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coach i'm dying
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I am still contemplating over how Re:zero became a big hit.

It has no overwhelming merit over other animes. Just another "living in another world" shit that has been rehashed over and over again with some All You Need Is Kill-esque reincarnation feature.

Actually, it was painful to watch. The plot is boring and predictable, characters are horrendous(especially the protagonist) except few good ones.

How, how the fuck is it so popular right now?
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>non-/a/ image
Fuck off.
Because you are a shitty crossboarding normalfag with a shitty badly edited non-/a/ picture and you need to kill yourself right away.
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Here you fucking go.

Now, would you kindly come here and wonder how Re:Zero became a hit?

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not even the saddest scene in the show

The song was dope, though

There've been like 3 feelz threads already today.

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>watching Teekyuu at half speed is too slow and everyone sounds retarded
>Watching it at normal speed is too fast and I have to pause constantly

The fuck do I do to watch this mess?
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watch it like you shitpost
Practice a little because your reading speed is bad, or don't watch it.
step up your game bro.

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Since it seems that miso soup died I will dump the raws of KnY 33
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Why is season 1 so much better than season 2? What the fuck happened, /a/?
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Actually S1 is the worst because Azusa was annoying as fuck, fortunately she gets better in S2.
Bad opening, songs and more boring episodes. Yes, season 1 was good because it was an introduction.
Season 1 was mediocre generic SOL.

What could she possibly be thinking about /a/?
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Fuck yeah bitch
Your moms pichorra

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I want to make Nonon a Momom
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I don't think she'd like that
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Imagine that nasally voice making labor pains
Fuck, I'm hard now

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what's the best episode of K-ON?
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the first one because it's all you need to watch to know the show sucks
That one with me on the left.
The one where the show ends.

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Who is the best Medarot girl and why is it Kikuhime?
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I don't even remember their names
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That's not Pretty Prime
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The best (human) is two: Arika and Karin.
Best medawaifu is one: Blazer Mates.

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Scanlation thread. Let's make some shit happen or just bitch about bad translations/typesetting, whatever floats your boat.
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What are the best and worst groups?
worst: Mangastream, all shojo groups
I wish the dudes who translate Smiling, Proud Wanderer had better editors(both text and image wise), as it's really putting a damper on what would otherwise be a solid manga

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Why do the chinese never finish cartoons in a realistic timeline? Why do they always start something and finish it twelve years later.

Are there any good anime that actually have an ending or do we have to go through this endless cycle of watching cartoons and hoping he creator doesn't die in his 15 year hiatus. Which you completely forgot the storyline so you have to re-watch it anyways.

Anyways what are you guys watching right now?
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Money and weekly publications
I don't know of any Chinese manga.

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Since the voice of Coach Ukai has passed away, what does this mean for Haikyuu!! the anime?
Does this mean no more new seasons?
How about the completion of this season?
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They will just recast him.
He was a pretty good VA too.
You weren't there when Netero's VA died during HxH 2011?

Why does everyone on the "good guys" side even treat Shinji like shit in 3.33?

Like did they just assume that because Shinji is such a fucking pussy it doesn't matter if they abuse him?

Their retardation almost lead to fucking 4th impact or some shit.

I hope that that Shinji just snaps and beats the shit out of everyone in 4.44 they certainly deserve it.
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Because Anno wants you, the viewer, to criticize Shinji for having cared about Rei. Doesn't make sense? Tell me about it.

Anno sacrificed bellievability and character depth in order to fulfill his and his co-writers fantasy of getting back at the audience for preferring Rei to Asuka. Shinji going all out to save Rei? Symbolic of the audience loving Rei and wanting to save Rei.

Shinji being punished for doing that? Symbolic of Anno taking out his anger on the fanbase. Similarly Rei being written out of the story in 3.33 and confined to EVA01. Asuka, Kaworu and other characters Anno prefer being glorified says itself really.

3.33 is the ramblings of an angry otaku.
Shinji doesn't sell and Anno was trying to burying him for allowing Khara to make Eva-related works without him. Except Anno got depressed again so 3.0+1.0 never
Shinji's idiocy almost led to the 4th impact when he tried to make out with giant uncorporeal rei. Did he forget that she is a Secret Angel (Do Not Tell)?

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So why is it that most brown girls are filthy cumbucket sluts?
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Kuro makes me so fucking hard.
Why is Kuro so unsexy?
must be because you're a degenerate faggot

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