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Holy fucking shit...

Was this the greatest punchline anyone has ever told? How can any Ot*ku even look in the mirror after this scene? How could a single man blow a fuckload of people TFO singlehandedly WITHOUT THEM EVEN FUCKING NOTICING HOLY FUCKING SHIT???

>Haha, look a that faggot Shinji being depressive and hiding from reality! Man, besides him, this mecha anime is pretty rad!
>No John/Tadashi/Boris/etc, you literally ARE Shinji!
>And then the Ot*ku was blown the fuck out
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How did this madman do it? How can anybody even recover?
Fuck, that was so satisfying.
Why are you posting like you're 12 years old?
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Since nobody is reading anyway:
I fucking hate you /a/, I deeply despise you. I despise every part of us that makes us cover and retreat. Every part that wants to run away and hide from reality.
You are the living embodiment of human waste and Anno┬┤s talent was wasted on scum like you.

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asterisk war.png
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Why did it flopped?
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Because is shit
Maybe because it wasn't good.
It flopped? I thought it got a second season? But yeah it was shit no doubt.

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Is this anime worth watching
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Every episode from episode 1 forward gets good after episode 26

Watch the entire series up till then.
only if you have good taste
watch it for the memes

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Reminder that Mirage won.
So is this series good or no?

I couldn't even get a straight answer on /m/ when it was airing

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Is MPC-HC + KCP still the best way to watch my Chinese cartoons? Is VLC usable or still trash?
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>not watching in ASCII

Only when they made Dwarf Fortress anime.
Get back to /v/ you underage crossboarding shithead cumstain.

And stay there.

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gay on ice.png
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and dropped
i tried to ignore the gay parts in the first ep because i liked the animation and choreography but this is getting too much for me.
what a disappointment this could have been a good show
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how bout you check your privilege, thanks
i am black...
Accept yaoi as the ideal form of anime or GTFO

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What does /a/ think about Strawberry Flavored Fist of the North Star?
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
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I don't like it.
But I love you all. Is that stupid fairy better today?
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

Is it necessary to watch the previous instalments? Would I be lost if I started here?
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it's not connected to universal century (main gundam universe)
No. Gundam W is part of the standalone gundam entries.
It's also really bad compared to more of the other series.

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>"Okay, /a/. I know this time it will fit!"
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Hey this is something that no one really talks about. Stellar manga. Anime didn't get too far into it though.
This show was fantastic and the manga even better.
Sadly the manga translations are like 20 volumes behind and gets a chapter translated about every 6 months or so.

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>changing design

Why is this allowed?
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Literally every original design is shit.

Original design: can guess personality just by looking at the character
Kyoani: sameface everywhere

Why is this studio considered good again?
kyonai moe model

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Haven't seen one of these in a while.

Season 2 when?
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Nichijou has my favorite OST of any anime.
>Season 2 when?
When you buy more of the manga.
I already own it all. I've done my part

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Is good animation extremely subtle?
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Forced animation
I don't get what you're trying to ask

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What do you guys think the loli ratio will be by the end of this current arc?
Also Schierke a cute.
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>no rape horse skin
off to a bad start
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Thats what mods are for also i just noticed that retarded berserk armored horse skin...
>berserker horse

Why is everyone in this manga such an awful person except Anya?
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> Anya
Who's that?
Because the plot is about yakuza duh.

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