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Right. Left is an annoying cunt meme girl
Right all the way.
Please don't sexualize Frodo.

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The best comedy are the ones with moderate to low animation budget. Y/N?
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You don't need top notch animation to do comedy you dumb nigger.
The best comedy are the ones that are funny, that's all.
What the fuck is a comedy with an above average animaton budget? The only one I can think of is Nichijou. Anyways Hoozuki no Reitetsu isn't on the list so it's a pretty shit list.

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Does Megumi's popularity prove that people prefer more realistic heroines?
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Megumi is only good because she has a cold demeanor and is snarky and witty with MC.

She is the same as Hitagi.

There's that word again.
The best girls are realistic

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im like 15 episodes in at jojo and when will caesar start stopping the time?and where are the ghost wrestler dudes?
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They appear after these dubs
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Wow, nice!
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Face Palm.gif
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Fail, but let's keep this fail train going.

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Too much Rammstein will do that to you.
>"I want to re-do everything until Madoka is safe"
>"haha actually Homura chan, I can protect myself, haha woops I got tricked by incubators guess everything's fucked forever"

Homura's wish still counts, man. You don't cycle for 10 years protecting someone just to let it go when it fucks up. Homura's wish was never granted.
Homura's actions are justified, if not sane.
Ai Yo.

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This is great. Why is everyone always on dragon ball z's dick? Why doesn't dragonball ever get any love?
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Because childhood nostalgia and schlocky, poorly written, boring power level fantasy is more entertaining to a dumb child than actual adventure and creative stories.

DBZ is probably THE worst battle shounen out there. Everything up to the point where Goku grew up is absolutely great though.
DB > Super > Z > GT

Prove me wrong. You can't.
nothing is better


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What makes girls like Tsumugi so likeable?
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Large breasts, thick eyebrows, a sadistic streak and a taste for pussy.
kobayashi best
yure and sasaki close second best
Yuhata was best

>you waifu will never expose her butt to you
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Lucy a shit
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when will natsu, lucy and wendy start dating eachother
She's better than that, you shitlord.

Someone explain
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"DUDE WEED LMAO" - Hideaki Anno
explain what? why is Asuka best girl?
He wanted to feel the rejection of another human being, wich is the only form of human conetion he knows, after stopping the human instrumentality project. Faggot

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You wouldn't fuck your senpai in the ass
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I would let senpai fuck me in the ass
first post best post
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Episodes 169-181 today.

35 years since this anime aired, and I don't think /a/ has ever really celebrated it. For those who haven't seen it, it was a hugely influential anime, and that influence is still being felt by the anime industry today.

Live Stream Link:

Alternative links:

New episodes will play at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST.

I make no profit, nor gain any benefits from doing this; my sole motivation is to celebrate this classic anime.
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Nice, that was fast.
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How many stream days left?

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wtf I hate nero now
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>pointless, ugly upscale
Well done. You have shown that not only you have a large monitor, you also have a really shitty player that can't upscale properly.
What else could he do?
look at the filename retard

How bullshit was Zero Requiem? Did Lelouch really create a better world? If not, how long can this farce last?
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>Did Lelouch really create a better world?
He gave a new generation the opportunity to build a better world without being held back by old grudges.
Old grudges get replaced with new ones.
He created a government of lolis. That's pretty admirable.

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What does the "D" stand for?
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De Morgan
But didn't Mayuri suggest DeLorean Mail and it was rejected?

> For me, ONE is the best right now.
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>Onefags think that's a good illustration

>greentext out of place
How fucking new are you.
Storyteller he wrote not Artist you retard. And indeed, ONE is original and find good stories.

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