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When is the episode where her dad finally brushes her goddamn hair?
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Never because guys don't understand how girl hair works.
Tsumugi's unruly hair represents her unyielding joy for life. To tame it would be forcing her into the same shackles of conformity that imprison her father, and millions of other Japanese people.

Also it's cute
He probably brushes it every day, after her bath. Such wonderful hair doesn't stay that fluffy without proper maintenance after all.

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This is my ability, Countdown. A bomb is armed when I touch someone and say the word "Bomber". The bomb can only be disarmed by touching me and saying "I caught the bomber". This blast is 10 times stronger than little flower and can not be blocked by nen. I must explain my ability before I can use it.
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Shitty Kira wannabe.
HxH powers aso fucking well thought out. This and Jikan Desu! being at the top of the food chain.

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Meanwhile, in /a/cademy city
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The Land of the Anon. There was a time when our imageboard was called that.
No, that is definitively not true.

What no berserk thread?
That shits changing right now.
So who else is pumped that the story will continue next year.
I was introduced to berserk in 2004. So its been a long wait and i know others have waited longer but now that its all wrapped up.
What was everyones opinion of this arc?
And id rather the conversation be geared towards the actual story and progression instead of half or more than half bashing the animation style while the other defends it.

To me its weird watching berserk subbed. I know when they dub it ill watch the english dub. I couldnt wait any longer i needed it. Now i screwed myself though because ive grown comfortable with the japanese voice actors.
(I dont watch much anime and when i do its always dubbed.)
Overall i liked how the story progressed id say it started off slightly slow but after father mozgus and the heretics get introduced its like a nonstop Rollercoaster.

It was great to see guts and his new group survive the night. I like every single character that is still alive except one.
Fuck you nina, and to an extent Joachim. I just dont like her character and i know im not supposed to but i REALLY dont enjoy her character.

The reintroduction of Griffith was bad ass especially how zodd comes bursting through the walls like the kool aid man just to for Zodd to kneel before griffith.

Isidro might honestly become my favorite character as the show progresses. Hes compotent, has the motivation and determination to be the best, is great comic relief, and even though he has some child like aspects still he doesnt come off ever as annoying or at least annoying in a bad way.
Idk i hate the trope that i described usually but he doesnt come off to me as forced and unwanted.
Personal highlight for me for the kid is when he saves casca and jerome call him a terrific brat and he just takes it in such stride.
Like i said all the characters are enjoyable with the exception of nina.
Father mozgus was the shit.
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This show is an abomination of the source material. God I hate it so much.
>mfw Mozgus and his torturers become heavenly beings and they truly believe their powers were given to them by god.
Bump come on stop talking about the animes with the schoolgirl boobies

Why haven't you accepted ONIISAMA as your one true lord and savior?
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I want his dick to be up my rectum as he applies self casting speed magic so he can pull of the mega jackrabbit on my sphincter
Because he's a hardcore self-insert Gary Stu with no character traits other than being perfect.
Que se Joda esa Mierda Sobrevalorada al igual que tú
Saludos desde España o más bien para ustedes Mexico Europeo

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>you will never fuck 18
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If I impregnate her, will she lactate milk or oil? It's important.


18 is a cyborg, not an android actually, so she probably is part human, and Dr. Gero almost certainly made her vagina have a vibrate function.

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Re Zero ending, did anyone catch the translation for what Subaru wrote? My translating skills are horrible but the right page looks like 'misfortune'.
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It's not nihongo
I don't know what the bottom right one is. Top right looks like さ
It's Chinese right?

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Sound Thread

to listen
4cs player: a.pomf.cat/seknqg.user.js
Alt player: a.pomf.cat/txhvvb.user.js

to make

guide & instructions

Only .png stegoraphy, will work so make new images using embed.exe to make it work. If you're using Chrome use Violent monkey for the extensions. For Firefox Tampermonkey seems to be able to handle the scripts best. Be sure to check archive before asking questions .
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might take a bit to warm up, organizing some folders
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ganbare thread, please contribute if you can
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setting some other stuff to help if you need help posting, will be a bit before ready though

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>decide to watch Steins;Gate
>enjoying it
>episode 12, pic related is killed

And dropped. Wish I didn't waste my time with this bullshit.
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Did you forget this was a show about time travel? Let that sink in for a minute.
Good, now go read the VN instead of wasting your time on the anime.
You're wrong, but also correct in dropping it

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You like Sword Art Online, don't you, /a/?
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How exactly did SAO get popular anyway? It's really bad and the premise had already been done several times before.
I've never really gotten Into anime until my friend begged me to watch One Punch and now SOA. I'm just past the halfway point of the first season and Jesus Christ I dint give a shit about any of these people or any of the race factions in Alfhiem. I just want to see more episodes like ep.1-5ish. After those, the show has taken a complete drop in quality.
actually, i really liked the 1st season, the other seasons were meh compared to the first one

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Why is she such a irredeemable bitch 24/7?
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She needs the dick
she is a child.

I'm a massive fan of the works of Yoshiaki Kawajiri. I'd like to take a few moments with the rest of you anons to appreciate his work.
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File: ninjascroll_movie.jpg (414KB, 1000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can Saitama wield Mjollnir?
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Can I report this for capeshit?
Yes, but it would be extremely painful.
He is a big boy.

ITT: Series that peaked before the final episode
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Can't believe we have to wait till December for the OST that played in the final moment of this episode :(
Why am I not surprised that the Re:tard fanbase are the same newfags who go around using emoticons.
Fucking Kaiba holy shit.
I like it but god damn the ending felt so underwhelming.

You should be able to solve this, /a/.
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Magic of course.
She's a witch.
Clearly magic. Such a shameless demonstration of wicked abilities are the surest sign of dedication to the Ruinous Powers. The witch shall be burned in cleansing flame immediately, as well as all souls living within ten kilometers of her home. The odds of heretical contamination are too great; better to give them the Emperor's mercy than to damn them to live with the taint of heresy upon their souls.

By order of His Holy Ordos Hereticus. Thought for the day: the mutant bears his heresy on the outside, the traitor hides it in his soul.

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