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Is anyone else convinced Goku has only had sex twice`?
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Probably wasn't even consensual. I bet Chichi raped him.
do we really need a fucking 5th Dragon Ball thread? They're literally my favorite threads but this just screams newfaggotry.
two more times than me tbqh

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what are some good Chuuni characters ?
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Spopial Experiments Lain is A show about Wired.

And Let Me tell you:

You don't believe me? Hah, what a joke. Well Sit back and To see: This is it! This is our moment our chance to SHINE.

She's Online but is she WIRED? Yes. To answer the question, I'll have to refer to my associate, let's call him Dr. Hogeson. Now Jim is just your average Chump but this guy? Haha new story interily.

If you take what he said as advice (which 9/10 doctors reccomend as advice) you discover the truth: Serial Experiments Lain is FUCKING JACKED.

Lain is Ripped with Internet cables? She's a Fucking MONSTER (cyber) buff. Digital muscles. Like a Greek God of Digital Muscles. Eat Navi Flakes Get Digital Taims today. True Anischerality can be reached within your life time. Find out more?

Haha just kidding, but you knew that right bro. No hard feelings, I just don't think you have What It Takes to build that chiseled cyber physique.

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My favorite time of the day has arrived
Oh I love these threads.
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Just finished watching this for the first time and all I can say is holy shit, what a ride. I really enjoyed it though.

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I really dont like him
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Me neither. I hope he dies in the novels.
I like him cause you fags don't like him
Why is he always on his period?

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This is not a drill. Summer 2013 AOTS is getting a new season.
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brb, pawning my rope and footstool

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I haven't watched anime since 2012.
What have I missed?
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quite a lot obviously
Berserk anime is epic
Boku no Pico.

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Was this movie a parody of everything from 80s anime? The ridiculous character designs with the massive wigs and shoulders, the mecha with the silly gaudy designs that look like they came from some toy commercial, the typical guy-so-pretty-he-looks-like-a-girl and his macho-guy-friend-who-wants-to-fuck-him (voiced by Charles vi. Britannia no less), the gratuitous bloody violence and nudity, and the utterly nonsensical plot and premise with lots of "homage" to Star Wars and its music- this was like the entirety of 80s anime jammed into an hour of animation. I haven't read the manga and don't care enough to, but how the hell can anyone make a long-running story of something so hilariously and unironically stupid?

Fuck, this shit makes G Reco look like Citizen Kane.
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>designs that look like they came from some toy commercial
Stop reading the paragraph there but then I saw this at the end:
>Fuck, this shit makes G Reco look like Citizen Kane.
and you just revealed yourself MAL
>>designs that look like they came from some toy commercial
>Stop reading the paragraph there

A giant gold bling-bling robot with a big-ass gun in its ass isn't something from an 80s toy? Reminded me of pic related. In retrospect it it looks cool but it doesn't make it any less dumb as a design.


What does that have to do with anything? G-Reco is a terrible show and everyone agrees with that opinion other than /a/ contrarian like yourself. But it made more sense than this movie somehow.
Wow OP, thanks for confirming for us that you're underage.

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/a/, show me some of your favorite manga cover(s)!
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I'm in the mood to see some great art.
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I really wish I could see something amazing that I haven't yet seen, and be astonished at..

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I love you /a/!
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ban this shit
You're dirty. Out.
I love you too Mikan!

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Thanks to this I started eating my own semen
It's pretty good. Most of the messages are pretty straightforward actually.
Because we all know that you're either the best or you're absolute shit.

Let's do this.
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leg massage rape.webm
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did you cry to toradora?
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No. What's there to even cry about?
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i cry everytime thinking about how much i miss the tripfag

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Maybe it's a really good show.
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Was there ever any doubt?
Truly the Evangelion of anime

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>Anime for well adjusted grown ups

I'll start.
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overrated shit
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What is this outfit for?
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Giving erections.
My wife's boyfriend.
looking slutty

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