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Movie about Emiya & Miyu flashback confirmed.

CM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IscIt4lmOY
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Why are they doing a movie about the most boring part of 3rei?
So they can cash in on 4 Fate movies instead of 3.
Because they have to adapt it into some form and the content isn't enough to fill a whole season

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How do you feel about these spicy wolves?
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I'd like to see them get raped by forest wolves.
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S3 when?
Waiting on the collector's edition.

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Is there a more memorable year in anime than 1988?
>Graves of Fireflies
>Char's Counter Attack
>LoGH first season

Oddly enough, only OVAs and films.
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1997 had Princess Mononoke, End of Evangelion, anime Berserk, anime Pokemon and Utena starting.
1978: Mirai Shounen Conan, Captain Harlock, Daitarn 3, Galaxy Express 999, Treasure Island, Space Battleship Yamato 2, Shin Ace wo Nerae

And then you have 1994:
J-Decker, Sailor Moon S, G Gundam, Iria: Zeiram, Marmalade Boy, Macross Plus, You're under Arrest, Tenchi Muyou ryououki part 2, Jojo, Magic Knight Rayearth, Macross 7, all with the slam dunk movie, a YYH movie, two dragon ball z movies, street fighter movie, and a Ranma movie.
>, all with the slam dunk movie, a YYH movie, two dragon ball z movies, street fighter movie, and a Ranma movie.

Are these even memorable?

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We're getting a season 2 why is there no thread
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there was a thread
Because you missed all of them.
Overrated hipster shit.

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>another 150Mil day at the box office
How can they keep finding a way?
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You can stop pretending you actually care about this movie /a/ cause I know you don't
>KyoHaters harp on it for months saying that it'll flop.
>KyoAni BTFO of everyone getting less than 200screens
>Outpacing AnoHana and Kizu
KyoHaters are some of the most retarded people on this board. They'll always find a way.

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Is this show any good /a/ ?
I remember watching a few episodes back when I was a kid on TV and liking the drawing style aswell as the atmosphere and era it takes place in but never really bothered cheking it out entirely. And now that I finally got to it it seems like a pretty boring " slice of paranormal life " kind of anime. Does it get better further in the anime?
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I hateread this series. Every month I drop it, and every month I come back. The writing is shit, but there are a lot of great side characters (who always get shafted), and the art is fantastic.
Season two a best because Alois a best. His season has been completely retconned though.
I want to stop reading this manga but I can't.
Also, Toboso is incredible at character design.
Personally more of a naruto fan myself, with naruto the gay shit is less obvious and you can just tell everyone you're watching it for the ninja shit. Unlike this.
Anime is shit. Manga is okay and some arcs are really good.

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Storyboard : Oshiyama
Direction : Oshiyama, ???, Ikehata Hiroshi
KA : Oshiyama Kiyotaka, Kitada Katsuhiko, Yoshida Kenichi, Toshiyuki Inoue, Enokido Shun, Sada Toshi, Go Hakuyu, Miki Tatsuya (eps 3) , Kojima Takashi, ....
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No credits for episode 4 btw.

1話 :
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Wasn't there a screening in Akiba today?
This is from sakugafag who went to screening in Shinjuku (not Akiba).

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Can we agree this was AOTY
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How people are still talking about this anime?

It's just a seasonal anime to make you buy a shitty LN
Yeah, it's unanimous AOTD on /a/
Not even Top 5.

>Anne Happy
>Kuma Miko
>New Game

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The protagonist of the last show you watched is replaced by Yui Hirasawa.

How does it change?
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So yui got replaced with yui?
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Yui now craves the D.
It doesn't.

Knights & Magic anime announced.
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>A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevalier (Eru). In this world, exist huge humanoid weapon known as Silhouette Knight. Dreaming of piloting those robots, Eru, with childhood friends, Archid Walter and Adeltrud Walter: together they will aim to become Knight Runner, pilot of Silhoutte Knight.

Is this mecha.

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Kamito ecchi.
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The author nowadays only releases one book in a year.
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Cinders. Cinders.

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I want to ______ Sharo.
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hug Chino and not
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marry Cocoa, who is a friend of

>opens door
>see this
What do
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Accept that it is a non-canon illusion, then close the window.
Help her way down.
Grag her by ankles and throw her outta window.

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Is isekai the worst genre in anime?
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better than high school shit
Depends. Most issekai animes are really horrible, but every once and then there's stuff like Re:Zero which dares to deconstruct the genre and present to the viewer a sophisticated and exquisite piece of entertainment.

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I keep myself sustained through pure suffering (my own), and nothing else
Expect Dou 104 tomorrow-ish

And, I'll say it once again - WE NEED A NEW REDRAWER URGENTLY
if we don't get one soon, I will die from overworking
and then we'll see who's laughing
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the magazine was filled with a bunch of faggy drawings of Baki characters from other artists, so I felt I should include those here
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Since it's the 25th anniversary or whatever, the magazine felt the need to go all-out with Baki crap this issue. We've got the chronicles of Baki, I guess, to draw in new readers.

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