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It's so bright I can't see shit
There's still so many unanswered questions though I feel pretty blueballed, there is no way it isn't getting another season. I was half-expecting the finale to have a big tweest and explain more instead of just we did it yay happy ending, still know pretty much nothing about anything related to the witch or what the origins of the MCs curse actually are.

I'm sure its gonna be another year before S2 happens, rip

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Fujo power
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Indeed. I'm looking forward to both.

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Post best girls
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Trapfags FUCK OFF
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Traps? Can't stand 'em

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Help me /a/. I need to create more waifus but I lost the creator.

You're my only hope.
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This wouldn't be a problem if archive moe allowed searches.
I miss foolz.
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I don't have much left to bump with.

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Who truly has the better one? Nelvana or Animax?


I would normally say Animax because it's not a heavily edited 90's/early 2000's dub but apparently there are a bunch of people out there who inspite of that actually think Nelvana did better overall. So what does /a/ think?
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Who cares? Post Sakura
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Stopped reading there
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So I marathoned all three seasons of High School DxD over the last two or three days. I had no idea what I was getting into; all I had seen was lots of nudity. I didn't expect the series to have so much ANIME FIGHTING and power levels. I still enjoyed it, though, even if it was cliche a lot of the time. When is season 4? I hear something about season 3 being mostly anime original?

Also, Akeno is best girl.
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S3 messed up the storyline for the most part. Some shit is out of sequence, and that thing with Rias having her own scale mail is completely anime original and pretty shitty. There was a whole rating game arc between Sitri and Gremory that was cut.

Just finished episode one of this, more or less because of it's ubiquity in the medium

Quick question though: is this one retarded?
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she's an autistic savant

she gets a 100% on her test after studying for one night
Why don't I ever see Nodoka posted, she seems like sleeper best girl material already
she's too much of a side character to get any real play

there's a pretty obvious best girl though, i'm not gonna say who it is but you'll figure it out

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Okay guys, now I'm really fucking worried. It's been an incredibly long time and last I heard the author was seriously sick or something. Moreover, dancefag seems to have fallen off the map. Is this the end? Are we ever going to see another chapter of Ballroom?
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bump again
Looks like it's dead, anon. Shame because I used to do some ballroom and I also really liked the art.

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characters who did nothing worng
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Merely defending her country from those dirty Japs like a true patriot

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Should I use the Trusted links or the A+ links when torrenting from Nyaa?
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Meh. I use either and it doesn't affect me much
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Download blue. What could go wrong.
Log Horizon completely lacking a full season torrent.

What are your thoughts on small pupils?
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yandere tier design
They're the work of Lucifer
They are high on opiates

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Say something nice about Mari Okada.
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She's not as bad as Anno
She isn't Urobuchi.
Kiznaiver was good and so was Anohana

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Name an anime character cuter than Kirby.
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But i can't

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You literally and figuratively can't

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New chapter translated. Not much happened but still im making a thread because i love this series.
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i liked this page
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Tourmanon reporting in.

Might as well dump it to keep things moving.
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The current translator has their website up so if you want to DL the chapters she handled head over there.

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