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What are some mangas with actual relationship devolopment?
Where we get to see them hang out, kiss, argue or anything pass the "We love each other" shitty ending 90% of romance manga has.

Pic related, for example.

Also I'm looking for a manga that was kinda like this where MC is on love with a girl but that girl is already dating someone, so their teacher pulls some bullshit and duplicates the girl. One girl gets to live her life as usual while the other dates MC.
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Horimiya and Hibi Chouchou are the only ones I know that more or less fit.
Love Roma

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I just don't give a fuck /a/.

Do you?
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If you didn't care you would have killed yourself already. Don't bullshit.
Take it from me senpai. I did the same shit in middle school. Pretending like you're some cool aloof guy who doesn't give a shit about anything just makes you look like even more of an autist. That type of shit is only tolerated from handsome guys because they're good looking they can pull off almost anything. It's better to pretend like you actually care about people.
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What was her problem?
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lack of vitamin D
Autism moe

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Can someone please explain this shit to me?
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People smile when they're happy.
Do their lips also fuse together>
There was some reason for it but I never cared enough to remember.

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>implying a face like this could have done anything wrong
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>I've been such a fool... even though I have an amazing body.

let's all love Sakura
Let's hate her instead

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>last upload: 5 years ago
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Literally who
nigga grumpy jiisan was like the only good anime reviewer
Literally new

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What is /a/'s serious opinion on Dragonball?

The manga, I mean. Not DBZ/DBGT/DBSuper/all those movies.
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It was good before Raditz showed up. After that it was a slow decline.
How is it different from DB+Z?
For a "simple" artstyle, it manages to carry lots of weight and power. It may seem simple and cliche now, but back then it was what made Shonen manga what it was today.

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Fuck you I liked it
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Aura and Autist a best. A BEST.
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Fuck You /a/

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Artists that mastered the art of loli
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I wonder what the parents/relatives think?
are you a lolicon, mister?

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So i've been thinking.

A lot of people back in the day called Zatch/Gash bell a pokemon rip off. Some other people make the comparsion with Jojo/Shaman king, which can the be extrapolated to Persona and SMT, as well as stuff like Medabots.

What exactly counts as a "mon" franchise? A key difference here with the ones mentioned is that each character only has 1 "spirit" or partner, wheras in something like Digimon or Pokemon and so on, you get multiple.

Is there a name for whatever jojo/gash/shaman king is by distinction? Should there be a name?

Also, I wasn't sure if this should go on /v/ or /a/, it sorta pretains to both
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I've always called this kind of thing "battle partner" series.
Main characters/humans in general have no real combat power of their own (though in desperate times may join the battle themselves), and do battle by proxy of some sort of companion.
Themes usually revolve around teamwork, trust and friendship.
mon franchises are specifically aimed at monster collecting games and anime
Demikids for example counts as a "mon" franchise
There's also Dragon Drive, Monster Rancher and this one manga about a monster tournament in heaven I forgot the name though. But I think Gash Bell might fight the criteria.
This probably has another more concrete term though.

Shaman King and Jojo are definately their own thing outside the "mon" genre term
Persona's weird, since the protagonist uses tons of personas, but it's never really the main aspect of it. SMT fits the description a bit more since the party members are recruitable.

Fuck, Marry, Kill, Befriend, Rape, Adopt
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Hold hands with all of them.
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>H*ld h*nds
I don't think that's the kind of thread OP was hoping for.
Do everything except kill.

I unironically believe Keijo is the best anime of 2016
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I unironically agree with you.
I unironically believe OP is a faggot not including my opinion of Keijo
I unironically thought it was complete shit.

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Is this the pinnacle of narration?
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No, nigger, having a non-linear narrative isn't particularly impressive.
best show in a long time
It's not bad, but there have been many better things since.

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ITT: Side characters that carried their entire series

I'll start.
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Pic unrelated.
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Both are main characters

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what does /a/ think of pic related? is it worth watching?
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It's a slower paced time filler for those who are ready to take a season off new anime viewing but still want to watch 'at least some' anime.
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Witch Hunter Robin 01.png
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It's kind of boring and doesn't do anything particularly well besides not being horrible. It also has good animation for its time.

It's just average all around, but not offensive I guess you could say. So watch the first few episodes and see if it's your kind of thing.
Good OP.

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