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Asuka and Rei.jpg
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Why not both?
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that is not a choice . you can't fall in love with 2 girls . we don't call that love .
Love is feminine bullshit to cuck you into submission.
Wake up.
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Why not all three?

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>kyoani and makoto shinkai made more money than this shitfest
>we waited 100 billion years for Google image search backgrounds

Where were you when SHAFT died?
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>100 billion years
>age is 14 billion years old
Something doesn't add up here.
It's called kino, you wouldn't understand.
>trying to pair that garbage with a shinkai film

Don't get ahead of yourselves 2nd place fags, the one thing your studio does well with it's animation and visuals got completely BTFO and in top of sales

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i was busy looking at his hand and his face and didn't notice the QUALITY at first

jesus christ
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it's like they gave up

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How excited are you
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Is that a yes?
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More meme girl

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Post waifus who could fix my car.
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Thiccest mechanic to the rescue, from the series with the softest girls
Sorry dude, you're fucked
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Makina to the rescue.

What will you be watching?
Not picked up
3 epi rule
Picked up
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I'll do the same thing I always do:
Pick up everything and drop everything I don't like.
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Shuumats no Izetta.
Tiger Mask.
Stella no Mahou.
Gakuen Handsome.
Bungou S2.
Yuri on Ice.
Flip Flappers.
All Out.
Girlish Number.
Udon no Kuni.
Fune no Amu.

I like to give everything a try but nothing stands out at all apart from Eupho.
My most anticipated shows:
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Kiss Him Not Me
3-gatsu no Lion

Potentially interesting:
Flip Flappers
Girlish Number
Occultic Nine
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
Fume wo Amu
Stella no Mahou
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Overall it looks all right. Potential for several of these shows to turn out great.

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I love Emilia, /a/!
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I hate her
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t. Who?

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>it's a truck-kun episode
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>it's an image.jpg episode
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Oh shi~
hahahaha why is it so fucking huge

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Okay she's just an idiot
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Title: Jun's vow
Panel 1:
Jun: I'll...give this to you.
Tomo: Really?! You sure?!
Panel 2:
Tomo: Thanks, man! How long can I have it for?
Jun: Once I...
Panel 3:
Jun: Once I become a stronger man than you, then I'll come take it back.
Panel 4:
Tomo: So you're giving it to me, then? You don't have to!
>Jun: Once I become a stronger man than you, then I'll come take it back.
we got a plot point boys
>He wants to beat Tomo
>Not because he admires her, he just wants his game back

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Which one was supposed to be your date?
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1. Mercury
2. Venus
3. Mars


4. Jupiter
5. Moon
Venus and Mars. Both compete for my love.
Mercury. For reasons that are far too blogpost-y to go into here.

Reminder that Koe no Katachi and Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni will be the two best anime of the year.
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Kimi no na wa > KnK
I agree. It's gonna be AOTY, but how much you wanna bet /a/ won't give a FUCK.
They will be the best movies for sure.

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You may pick two from this lot.
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I see boobs so no.
Ninja and ghost.
girl with cat ears and the one with a eyepatch.

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I'd like to have a thread about anime girls in military uniform but I'm not sure I should post it on this board.
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/c/ would be the obvious choice for an image dump, but you can discuss anime in military uniforms on /a/.
Thanks. I wasn't sure because that's not really "cute", is it? I don't go out of /a/ often.

So you can let this thread die unless you want to discuss it but I don't know what to say in my case. I just like their look.
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mot him. but i want to start this discussion.

why are nazi uniforms so damn /fa/

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Post the biggest Mary Sue you can think of
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Any answer other than Saitama is wrong. Though I know faggots will post Subaru just to be contrarian hipsters.
But he ded son.
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why didnt /a/ tell me this show was so good?
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Why do people make these threads?
Do they feel the need to express their newness for everybody to see? Or are they so new that they are actually unaware of the popularity of the shows they completely missed on /a/?
they are just new and weren't here when the show aired and think it's epic to make threads about it years later while everyone else moved on
But we even have those "Psycho Pass is an anime people will be talking about in ten years" threads all the time.

Those are going to be the next "Don't forget to laugh," and then I'm really going to feel old.

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