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Dear god
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what manga?
kimetsu no yaiba

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Why is You so perfect?
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I want to make love to You.
Who are you?
It's the hair and her demeanor.

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Would you let her protect you, /a/?
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>she will never rape you
Can I not just get the white boy instead?

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left or right?
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Right but only if she has thighhighs on under that.

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Is this Anime nothing but a neverending tournament format? There have been so many opportunities for villains and heroes to just gang up on a weak target and fuck them up but it usually ends up in fair duels where the weaker Nen user gets their ass kicked.

They are fucking pro hunters for fucks sake. Why do they duel ants and frogs and videogame characters? Just fucking gang up and beat the shit out of them.
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What the fuck are you talking about
>Is this Anime nothing but a neverending tournament format?
yup it is pretty shit desu
What? Name a single fight in the series where the good guys had a chance to gang up but didn't.
>Hunter Exam
They tried and failed against Hisoka.
>Heaven's Arena
Not allowed.
>Greed Island
Biscuit could have beaten all 3 of Bomber's group but she wanted to teach the kids to fight on their own.
Regarding the Phantom Troupe V Razor, the PT admitted Razor is insanely strong, and he could have easily teleported them all away the second they moved an inch closer to him.
>Chimera Ants
They did gang up against Youpi, and they were too separated to gang up against anyone else. They didn't have the manpower to gang up on every ant (this reasoning was explained).

Anything else?

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Post harem MCs that aren't total beta faggots
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Impossible, harem MCs are faggots by default, a real man would tell the surplus bitches to fuck off immediately.
Why would you not want more women?
Are you gay?
>knows that all the girls are in love with him
>doesn't give a fuck, even when kissed or one goes insane due to not having him
>becomes god wandering around with his semen demon oni twins
>his harem still waits warmly for the day he graces them with his presence

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Who is the most hated character in the history of anime?

pic unrelated
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But she's cute.
Nagisa is Shit
>But she's cute.
Tamura Manami.

Manami a shit.

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Will One Piss ever end?
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I don't know.

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Is Umaru a jew?
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Who nose.
You mean Umajew?
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>4 episodes in
>it's all the same thing with slight variations

When does it get good?
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Just like the days of your life, eh, NEET-kun? ;)
3 episodes ago
Yes. I watch anime because it's entertaining and thrilling. I don't watch anime just to look at myself doing the same shit every day

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Who is the best Shinobu?
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Guts for brains 1.jpg
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She has a special place in my heart
Maehara Shinobu
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shinobu rg lewd.jpg
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I want to kiss Akari!
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When did Akari get stacked?
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Why are you posting a blank image?

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Middle schoolers are the best aren't they /a/?
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JCs are best Js!
Ew, no you pedo!

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Why is japanese humor so bad?
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Are you literally an uneducated autistic scum?
Your first mistake was looking for humor in a series known to be a 20 minute long advertisement

I'll be staying with an elderly Japanese couple for a year while working on their farm. I want to show them some anime, since they've mentioned people living with them before who's been interested in manga and anime.

I think they'd enjoy Mushi-shi. But what do you think?
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Please no. Why not share the good parts of your culture with them instead? Show them something cool from the West, act like a human being with hobbies and interests. Read Kokoro or something.

Learn what a fucking PTO is and how it works before you go. Actually, if you're a burger learn how to drive stick, then learn what a PTO is.
This 100%. Fucking hell OP.
My culture produces shit like this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=OZWo9CO9gtU

I highly doubt that they'd enjoy it.

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