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When King Kai died, he kept his body and simply obtained a halo.

When Black killed all of the Kaioshin of every universe, does that mean he had to kill them twice?

If that is the case, would Beerus and Supreme Kai still have been linked after Death? I'm assuming that a God of Destruction would keep his or her body in the afterlife as well. Considering all of this, how is it that deadBeerus didn't give Black a run for his money?
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Super is terrible, stop watching it
I assume he killed them like how Beerus killed Zamasu himself in the past. Note that after Gowasu is killed by Black he fades into light, like what happened to Zamasu.
When Old Kai died he just sat back up and had a halo. This shit's inconsistant.

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Who would win?
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My dick.
I don't see how Frenda could beat Kuroko unless she predicted her teleports well in advance and left bombs there.
Whoever wins, we win too.

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I'm crying tears.
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Can we get a feels thread going?
What else would you cry?

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Why is she best girl?
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Learn to sage trash threads.
I'm sorry anon, I'll try harder in the future, so please forgive me

ITT: Overrated shit

It was okay in the beginning but the further it went along the stupider it got especially with that utterly retarded 2nd season that shat on anything good about the first.
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Are those cotton balls for the drifting? Why are they glowing?
That's not Monster there OP. You dun goofed.
Was the visual novel any better?

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Find a flaw.
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Toriyama and Toei refuse to give her more fights even though she's objectively stronger than anyone who isn't a Saiyan or Piccolo.
That disgustingly big forehead

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>/a/ tells me anime is shit
>Watch the anime
>Turns out it's really good and engrossing and gives me lots of feels

Mirai Nikki, Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied were all good examples for me.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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Are you underage by any chance? Because that would explain why you enjoyed them
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I can understand enjoying Mirai Nikki because of Yuno. She stole the show and made it bearable to watch. The rest of the show is mediocre at best.

Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied are shit.
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She ages like milk. Gross
she's very cute. I like frog mum too
>aging like humans

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She is voiced by Umaru.
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What do you think of Vinland Saga ?
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>space before punctuation
Dumb ESLposter.
It's good.
And i don't have any problem with the farming arc
> space before punctuation
He's probably French. At least he speaks and writes French and English, and french is a fucking difficult language to learn, you retard.

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>Wake up one day
>Go on /a/
>There's a front page sticky saying that kentarou miura is dead
>link proves its true

What would we do? Like seriously we've been waiting for this story to continue and end for years now. What the fuck would we do?
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Marathon Idolmaster. It's what he would have wanted.
Be happy it's not Togashi.
It has been so long that I honestly don't care anymore.

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Should I watch the anime or read the manga?

The story seems vastly different and I am at season 2 already.

Which one is even cannon???
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season 2 is trash dude. Just read manga now, has more characters, way better constancy .

They censor so much as well, including conversations and scenes
Where does the plot actually join toghether the manga and the anime?

I was reading and watching it contemporarily, but the story completely split at this point.
Watch the manga first then read the anime.

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Do you agree retarded girls are cute?
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I want to take care of one.
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Is this the baka thread?
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Only Yuigahama.

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When is Yanda gonna bring an end to the murderous menace known as Yotsuba?
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Yotsuba is one of the most powerful operators around. Without her, world peace will remain just a dream.
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jesus fucking christ yotsuba.jpg
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What's her end game? How many people need to die?
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Yanda can't but maybe his future wife will?

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What is Hime-chan holding, /a/?
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Requesting a "Rape me and call me a whore" edit.

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