idea.png
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If you were given the choice to kickstart an anime, what would it be and why?
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lul you fucking faggot
Under the Dog 2.
one billion dollars for trigger to do whatever they want

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What is the verdict?
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First three episodes are great, everything else is shit.
Hot garbage.
REALLY strong start, rest was just okay. Worth a watch if you're into time travel shit.

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Is she the cutest bug of all time?
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That's not Gokicha.
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Is she gonna go yandere?

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New chapter. Scangroup lost translator so we might stop getting so many chapters.
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>stop getting so many chapters.
more like stop getting any at all
And it gets so much better as the manga goes on. this is a horrible point for scans to stop
File: 1398699001726.png (477KB, 768x768px)Image search: [Google]
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>Scangroup lost translator so we might stop getting so many chapters

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6 days until Umaru's birthday

Don't forget to buy her GEIMU
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Umaru is quite a nugget
>Umaru's birthday
I bet it will be the worst day of /a/ ever
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The mods can use it to ban the underage who shitposts against her

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>More fujoshit
>Muh "Greatest Anime Of All Time"

Kill yourself.
whats the point of ending the last one? couldnt they just adapt the remaining comedy arcs and do the serious one after that?
changing the studio was a mistake , Sunrise taking the helm when?
You wouldn't recognize best girl even if she sat on your pathetic face.

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Aine and Grace.jpg
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So they ended with Grace and a To be continued? You can't be serious. This might actually have a season 2 in the works? WE MIGHT FUCKING SEE REIRI SUCKING OFF KIZUNA.
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Glad im not the only one with hope still
Holy shit. They actually might do it.

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What Myers-Briggs Personality Type is she?
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ISTP, obviously.
First post, best post

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