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ITT: Smiles that brighten your day
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*smacks lips*
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purest form of love.jpg
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>man hands

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What went wrong?
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Your shitaste.
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epic changing your IP then replying to yourself
Not your good taste, that's for sure.

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>After finishing the Seven Stars Sword Arts Festival they eventually took their relationship to the next level.

Used goods
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He EARNED that pussy dammit!
Stella a best. A BEST.
Frankly, it wasn't a lot of work.

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Season 2 when?
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>you want the mediocrity to continue
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Yes the story was only so so, but the plot was enjoyable, don't try to deny it. Also there were so many questions left unanswered like what does Sawako do to make herself looks so good and what happend to the Keions?

This is a japanese sharpshooter
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That's just an autistic girl.
she is not

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....I love you
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Alright motherfucker, the memes end now
Where did Blue Ram go?

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IT'S BAAAAAACK! OG! has delivered!
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Delet this false hope
> Right in the link

try harder next time brah

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What is she looking at?
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I haven't watched this yet, just fapped to it a lot.

Is she "special"? Because she gives off that vibe.

If by special you mean she has diabeetus.

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ITT: people that deserve a Nobel prize.
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For his timeless stories with complex social layering.
Half of modern /a/ most likely don't even know him

This is not appropriate workplace behaviour
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It's appropriate for my DICK
What if they work in a bathhouse
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what the fuck... a tomboy shouldn't have this kind of body

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Find a flaw.

Nice try but, you can't.
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The sound design

No seeiously, the music is great but the sound effects are mistimed and generally shit

They use the same dumpster-crash sound effect fir any two objects colliding, ever.

Also, no ending.
diaperbutts, all of them.
This thread is boring

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Why does it seem like there are more and more fujoshi pandering shows every season? I checked crunchyroll yesterday and the gay boy shows outnumber the loli shows in this season 2:1. Is the demand growing, more girls watching anime or what?
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because those fans are buying discs and merchandise. unlike you.
That's where youre wrong
Hello from a 25 year old girl. I don't like fujoshi that much, but I like manfanservice and shounen. But if there is any homo love in not yaoi and it is not forced or the boys aren't ugly, then I support that love. Also I like yuri and moe and furry.

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In what moment a manga or anime you used to enjoy "jumped the shark"?
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Orange the moment the other guys beside Naho and Suwas revealed they also got letters.
One Piece after the time skip. I don't really know why, I just don't find it as interesting as it used to be.
This thread and using the phrase jumped the shark

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Holy fuck, why is every girl in this show such a cunt? It's sad when the straight up bitch is the best girl because at least she is honest enough to say what she feels and not put on an act only to shit talk everyone behind their back like the other two sluts. I don't need this 3D bitch personality in my anime. Are they gonna get better or is this just gonna be "Backstabbing cunts the animated series!"

Hopefully pic related will actually be a somewhat decent human being and not a scumfuck slut like her cast mates.
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I doubt the girls will get much better, maybe just a bit more bearable.

This series screams Fatalpulse though
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dont watch this crap

it's literally the worst anime of the season
This anime is clearly not for you, go watch the generic harem or something, I'm sure you'll like it

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about to watch Nichijou for the first time
what can i expect
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wowlol so random
boring shit for retards

frogposting animated

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