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so if Future Trunks went back in time and created a new future does that mean Future Trunks timeline is actually the original timeline and the regular DBZ timeline past the time he came back is actually the alternate timeline?
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Sort of, there's more than two timelines so it depends on how you look at it

Or maybe last season was too good and my expectation are now too high.
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>last season was too good
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rezero emilia maid3.jpg
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Hey re:zero is a masterpiece!
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Is it opposite day? Last season was one of the most boring ones this decade so far. This season is fucking loaded on a level possibly unseen before.

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>no 3x3
Its time
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>NGE twice
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My 3x3.jpg
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fine, fixed it.

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K ON.png
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K-On is _______.
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for girls
really great

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kare kano 19.webm
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>when the budget is getting tight
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I'd still watch it
Seems like it'd be harder to pull this off then actually simply animating it.
It's just Anno being anno
you're wrong

Did Trunks achieved LSSBB (Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Blue)?
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It's most likely going to be a new king of transformation. Akira doesn't pull ideas from movies and the only other idea that made sense is its false god form like in lord slug movie. But akira doesn't pull from movies so it it has to be a new form.
yes but it wont be called that since brolly isnt in the series
Trunks is known to do half-assed transformations like buff saiyan 1 so my bet is on false god form (well half-assed god form).

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Just finished this and heard that you guys had to wait 2 months for the finale.
Was it worth it?
As someone who just binged through all 12 episodes I gotta say this was a pretty fun ride. Good animation a gorgeous fucking soundtrack.
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Finale was disappointing, especially after the wait. ED was absolutely godlike.
Loved this show.
>had no idea what was going on for half of it.
So good.
Wasn't there an OVA that just came out?

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Skeet is a Part Timer.png
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>"A double MgRonald with fries and a Shake. That'll be $6.53. And $3.47 will be your change."
>"Maou , you're supposed to push the buttons with pictures of food on them."
>"Don't need to Kisaki , I memorized the prices and did the tax and change in my head."

Kisaki was right. Register entry is used both for inventory tracking as well as final tally for profits.
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I don't care
Is this an OVA?
You have to go back, hataraku maou-sama wasn't kino.

Cities and regions of the US with the most fans of anime (beyond just basic shit like Bleach, Black Butler and Death Note and One Punch Man)?
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My wife Chino is so cute.
sf, la, nyc, boston?

Thanks for actually answering the question, Anon-chan. All of those look promising, Boston is full of nerds, NYC is obvious, LA is just bursting with Asian people and it also has Anime Expo, and SF obviously has that quirky vibe that allows for a lot more than just gays and hippies to flock there, it has a lot more goths, anarchists, punks, alternative spiritual groups, pagans, and other people I'm a lot more interested in than just gays and stoners, so I'm sure it'll have a lot of weebs too.

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bathing in the mud.jpg
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Did Sakura or Dark Sakura ever find out that Kirei murdered Tokiomi?
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Not that she cared about him
She was too young to have any significant bonds with him so I doubt there wouldnt be much to it if she did
Same could be said about Rin

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What is Nami's last name? I don't believe the show ever mentions it
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her last name is SWAN.jpg
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Double D.

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Middle schoolers are the sexiest.
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Neither of them are in middle school.
Your not in middle school.
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I concur.

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Dimensional Analysis
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μ-recursive function
Riemann Zeta Function sounds like a cool stand.
「 Fourier Transform 」
i want /sci/ to go

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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I will always love you.

(A poem I wrote to Hifumi on October 10th 2016. Love you forever, darling.)
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Wh-what is it?
Its adorable anon.

Now post all the fashionable Hifumi dresses throughout the series.

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How does /a/ feel about the depiction of otaku as creepy, obese rapists?
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They're only about 1/3rd wrong.
I was going to give an actual response but then an attention whore posted here
it's not far off honestly

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