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It's a phlegmy, it's extremely cute and you're not allowed to bully it.
its best girl
Pretty sure that's best girl.

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Anyone care to write a summary and post it here, please?

>About to start watching this
>Heard tha the narrator is a fucking spoiler
what do i do now ? how to deal with the narator ?
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Just don't watch the previews at the end of the episodes, that's all.
idk lol
Doesn't he like spoil in the middle or at the very end of an episode events that will come later ?

Magical girl cake solving riddles with a pig.
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Solving puzzles is lewd.
Time for some OL solving puzzle.
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Who makes the best OP's and why is it ufotable? at least when hirao directs and story boards them

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Say what you will about the other qualities of their productions, but Shaft makes some good OPs.
Nobody makes better OPs/EDs than Pierrot though.
This desu
Shaft OPs are usually pretty god-tier

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New chapter of Mount Fuji. It's here, this is it.
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ITT: Canon Sluts
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Your waifu
>devoted to one guy
When will this meme die off? No one here knows what a slut is anymore.
devoted to one guy =/= not a slut
if she's a lewd horny lass who wants a dick inside of her always, that means she's a slut

>[HorribleSubs] Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy - 02 [720p].mkv
Dark gorilla idols.
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Dark Cherry steal the show
>newtype effect

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This thread is dedicated to Ayase Aragaki, the greatest waifu that has ever existed and the greatest waifu that ever will exist.
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I thought only girls led on guys, but I guess guys can lead girls on too.
Who's buying the statue?
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Keep telling yourself that.

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>she will never be real
>there will never be a girl this perfect

Why even live?
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>literally looks like my shit
>retarded whore
Kill yourself- I bet you won't.

>no retarded headtilts
>background characters are actually drawn and not just a bunch of silhouettes
>actually has animation instead of pure slideshows

Wow. So SHAFT do actually know how to make an anime.
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It could barely be called a Shaft show.
And that's good because SHAFT is retarded with their anime most of the time. Look at what they did with Nisekoi, they used the Monogatari style with it and it looks stupid as fuck.
I really enjoyed the first episode, but why not experiment with the medium? That doesn't excuse inconsisten animation (or complete lack thereof), but I find shafts style a lot more exciting than just the usual stuff.

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Do they, really?
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Ningen, if you asked white people if they liked white people, there would be at least some disagreement among them.
All sweeping generalizations are wrong.
The answers was actually interesting
>Re:Zero & Rewrite whose adaptation is complete shit
>That 8/10 girl who likes Love Live
>That one Gochiusa fag
>That one Guilty Crown fag

Shame the interviewers are such shit.

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Let's talk about dolls.
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I remember years ago I wanted a full set of the Rozen Maiden so badly. Good times.
Is this yuri?
I don't understand why this had MLP tier fandom back in early 2000s.
I tried watching that new rosensomething series but I couldn't make it past half way mark of the first episode.

It's just so bland and boring.

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Why does /a/ like girls with this body type?
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This is a gross misrepresentation of the fact.
If I put two watermelons on that board, would you consider it sexy?
The female body has many curves, and some of us prefer subtle curves over crassly exaggerated ones.
It's like when a beginner to image editing pumps up saturation because the colors look more vibrant with it, and the expert can only shake their head at the travesty, or when an amateur cook drowns the dish in spices because she hasn't learned about moderation yet.
To imply that subtle nuances are nonexistent only serves to show that you are no connoisseur of femininity.
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must be flat
File: 1415322210800.jpg (117KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Because flat is cute

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>Front-facing bow on the center of the head

Is this literally the shittiest character design of all time?
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It may be the dumbest, but it's clearly not the shittiest.
looks cute as fuck
Kill yourself.

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