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Cute or should it burn in hell?
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Why would you want Akarin to burn in hell ever?
>pic related

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2 new chapters are out so I am gonna dump it.
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>Symphogear GX was shit
>Macdross Delta was shit
>Aquarion LOGOS a show made by literal whos is Great
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>Macross Delta was shit
take that back
is this the long awaited satelight thread?
Both LOGOS and Delta had a high-peak at the middle of their series and then became quite bad.

-Bulma was so amusing unlikable that she gonna use the dragonballs to wish for the perfect boyfriend (despite her looks)
-Oolong was a kid borderline-rapist and a disgraceful coward
-Chi-Chi was raised down south in seclusion just like Goku and her father was a demi-god warlord
-Krillin was lived in the Orin Temple all his life where he was bullied relentlessly by significantly older guys and looked up to Muten Roshi for not just his martial arts prowess
-Yamcha was sacred of love and made a living as a bandit while his only friend was a talking cat
-Tien was an assassin-in-training with a dimwitted mime-wizard that has a weak immune system due to his unusually tiny, frail stature as his only friend due to living together and fighting is all he ever thinks about
-Piccolo was a loner who didn't know his purpose in the world so he followed his father's desires till Gohan softened his attitude
-Vegeta was a psychopath turned insecure asshole then anti-social rival who had a loveless and exceptionally violent (even by Saiyan standards) childhood. He even rejected friendship as seen when he refused to revive Raditz and killed Nappa for being weak

The only allies of Goku that grew up normally at all was his kids, Trunks, and Videl.
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Gohan did have a pretty fucked up childhood

>lives in the middle of the woods
>mom forces him to study all the time
>uncle kidnaps him at age 4
>uncle beats his ass
>dad dies
>evil green asshole kidnaps him
>evil green asshole forces him to live in the wilderness for a year without his mommy
>evil green asshole turns out to be a pretty cool dude
>not-so-evil green cool dude dies
>Nappa beats his ass
>Vegeta beats his ass
>goes to space
>Vegeta knees him in the stomach
>The Ginyu beat his ass
>Frieza beats his ass
>survives a planet exploding
>dad doesn't want to come back and stays in space for a year
>has to fight androids despite not liking to fight
>dad dies again
>kills Cell but some dick takes the credit for it
>has to raise his little brother with his single mom
>only friends growing up were a 26 year old midget and a green alien kid
Yeah, Gohan's childhood was a complete nightmare. Goku's childhood was pretty good.
Except for the whole no friends or human contact besides his grandpa for the first 12 years of his life

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>Bring back Komugi
>Cast Literally Who as Komugi and Halko-chan as her Mom

Goddammit, Japan...
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But Komugi is cute and pink and magical.

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>72 new seasons
>all young adult drama tier shit at best
Well, guess I'll see you guys in Winter
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>shounenfag this salty

Shounenfags BTFO. I wish japanese cartoon seasons will always be filled with young adult drama.
I'm still trying to figure out what the fuck bloodivores is.
>young adult drama
You meant moeshit for weebs right?

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What is it about blue haired girls that makes them so cute, sexy, and DUMB?
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Your argument is already dead in the water OP
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Two out of three ain't bad OP.
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I came here to post this, but since that's already out of the way I offer another counterexample.

Why are there so few black protagonists?

Every heroes always look Aryan. Is it a coincidence or are mangakas possibly biased?
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You want an ugly main character?
There are no niggers in nipland, simple as that

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>watch new series
>go in a few episodes
>already want to fap

I can't be the only one with this problem, right?
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this is important guys please
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You're all alone. Kill yourself
sorry, i'll go back to shitposting about waifus

every other shitpost besides this one is fine, thanks for the reminder

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>Come sleep with us onii-chan
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I am not really sleepy right now
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Please Illya rub your cunny on my face!

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Mugi is ______.
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Why do people say she's into black guys?

Okay, that was a great volume.
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Indeed it was.

Such a shame that part was so short. Mariydi should've got an entire chapter.
It's already translated?

when ur balls deep &
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He made Guts the man he is today.
IDK if that a good thing

The fact that so many websites still name Neon Genesis Evangelion as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" anime ever only tells you how far animes are from becoming a serious art. Video game fans have long recognized that the greatest games of all times are DQVIII and Demon Souls, which were not the most famous or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Anime critics are still blinded by commercial success. Evangelion sold more than any other 90s animes, therefore it must have been the greatest. Anime critics are often totally ignorant of the animes of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Neon Genesis Evangelion did anything worthy of being saved.

Hopefully, one not-too-distant day, there will be a clear demarcation between a great anime like Space Runaway Ideon, which never sold much, and commercial products like the Neon Genesis Evangelion. At such a time, anime critics will study their history and understand which artists accomplished which feat, and which simply exploited it commercially.
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>He doesn't understand Evangelion
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Ideon was an influence to Evangelion (though not as much as Childhood's End or Ultraman).

Also Ideon was commercial, it had the "monster of the week" type of episode pacing, only a few moments of the series stand out, and Be Invoked, the TV series has really low quality animation. Tominofags need to apply themselves, even if 0079 and Ideon are indeed pretty respectable and influential.

You just need to learn the fact Neon Genesis Evangelion is here to stay, OP. It's the most important anime in history, and will hardly be ever taken over.

History books will cite Ideon, probably. But just as a mention of it being an influence to Evangelion, which will be what the main chapter in the book will be about. Hell, there could be whole encylopedias about Evangelion and how it affected the industry for over 2 decades.
In a sense, Neon Genesis Evangelion is emblematic of the status of anime criticism as a whole: too much attention paid to commercial phenomena (be it moe or mecha) and too little to the merits of real animators. If somebody draws the most divine keyframes but no major studio picks him up and sells him around the world, a lot of anime critics will ignore him. If a major studio picks up an animator who is as stereotyped as can be but launches her or him worldwide, your average critic will waste rivers of ink on her or him. This is the sad status of anime criticism: anime critics are basically publicists working for major studios, distributors and merchandise stores. They simply highlight what product the anime business wants to make money from.

So this is the show this season to encourage NEETs and Hikkis to get a job and adopt children.
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what a novel idea
NEETs with no money can clearly support a child
To GET a job and adopt children.

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