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Why is this dog so gay?
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Because cat is kyute.
She's gay only for Cyan. If I was a girl I would go gay for Cyan. Cyan is a miracle.
A miracle of the sound universe.

Holy fuck. I just watched the first episode and this is the best anime I've ever seen.
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Haha! Time for Karen!
The first episode is a masterpiece but the first episode is very different from the rest of the show.

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Say something nice about this woman, /a/
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She was the second girl that I masturbated to yesterday.
She's tall, beautiful and by far the best girl in her series despite not having a route.
She can ride me anytime.

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I knew that would happen. This manga is getting intense like Death Note. I'm starting to like it. I heard some bad stuff about it but it really doesn't seem that bad.
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The story telling elements, models and creativity for elements of surprise aren't there. It's a by the book series. That's why it's not as good as their earlier works.

Action isn't everything. You're an unseasoned reader anon. Come bCk when you read far more manga.
I'm not reading this and don't plan to anytime soon but I see Obata's art has recovered

So is this like REVERSI from Bakuman? What's it about
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Dropped it at chapter 8. i looked at the last chapter and it looks pretty as ever

Ill read it when its completed maybe

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What’s so great about monogamy?
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Nothing. Also Rias a best.

t. muslim
Our chances on finding a decent woman is thin already. With polygamy, we're completely shit out of luck.

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Why is she so perfect /a/?
I like her.
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u wat m8
Haku is a boy.

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This is actually a good show that pays off after a very confusing start. It has a simple message that it delivered through a mix of unsubtle ad nauseam catchphrase/one-liner and some not so cryptic 'symbolism'? Even if you can't stand "pretentiousness", it is still a pretty show with cute girls lezzing out. So, why haven't you watched it?
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literally too deep for /a/
>Shill thread
Are you from /v/?

>So, why haven't you watched it?
What makes you think we haven't?
It's just another garbage Ikuhara show.

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Is Ubel Blatt a series worth buying? I know it's heroic fantasy (which I love) and has plenty of gore and sexual content (which I enjoy too), but I remember an old thread saying it was a poor man's Berserk... Is that criticism justified?

I just want to start a new series since I'm up to date with Berserk, Stravaganza, and Wolfsmund, and this one seems similar enough.
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It's not like berserk. MC is fueled by vengeance like Guts but apart from that, it's a different type of manga. If after reading 2 chapters you're not interested you can drop it.
Berserk is a poor's man devilman/violence jack so who the fuck cares?
It's as if Terry Goodkind wrote the plot for a manga. If you can stomach his drivel that is the Sword of Truth series, you can probably stomach Ubel Blatt.

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Why does every character feel the need to talk as fast as humanly possible?
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They talk just fine.
From all the things you can pick to complain about, your choice is the speed of their speech?
first for boobs too big

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This is the anime/manga board, so talking about middle school anime characters such as Satonaka Chie from Ooya-san wa Shishunki and Hanami Yuzuka from Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara is perfectly acceptable.
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Seriously, S2 when?
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Chie a cute.

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kuroinu 2.png
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Who hype here for kuroinu 2?

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Both at the same time.
One vanilla flavor, please
Top with bottom's outfit.

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> every single girl in the main cast wants coach's dick
how come harems feel like cuckoldry when the harem owner isn't the main protagonist
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Forhead loli passed the ball!
She deserved the card, what a stupid bitch.

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This...is an elf
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why would an elf give up their natural DEX build for STR?

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Post 3x3
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Did you draw it yourself?
cool Windy Tales art
god bless deviantart

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Would you let her feed you?
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Aion confirmed her onii-chan?
Yurifags BTFO, she wants her brother's dick.
If she sits on my lap while doing it, I'll give her headpats

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