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H-He's fast!
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flash step vs sonido.gif
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I tried to find it but then I remembered I must have deleted it when I deleted my bleach folder.


Toonami's JoJo site is up along with a Sneak Peak of this week's episode
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Check the catalog numbnuts

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>181cm/5'11 (literally perfect for male height)
>he has good taste about food
>he can play trombone

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too bad the anime didn't do him justice.
>Trying to self insert in a CONFIRMED YURI anime

He has shit taste in women though.

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or this?
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I'll take this.
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We all know Asuka would triumph in a robot fight against Rei.

Especially peak Asuka.

Luluco of the season.
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It's not that good.
best Nobunaga of the season
luluco was shit

this is not shit

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Kill, marry, fuck
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Kill Momo
Fuck Hinata
Marry Akari
Kill adult, marry loli, fuck loli.

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Oniichan, geimu~
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Where do all these mokou erection pics come from?

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What was his name again?
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Madoka Check em.jpg
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Oh good OP i'm glad you brought some dubs in case I can't find mine. Sankyuu!
white hiro
one of the few good posters /a/ had
but you autists couldn't debate him so you bullied him to death
now he's living the dream in japan with his waifu

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Im confused about Berserk, /a/. Please illuminate me.
>griffith uses his kinder egg to become batman
>batman griff rapes casca
>casca gives birth to a blob
>batman griff does something to blob (i don't really remember this part)
>Blob turns into femboi griff

So I'm confused about batman v femboi. Are there two griffiths now? Did batman merge with blob to become femboi? Is femboi just an illusionary skin for batman?

Also, what's the story with the long haired naked kid who kept popping up?

Finally, what the fuck are brainhead and his crew doing? Just chilling in their staircase world?
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Anal smug.jpg
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Griffith merged with the egg kid, the blob is something else.
The egg kid (Egg Apostle) ate the blob (Casca's child).

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>Be me on 4chan
>80% of the people here are all quite different, they are depressed and they have been bullied and ignored by their peers in real life
>Read manga called 'Koe No Katachi'
>Main character is an outcast and bullying victim, because his peers ignored him for being a bully to a deaf girl
>Deaf girl suffers from depression and spends her time learning to forgive her bully and helps him change his ways
>Main apologizes to the deaf girl and he spends his time integrating back with his peers
>Deaf girl copes with her depression and learns to live happy, with her former bully who was a now a close friend

Wow this seems good, I think people on 4chan will really like it. It can help them with their problems

>Try to help people by introducing them to this God-given manga
>Everybody fucking hates it because its not a manga about buff guys killing each other

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I hate it because of the fat kid
Where the fuck were you when the movie released? We had like 3 maxed out threads.
>be me

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Fights you'd like to see?
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kurisu vs taiga
Umaru vs Hamtaro
i'd like to see sasuke vs one punch man.

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How do you feel about this hardworking branch of demons, /a/?

Let us all give them our love and life-force!
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>Implying demon husbandos and waifus aren't the cornerstone of /a/
Can we get animu and mango versions of suckubi and insertubi?

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Why/how is part 5 bad (or not bad)?
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Part 5 is fantastic, people only hate on it because it had shit translations for the longest time.
It's not bad, it's just not as good as most other parts.
Because not even the author knew what was the MC´s power.

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Ram Vs Ram

Who would win?
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Rom is the better sister though.
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Rem vs Ren

Who would win?

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Considering this is the longest running anime in history, why doesn't no one talk about it?

Also, will any other series surpass it?
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No raws and no subs. And it's thousands of episodes long.
Because nobody gives a fuck, maybe?
/a/ is mostly about night time anime. You'll see an occasional Rinne og Suisei no Omnyouji thread.

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