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What did she mean by this?
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>She'll never call your name
She wants the D.
She meant:
Lesbo piiiiiig

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Naegi's hitbox is tiny!
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Post dead girls
Scenes like that make me think DR3 can be alright sometimes.
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What is up with Japanese and German words? Why do they like inserting german words in anime so much? To sound fancy?
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Why the fuck shouldn't they?
Just because German is inherently incompatible with the way Japanese people are trained to speak?

Loanwords are always sexy to the youth.
Axis power buddies.
Why do they always use german, then?

Can we have a felix thread, please?
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shut this down
ayo hol up
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What's the big deal about pantsu, /a/?

They're just cloth
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for me it's about the total package- the girl wearing them and what she's wearing (or lack thereof).
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Who knows?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Thanks doc.

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No mom it's not PORN it's crucial FORESHADOWING and EVIDENCE to who the MASTERMIND of this KILLING GAME is
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Despair is a myth. Hope is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes.
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No MOM those gun photos are important. I share tem with my random friends they are totaly worth oh please stop beating me
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>beta Nip getting bullied by edgy Slavs
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Best boys.jpg
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Looks gay as shit, probably to get the fujo audience, but since it's a MAPPA show it will flop, that's just a fact of nature.

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Why are stories with slave girls being taken care of so fucking good?

Slave girl appreciation thread
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>death march manga
What is this? It looks promising
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Hmm, as deep as my fetish for slave girls runs, I don't know many non hentai stories involving them, to be honest. None where they're actually focus anyway, and it isn't just part of their backstory or they're just side characters.

I'll just post this picture of Sill.

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>20 pages and another fucking hiatus
>Eclipse is a pupil in the eye of the Beast Of Darkness
Oh boy.
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Post your Guts. Here is elf-rape Guts

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hope future neither.jpg
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KIBOU soon, fellow Dang Its
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Honestly, the HOPE episode is probably just a quick recap of DR2.

But I'm hoping it's like a DR3 IF, with the real Miaya instead of Miayabot.
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Is there anyone who can beat Izuru Kamukura

And I'm not talking about Reserve Course Hajime Hinata. I'm not talking about Ultimate Hope Izuru Kumukura. I'm not even talking about Remnants of Despair Izuru Kamukura, either. I'm not even talking about Ultimate Future Izuru Kumukura with full control over Hajime Hinata experience (who is a veteran of Improved Hangman's Gambit, Truth Sword Debates, Crime Manga Writing and Mental Surfing), ninety nine hope shards (which grant him Neural Liberation, Envious Influence, Auto Focus Lightning Flash, Cheat Code, Trance, Delusion, Vocabulary, Charisma and Algorithm), capable of being Ultimate Athlete, Ultimate Serial Killer, Ultimate Breeder, Ultimate Mechanic, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Analyst and even Ultimate Princess, supported by Komaeda Nagito (in the peak of his luck circle, with fully working Junko Hand and full pack of Dr Hope), control of both the Novoselic Kingdom and the Kuzuryu clan, with Chiaki AI and Alter Ego simulated by his mind, four Dark Devas of Destruction guarding him, control over Jabberwack Island and The New World Program, entered You've Got That Wrong Mode, shooting Future Bullets on everybody and solved Final Dead Room so he can use Octagon just from camera angle. I'm talking about Ultimate Mastermind Izuru Kumukura, survivor of two killing games, with a perfect understanding of FUTURE, who caused The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, equipped with Gravel Swimsuit and Bone The Meat On while casting Infinity Unlimited Flame with his Golden Makango, controlling the Despair Disease bugs, able to be interested in boats for full five seconds, wearing the three years old school clothes and protagonist ahoge, with desire to avenge his double dead gamer girl waifu, who can perform everything that normal people couldn't even dream of while being an expert in thousands of fields and billion of abilities and bored from all of that even before he started.

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Was he her father?
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Junko literally loves him so much that she won't kill him and wants him to destroy despair.

She basically killed herself to become a stepping stone to hope that destroys the despair. She is literally 100% waifu material.
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First for Hajime
No. Most evidence points Chihiro still.

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Oh no

Not me

I never lost control
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Oh, and get ur subs

More like Perished Nanami.

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Izuru did nothing.
>DR0 doesn't matter at all


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Let's hope, my friend!

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Cq1tm6GXYAQaXie.jpg large.jpg.jpg
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Finally, at long last, we had definitive proof this episode that Virtual Chiaki and Physical Chiaki are two different people, that Izuru considers her the Super High School Level Hope. It's also confirmed he really liked her because he still has her pin.

What we didn't have proof of, however, was that Chiaki actually died. There was no body or grave shown. She was simply mentioned and alluded to, and Izuru expressing regret that he wasn't able to save her.

The story concludes on Hope Side.
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Were just saiyin.gif
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Be gentle.jpg
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>Izuru expressing regret that he wasn't able to save her
Izuru was the only way Chiaki was surviving that. If he couldn't save her, who could? Fuck off, retard, she's dead, accept it.

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