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In the swaying dragon carriage, Rem was only thinking of him.

His name suddenly appearing in her mind, Rem softly lifted her face, and narrowed her eyes against the bright radiance of the sun.

She gazed at the entourage of dragon carriages ahead, inside them are the wounded soldiers of the battle with the White Whale.

All in all, only their urgent wounds had been treated, and more than a few of them are still seriously injured. Yet even in their pain, the corners of their lips shone only the sense of accomplishment for having fulfilled a long-cherished dream. After carrying this dream for so many years, to see it finally realized meant more to them than injury or death. Having achieved what they set out to do, they now ride toward the Capital, to their triumphant return.

Taking all this into her sight, Rem hated herself for not being able to hold back the pain inside her heart.

[Crusch: You look anxious, Rem. Are you still worrying about him?]

[Rem: …Crusch-sama]

Glancing toward the voice, it is Crusch sitting beside Rem.

Wrapped in light bandages, it is commendable how Rem revealed no sign of the seriousness her injuries, but it was impossible to conceal her depleted stamina. The fact they rode in a carriage was also because Crusch didn’t feel comfortable letting Rem ride a ground dragon alone in this condition. So she resolved to accompany her, at least until the Capital is within their sights.

Sensing Rem’s unsettled look, Crush casually shrugged.

[Crusch: Compared to this…] shaking her head,

[Crusch: He has Wilhelm, Ferris, the elites of the expedition, and Ricardo’s mercenary company, all there to assist him. Besides, Anastasia must have predicted this turn of events. Even if the adversary’s strength is a concern, I don’t think there is any reason they would lose]
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[Rem: Even so, I can’t help but selfishly worry]

[Crusch: Still can’t remove the source of anxiety huh… When the obstacle is within you, it would be possible to improve yourself until it is overcome. But when it’s about other people, it does become quite difficult… Ah, so I am quite terrible at comforting people after all, my apologies]

Seeing Rem sink deeper into her anxiety, Crusch realized she had misspoken and lowered her eyes. But seeing the cold and formal Crusch suddenly out-of-character, the corner of Rem’s lips couldn’t help but curl into a smile.

[Crusch: En, that’s good] seeing this, Crusch nodded contently,

[Crusch: Natsuki Subaru said it before, “a smile suits Rem better, doesn’t it?” Even though it sounded like it came out of nowhere, it wasn’t an entirely stupid thing to say]

[Rem: Crusch-sama… you know when you smile you give off a completely different impression. You are usually stern, yet once you smile you become…]

[Crusch: People do say that, I can’t say I’m not angry about it. Because I don’t smile for no reason in front of people, I guess I am becoming rather unlovable…]

Rem wasn’t sure whether to take that as a joke, but seeing Crusch’s gentle smile, her lips opened into a smile as well. Courageous and proud, to Rem, who has always been lacking confidence, Crusch was an ideal woman. But of course, in Rem’s heart, the highest honor was reserved for none other than her older sister, Ram.

[Crusch: Ahead of their path is the Witch Cult… Even though it was more or less expected considering Emilia’s identity, until we know more about them, caution is necessary. Natsuki Subaru realizes this, but surely Lord Mathers has a plan as well?]

[Rem: The depth of my master’s mind, Rem couldn’t possibly know. Even if you ask me I wouldn’t be able to say]

[Crusch: That’s harsh. Now that we’re allies after all, a little information slipping around wouldn’t be too bad]

Perhaps it was to distract Rem from sinking into negative thoughts again, indeed it was thanks to Crusch that Rem wasn’t left alone to sink into her worries.

Besides, Crusch made a good point, a man such as Roswaal L. Mathers must have had a grand plan for all this. Surely Subaru’s actions were all furthering his master’s goals, while at the same time he’s recovering his lost reputation.

Actually… with the slaying of the White Whale, his reputation has already far surpassed what it was before.

–“Hero Natsuki Subaru”

To Rem, whose heart and future he had saved, this assessment is nothing short of accurate. Considering the bright future he has yet to create, this is also more than justified.

And then, to be at the side of that radiant hero, a place he could occasionally turn to to make sure she was there, if only that place could hold her existence- then there is nothing else in the world Rem would wish for. With this alone, she would be content.
When Subaru appears in her mind, Rem’s heart is always full of turmoil.

It becomes warm, and perhaps calm. Yet somehow it also becomes full of pain, of anxiety, of longing and worry.

To give her heart at once so much happiness and so much suffering, only Subaru could do this to her.

With a smile carved upon her lips, Rem’s thoughts turned to her future: her and Subaru’s future.
Stealing a glance at the side of Rem’s face, Crusch exhaled a sigh of relief. Caressing the scabbard of her knight-sword with her fingers, her eyes stared in silence into the road ahead, her thoughts were of the long path to the Capital.

[Crusch: ——-]

[Rem: ———–?]

Crusch squinted her eyelids, the same instant Rem heard a noise and raised her head.

What Crusch’s eyes captured was something off about the dragon carriage up ahead. The noise Rem heard came from the same direction. In fact, both clues were leading to the same conclusion.

In Crusch’s eyes, the dragon carriage “disintegrated”. In Rem’s ears, the prelude to “collapse” echoed like the sound of raindrops.

A mist of blood sprayed out. The image of the dragon carriage in front of them all of a sudden transformed into a pitiful blur.

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Now that the season is basically over which one is the AOTS?

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Prisma Illya
>No Tales of Zesteria
>No Reeeee:zero

This ain't even worth voting in.

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Kizu in 3 weeks : 300 Mil
Koe no Katachi in 3 days : 300 Mil
What went horribly wrong for Shaft? I thought that their only series to never flop was Monogatari. Is their cash cow dead?
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I hope so.
>Kizu 1/3rd of a movie
>Koe no Katachi: a full movie
>Kizu : pay top dollar for the A list of freelance animators, VAs working on it and still flop
>KnK : pay only the salaries of the animators you already have, get Lantis VAs anyway and get a smash hit for a limited release.

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Did Kanako ever find true love?
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What exactly is true love?
A waifu?
Best girls hardly do.
She'll get her cancer soon enough

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I'm bored /a/. Tell me a story
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Once upon a time, OP was a faggot.
Do you want to hear the story about my life got flip-turned upside down?

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Does this show get really fedora tippy with it's stance on religion? Thought the first season was pretty funny, but I've seen a lot of fags talking about how they love it for bashing the church.
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Not really, the christian faction is alright they just have some very extremist characters which are the first you run into.
>fedora tippy
Stop that.

>love it for bashing the church.
Obvious newfags, and you along with them.
Most anime that feature the church prominently depict it as evil and/or corrupt.
>Most anime that feature the church prominently depict it as evil and/or corrupt.
And it's usually cringey as fuck

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Am I the only one who likes the old berserk show?

It had a great soundtrack and atmosphere. The art was beautiful. And while it omitted some minor details, it was still clear that the show respects the manga.
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It's the only acceptable Berserk adaptation despite being a slideshow, this just show how fucking terrible movie trilogy and new series were
>not preferring the new Berserk anime
Some people...
>Am I the only one who

No, nigger, you're not the only one of anything.

>have hot suicidal mom
>not trying to cure her with penis everyday
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He's not big enough
He's not a degenerate like OP
>I'm sorry I didn't cuck myself.

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This is your cake tonight
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Delicious cake deserves hugs and kisses.
This cake is past expiration date. I take it back for refund.

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Happy birthday, Chiya-chan!
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happy birthday gween-tea
My wife Chino is divorce me ;-;

So what did he said before credits start?

They pulled Gendo bullshit from EoE
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He asked about Rem.

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Now that Gon can no longer have us watch him whip (his fishing pole) or watch him (use his) Nen,

how will Togashi make him relevant in the Dark Continent Arc?

Will we have some flash-sideways of Gon doing his intellectually demanding homework in school while the other boys are dying on the ship / on not-Africa?
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Why is Gon crying? What chapter this is from?
I dunno, it's a meme I saved from /a/.
Gon's story is over. He will never be again.

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Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.
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I love boats

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Hiro is asking us if we want a manga board and other changes to our board or not. Please reply to him here:
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Tell him I want moot back
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can i sew.png
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ITT: Shows that only you remember.
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what a weird name for a show
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