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I hate Cocoa!
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I really like green tea in real life.

Id a like a some mo' Gween tea!~
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Why did Cocoa ruin the whole episode!
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Is this some variant of SSJ2 or is the trunks version of SSJ3?
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broly mode
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I believe so

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Why do japanese find shame tilltilating?

While there's some female characters that don't mind nudity , there's a SHITLOAD of jokes that involve a girl ending nude and completely mortified , and that's a big part of the fanservice, I know Japanese women are not supposed to like sex because of their culture, but this happens even with characthers that are couples, so how the hell are you supposed to have consensual sex with a woman that finds too embarrasing to get naked?

Also what do japanese women think of this? Are they supposed to scream their heads off everytime they end up naked?
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That's a pretty common fetish actually.
>consensual sex
There's your problem.
It seems to be most popular in japan though

Will it be Lain or NGE that will be looked back on as the pinnacle of its medium?
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NGE because it came first
Only retards would believe that a single work can represent everything about a medium. And when you put two options from the same time frame makes it sound like your nostalgia matters more than the medium.

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Reminder that Petit is done, so I'm just doing Imouto. SYD tomorrow. Edit anon, let me know when you're here so I can dump old chapters.
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That ending was pretty meh.
It sure was. Anyways, I'll go look for the old chapters
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Hurry up you fucking nigger

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Why didn't Goku marry Pochawatha? She was the first one he touched (excluding Bulma, but she was asleep so she didn't experience it)
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>She was the first one he touched
Did you marry the first girl you ever touched?
If you've even touched a girl before.
>Goku was supposed to be 12 hear

Toriyama is the worst hack
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What can brown do for you?
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Labor without pay.
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Flat in all the right places, curved in all the right places.
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Why do artists find it so hard to get her bust size right?

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>god awful pacing in the beginning
>comedic asides constantly ruining dramatic tension
>homunculi underdeveloped as characters
>main villain is typical "i wanna be god" power hungry sociopath
>some side characters completely dropped near the end and only referenced in the epilogue
>pointless inclusion of the not-Chinese characters
>Trisha, Nina, and Hughes hardly get any screentime compared to 2003 yet are all major motivational forces for the main characters
>defeats the big bag with typical power of friendship bullshit
>called "brotherhood" yet the relationship between Ed and Al feels cheaper and less developed than 2003

remind me again why FMA Brotherhood is praised so much?
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Hard to take you seriously when you're exaggerating so much.
Not OP, those aren't exaggerations but valid criticisms.
They're nitpicks masquerading as damning critiques.

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Name a bigger prick.
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>Challenges Sakura to a Duel
>Sakura has a bad cold
>She stumbles to the meeting spot regardless
>passes out once arriving
>"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you weren't 100%. Here, I'll take you home."
>Takes her home and leaves her be, much to his familiars' annoyance.
Nah. He's cool.
It really bugs me how there's literally no danger this entire fucking series.

Boom Boom Satellites' Vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima Passes Away
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And nothing of value was lost.
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ITT: Overrated shit
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Cowboy Bebop
Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Shingeki no Kyojin
Death Note
Code Geass
Elfen Lied
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
One Punch Man
Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica
Samurai Champloo
Log Horizon
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Death Parade
Spice and Wolf
Black Lagoon
Hellsing Ultimate
Monogatari Series
Ping Pong
Kill la Kill
OP's favorite anime.
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Try telling the faggots on reddit that "muh relatable tractor" Subbed Natsuki is NOT the second coming of Shinji Ikari.

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TL when?
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Damn this seems like actual progress. If I didn't know any better I would say this was the beginning of the end.
Pretty early this week.
what is she doing! is that why they do that? I've never realised till now and I'm almost 30.

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Itt: we're gonna discuss how deaf people should be treated in the modern society along with Koe eo katachi
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Why does she need glasses if she's deaf?
Any download link?
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What do you mean?

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After 13 years of not watching anime, I just finished watching NGE for a second time, and I enjoyed it even more as an adult than I did as a 14 year old kid, can we discuss this masterpiece?
>neon genesis evangelion thread
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Eva is shit. educate yourself, kid.
Op here, i'm just an old casual who rewatched a childhood favorite and wanted some feedback on it, I appreciate your oppinion, i didn't know it was considered shit.
Yes we can.

Anything that goes against this barrage of shitty fucking threads on /a/. Why has it been so bad lately?

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You can only choose one.
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I have never watched Sekirei. Does it have more than bouncing boobs and fap material? Not that I need more than that, just asking

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