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Why aren't there more series with immortal lolis like Kono Shima?
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but the immortal loli is treated like shit by everyone including mc even though she loves him and would do anything for him, but instead he focuses on some alien homewrecker girl
the important thing is that the immortal loli is sexually aggressive and willing to do anything to keep the MC for herself.
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Try to guess how many times the MC's classmate has been raped since she was thrown in jail.

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Will older sister bird win the salaryman?
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but she wants happy life running comfy cafe with him

Is this mango still alive? Last update was in april or something.

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What a pleasant show.

Ending was perfect, but bittersweet even if it was the only way.


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Lucky /a/ then because this show sucks.

An action show where the action is mediocre. AMNESIA plot. Exactly what I didn´t want.
Except /a/ has already watched it a decade ago. We did have threads about it but it was like 2006.
Tried watch noir, almost fell alseep.
Great animation tho.

>oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
>holy smokes

Why does every show this season have nothing but cancer subs?
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so if you know enough japanese to know that it's """""wrong""""" then why does it bother you
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there are countless times where they say someones name in anime but the subs don't have the name so i just accept that whatever the subs say are close enough to send through a clear message.

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What's the deal with some anime and being randomly popular in some countries?

Apparently Hello Sandybell took off in france:
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I loved this shit
Frenchfag here, never heard of it, and I had my fair share of classic animu as a kid.

But I can understand how this became a classic among those who watched it. Back in the day, France only had 6 TV channels, including a paying one. Cable was (and is still) almost non-existent. Starting in the late 70s and through the mid-90s, children shows were flooded with anime (one of the earliest example was Grendizer IIRC). This stuff was so popular, the major children show, the Club Dorothee, which mixed anime, sitcoms and sketches, had up to 30hr of airtime a week, with 8hr of live show on wednesday (traditional day-off at elementary school back then). And that was just for the first channel.
Major stuff like DBZ and Hokuto no Ken (yeah, it was the perfect morning in the producer's mind) was mixed with minor and older stuff, like Kimengumi, Uruei Yatsura or Sally.
So it's no surprise stuff that might appears obscure in the US was popular overseas, since the kids were brainwashed with it. Most of the older anime fans will cite Captain Harlock, Space Cobra, Versailles no Bara, Saint Seya or Grendizer as major influences (heck, I've event met my 45 yo teacher at a screening of the last Harlock movie).
Here's a list of anime aired in the Club Dorothee (in French with French titles, but whatever): https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_Doroth%C3%A9e#Dessins_anim.C3.A9s
And it was just one channel.
Back then there was stuff like this who aired in the morning along with saint seiya, hokuto no ken and dbz
But some governement bitch found it too brutal and anime almost became non existant
Nowaday there is only mainstream stuff like dbz kai, naruto, Op and sometime there is seasonal anime

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Is this supposed to be a comedy? Grown men taking pictures of a topless middle schooler is not funny.
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Why not?
I like it.
One female is taking pictures also


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Left or right?
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Her hair is sex.

I want to be her princess.

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The ultimate battle.
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And we all know boobs master race wins every time.
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we don't need your shit taste here lelouch
Ha, short people with shit momentum

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ITT: Post characters that could beat you up in a fight.
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Your wife Chino is so cute
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Are there any worse studios when it comes to adaptations? You better hope your favorite manga or novel won't get touched by these guys.
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A-1 pictures has no permanent staff and studios in general matter far less than the staff working on the show. Even a small studio can put out great work with good staff and a well-handled budget.
This is a given, but these three studios haven't put out a good adaptation years.
Who adapted Ken'ichi?

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What is /a/'s opinion in Asuka?
Is she retarded or just a bit clumsy?
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Her anime's garbage.
Retarded character from a shit anime
I thought the anime was comfy and liked it. I know it erred on the generic side but I liked really liked the way Asuka was the MC and not the self-insert and I thought all the girls had a fair amount of depth too them.

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Are shows like these the ultimate wish fulfillment?

>grown man taking care of a loli that isn't his with no bitchy wife around in some comfy town
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If that's what you wish for, sure.
Not really.
too bad those series aren't that good
there are manga that do that a lot better, besides the obvious

Why does Japan not give a shit about spoilers at all?

Every time I watch a show and forget to skip the next episode preview, it always spoils something huge about the next episode.

Here is the fucking preview for episode 23 of Evangelion:

>Eva Unit 00 and its pilot are possessed and violated by an Angel. But even as her mind and body are being eaten away, she never loses sight of herself. However, Rei chooses death of her own will in order to protect Shinji from the Angel. She disappears along with New Tokyo-3, turning into light and heat. Leaving behind only memories in people's souls. Next time: "Tears"

That's not a preview that's a god damned synopsis what the fuck
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Most anime is based an a pre existing manga. So people in Japan are already spoiled. Though Eva is an exception. And Anno likes to mock his fans.
>Why does Japan not give a shit about spoilers at all?
Culture. This is also why Japanese film trailers often tell you the entire plot. This is most obvious with Western films, where you can compare the Western trailer with Japanese ones.

Japan as a culture doesn't care much about WHAT happens, they care more about HOW it happens. Obviously sometimes a story teller wants to keep consumers surprised, but that is a minority.

Escaflowne, while falling short in a lot of things, actually handled episode previews really well. It often tricked you into thinking the next episode was going to be one thing like someone dying, then you find out it was something totally different.

It seems Hata finally finds his conscience after spending all those years for nothing
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Did she lose the MC status in Active Raid S2? I don't really want to watch this shit if she's not a prominent character anymore.
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That's the reason.
If there aren't any ass shots then I wouldn't bother.
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Unfortunately that's the case but at least the times she shows up are great.

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