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Just finished this. It felt godly but ending seemed abrupt. Really liked Natsuo! Any chance for a sequel to this? Why isn't there more manga like this? The art felt so sexy and real...
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Gotta post some panels from this!
The author's dead.

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Shop a face on the Chiyo
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Is this really the best version of the latest 2hu anime?
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The most popular and best 2hu character has a central role!
The anime has basically become "let's just wait till cirno shows up onscreen"

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This is Haruhi.
Say something nice about her!
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She's not worst girl
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Haruhi is a miracle of the universe.
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Kyon is god

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Who is the best grill and why is it MIO?
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Mio is literally only good for non-stop breeding.
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Because of reasons
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Best girl is Ricchan. Even Mio would tell you this.

S2 will happen, r-right guys?
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I don't see any reason why it would

things like getting another season are motivated by sales, and amanchu although really cute didn't really have anything going for it

isn't adaptation anime just an advertisement fuel for merch, manga, or whatever else?
There should be enough content. They skipped a lot in S1 in order to focus on Teko's character growth.
It depends on manga and merch sales

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.

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Why are sporty, sweaty waifus so superior?
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It's just science, anon.
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They are healthy, have great bodies and aren't lazy. Among other reasons.
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work out.webm
3MB, 800x450px

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How dumb is this anime?
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Pretty dumb.
And pretty funny.
Very dumb

[spoilers]That's the point [/spoilers]
>pretty funny

Eh not really. The jokes were just bad and boring. Murata's art and Madhouse animation+music are the only objective good things about OPM. The writing and premise is stale and predictable and repetitive. The whole "Im too strong!" shit got old real quick.

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After many years, I finally found the strength to remove my enormous backlog by watching everything.
I am currently going through katanagatari (which is pretty good) aside from my weekly dose of Jojo and Dragon ball Super.
What I want to ask from my old comrades of /a/ is, have I actually missed any good anime from the last 4 years I have been absent?
I bravely plunged into tokyo ghoul which wasn't that bad desu, but it really emanated this hellsnig vibe....
TLDR Oldfag that gave up on anime wants to return to his roots, rec some shit from 4 years ago tops.
pic is proof of my "antiquity", if you will.
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>implying you are an oldfag
Nice try.Get spoonfed someplace else
I have proof my boy
Let's see it then!

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azu blush.jpg
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What are they looking at?
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My benis :))))

why, my peenus weanus of course :)

hahah! :D

it's my weeeeeenus peanus! :) hahah

ITT: What are they looking at? - my answer is, of course, my peanus weenus :D

My peanus

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would you a dragon?
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looks like an elf to me.
absolutely not
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Depends on the dragon.

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This is Haruhi.
Say something nice about her!
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Looks like a trap desu
You're new
reverse traps are hot

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clannad ep 1.png
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This is SUCH a depressing anime, /a/. So depressing that it isn't. AT ALL. Seriously, where are you supposed to cry or is that just ANN making false claims.
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I'm not sure if this is supposed to be English or not.
wow, you found out that melodrama is melodrama. Congrats. Apart from that Clannad is pretty upbeat 80% of the time.
the only thing I hear about it is "WAAAAAAH BOO HOO ITULL MAKE U SAD!" PS the music is trash.

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Sena needs to physically discipline me?
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With her fat butt?
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