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ITT: Time when you couldn't decide who the best girl was
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I know who the worst girl is though
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what are you talking about? obviously the virgin was best girl.

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Have you ever picked up smoking because your favorite character does it?
Feels pretty kimochii once in a while
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You're retarded.
I agree. OP is pretty retarded.
"my favorite character has hiv i wanna get hiv"

Will there be another revival of the series?

Or did the light novels actually finish long ago?
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Apparently it did and the ending was garbage.
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>Will there be another revival of the series?
Probably not, which sucks because the LNs have a lot more to them. Too bad Evo and R-evo fucked it up.

>no more of my beautiful wife animated
This is truly the darkest despair known to man.
What about the OAVs?

I know the more recent ones have been garbage, but Book of Spells was still pretty cool.

>no more of my beautiful wife animated
Have some Lina

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the promised neverland.jpg
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New Color page released at the dawn of chapter 10!
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Madoka is for...

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I want to bully Madoka until she cries.

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After reading the newer chapters, I started to have this weird theory.
That it's actually shut hell who has dreams of her next life as the present day young man instead of the opposite .
My evidence is that unlike many "genderbend" and timetravel works, shut hell never seems to mind about being a woman in an ancient time with war,murdering, and many others things .
A normal ordinary present day young man should have feel very uncomfortable and not fit in about the situation, but shut hell doesn't seem to mind that much,she act vary natural about it such as being a bisexul.
The persona shift things for me is just seems to be shut hell's own persona shift instead of a formal life and a next life .
Both persona shear the same feeling, just one is more aggressive and another is more nice.
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Do you find it hard to finish an anime you really like? It gets harder if I know the story is concluded.
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It has definitely happened a couple of times.
I almost never finish shows that really grow on me.
I keep rewatching that gif and it makes me really sad

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let me see those pearly whites.png
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>on the prowl with nothing but contempt in his heart for 7 years and he STILL needs help to find the names of the mobsters who literally run his hometown

Has anyone ever been this inept in their revenge?
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to be fair it was the mafia who killed his family, he had no way to know the killers, and mafias are usually huges.
I wasn't under the impression he was trying to find the names.
This. He was an empty husk before the letter. Getting it was what rekindled the desire for revenge.

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comfy anime thread
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I wanna putt around in one of those mini trucks.
flying witch
gin no saji
amaama to inazuma
usagi drop(anime only)
hanasaku iroha
whisper of the heart
natsume yuujinchou
uchouten kazoku
sakamichi no apollon
tamako love story
only yesterday
fuujin monogatari

those are from the top of my head

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a of the year.jpg
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What anime/manga do you think will win /a/ of the Year 2016?
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given past results, shows I could see taking it:

Flying Witch
New Game
Girlish Number

btw who won 2012? wasn't it hyouka?
Rakugo. Masterpiece of the year.

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Which one of these sweaty girls is your favorite?
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Need to be more funny than the first episode was if poorman bakuon wants to stay in my watchlist
If anything this show is just better than Bakuon. Cute girls on bikes vs. annoying girls on motorcycles.

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What is your favourite OP/ED of the season? There is not a single one I like this season. it's all shit.
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OP: Long Riders
ED: Stella no Mahou
OP: WWW.Working
ED: Flip Flappers
For me it's the opposite. So many OPs and EDs I like that I'm having a hard time picking out favorites.

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This is from page 3, chapter 11 of the GANTZ : G manga.

Does /a/ like the fanservice so far?
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I like alien titty monsters and that's not what that is.
its CG, not real life models.

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Savior of the Universe!

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ITT shows that should have gotten another season but never will

pic related
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I liked Nichijou, but the comedy was already getting old by the end of the first season. A second season would have been shit
Expensive unfunny shit with forced spastic overanimation.
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I really would like a second season

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