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Cutest lewd ever
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>You will never eat cookies made with vaginal discharge

Why even live?

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From Takeshi Shudo's novelizations of the anime.

Delia is the owner of Pallet Town's only restaurant known as 'Pallet House', which she inherited from her mother after she died.

She wanted to become a model when she was younger, but couldn't due to having to help take care of the restaurant. Her father was a loser trainer who disappeared, and she got together with a traveling trainer who got her pregnant and then left.

Delia couldn't live her dreams because she both had to deal with the restaurant AND raise her son Ash.

Meanwhile, Ash was bullied in school because he never knew his father, and was often a loner. However, he did manage to play on his school baseball team, which is why he always threw his Pokeballs like they were baseballs

Ash, at the start of his Pokemon journey, was 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days old, since Pokemon trainers start their journey in Pallet on the April following their 10th birthday.

This means that for the majority of the Kanto saga, after the 9th episode, Ash would have been 11 years old, and even possibly 12-years-old by the time the Indigo League happened since you can practically see a year's worth of events go by. Adventure starts in the spring, deals with the summer months, fall and winter (And even christmas), New Years, the Princess Festival based off a real Japanese holiday in February, etc.
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Anything about Oak in there?
Anything about gangrapes in there?
>29 years old
>parent of a 10-year old
Shit, I'm 27 and have no kids.

I just watched the dubbed version of Inuyasha's first episode and liked it.
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I dont know who this Inuyasha fellow is but liking things is usually a positive.
> liking things is usually a positive
Get out of here with those dangerous ideas of yours.
I pretty much like many 90s and early 2000s dubs for the nostalgia. It's when the VAs start to try and sound cute -- that's when things start to fall apart.

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Translations updated for HO12, Myonri officially confirmed to be cutest girl.
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But we had confirmation on that since the anime
Is she officially lusting after the Heivia now?
>“Today we will receive an astronomy show that occurs only once every 500 years. This is the day the Appetizer Asteroid passes closest to earth.”
>Appetizer Asteroid

This sounds even more weird/stupid than Arrowhead Comet, Kamachi.

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You're at the gym doing some squats. After a while you spot this girl mirin and she's coming closer.

What's your course of action?
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Do a 180 and walk away.
Let out a tactical protein fart to subdue her
Ask if she's seen Tomonori anywhere

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What fictitious manga featured in Bakuman do you wish actually existed in real life?
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That one Pokemon clone.
Perfect Crime Party
That crow manga.

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What's the best version of Project A Ko? The DVD rip or the LD?
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ITT: The strongest character of their respective series
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I think they share something

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>It's a Polnareff episode
>It's a Polanreff episode where he gets turned into a child, gets abducted and bathes with a grown woman who gets turned into a fetus
>he runs away from an axe murderer while fully naked for the rest episode

what the fuck araki
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It's JoJo son
>it's a rape baby stand episode
Funny thing is, since the user was a mercenary, he had no reason to work for Dio other than threats against him. He could have just made money swindling rich old people who want to regain their youth.

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So he's Jairo right?
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Yeah, probably. It was hinted pretty hard.
No. He's much too friendly. Unfortunately we will never get to see Jairo.
>Too friendly
>Implying Jairo isn't a good actor

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Since Cell had Vegeta and Goku's DNA does that mean he could've become a super saiyan if he had lived? His namekian DNA seemed to work as intended so I don't see why not.
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He was already a Super Saiyan, that's why he had the fiery aura.
Even in the anime version of this, he had the yellow aura of the super saiyan
Super perfect cell was actually his ssj2.
But cell does have the most potential of all the villain funny cause he got beaten bu gohan.

God golden super cell.

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I place one card face down, and end my turn.
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Say good bye to your card.
That name doesn't even come close to "Heavy Death Metal, End of the Century".

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Let's have one last Rem thread before she's gone for good.
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What are you talking about?
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Sure. Why not?

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Torikaji oppai?
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Worst girl

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How can a season 2 for FLCL even work?
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Because fanboys cry for more and miss the entire point
>She returns
>Blah blah blah, she actually loves him blah blah
>SoL + some shitty action CGI like all anime now
>??? ending
It's going to be shit, SHIT
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It can't

Also this >>147355521

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