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Hi /a/,

I just bought these movies. What am I in for?
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>strong animated violence
Utter shit.

Ok, I guess?
Keep Rebellion on a shelf as a collection piece and watch the Meguca sub.

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Why is braids+glasses such heavenly combination?
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You forgot to include autistic kuudere. If it was some genki tsundere it wouldnt be as cute
I don't know anon, I find this combo pretty great regardless of character type.

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What was this supposed to prove?
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That footfags have the worst fetish
So are we still gonna shitpost because last episode?
To see if he had any Pride or self respect

>OP features literally NO animation
Why is this allowed?
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>It's actually somehow better than most OP that are

How does it do it?!
It never bothered me much cause I liked the song and Casshern Sins is one of my favorite animu of all time desu
I have to admit I didn't like the OP, it just doesn't fit the mood. Still a great series.

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How does this make you feel?
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Happy that Silver Link killed this garbage.

Like pleasuring old men for money.
Best girl.
Would be even better with her sister.
Saber and Luvia can go fuck themselves.

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According to Watashiya, Kodomo no Jikan is not meant to incite arousal for the reader.
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Well OP, that should be obvious, as there is nothing arousing about the manga or that picture right there at all.
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Vanilla (i.e. non-machine assisted) masturbation must be a chore for girls.

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So she's a retard?
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Why did you highlight her physical age instead of actual age?
Because OP is an even more retarded.
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Finally got around to watching it after all these years.

What the fuck? This was better than anything i've seen up until this point. What happened?
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That's because you've watched less than 50 anime you fucking newfag
Your standards are hilariously low, that's happened.
It is up there in the best anime in episodic format to ever have been made, certainly in terms of the quality of production if nothing else, even comparing only among other OVAs the animation is second to none with a diversity of styles and huge amount of talent. The only argument I really ever see against this show is "lol so randumb xD".

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Why do people shit on Naruto so much for being "poorly written with shitty cliche characters" when basically all anime is poorly written and has shitty cliche characters?
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lurk moar

Because Naruto somehow manages to be shittier than 98% of the shit in anime
this, I'm actually surprised that people didn't shit on Pokemon too when it's the same shit or worse

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How does this shit not have an official list of all the monsters?

How can it be taken seriously as a monster-raising franchise when it can't even categorize all of the monsters?
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I want this new Mei girl to go away. I'm sick of her.
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Why don't you like Meiry Sue? Everyone likes her.

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Yoko is the sexy animu character by which all
other animu characters should be judged by.
And you know it.
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I say she should be judged for killing 2 main characters.

She's a retarded looking chud

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You open the door to your room and see this.

What do you do?
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Ask what she is doing in my room

Then maybe tell her if she is available to have a nice dinner in my house and then maybe have the hottest sex
who dis
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All right /a/!

Do post all quality work you have in here!
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Deadly Quality.jpg
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>Shirou doesn't recite UBW in Engrish

What the fuck
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single handedly ruined the fate franchise
Fate is kill
Shirou's UBW chant was always in japanese, only archer's was in engrish

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Do you like big, soft, squishy ninja butts?

season 2 when?
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I'm not really a fan of that specific ninja butt however in general I quite like them.
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Never. Play Deep Crimson to see what the it what have been, and because it's a great game. Play the other games too if you want more Senrans.
>deep crimson
But that's non-canon.

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