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Everyone on /a/ has a waifu.

Many have a husbando too.

But do you have a non-binary-fu (NBfu) too?

Picture related is mine.
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I guess Alex counts
Pitou is female, tumblrfag.
Both the wikia(s) AND the great Wikipedia itself refer to Pitou as non-gender binary with [they] as placeholder pronouns.

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This manga is hype
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i still see chapters being uploaded in batoto, why so?
He's translating the other serie, the big the one with the big guy with a mask and a little girl

So I discovered Corpse Party Musume the other day, and after reading all 20 chapters of it. I can only find myself thinking "why?".
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To make you upset. Somewhere out there a Jap decided "I want to make anon upset." and went on a journey to create a manga specifically to make YOU angry.
>He doesn't like watching cute girls and traps being rapemurdered
Blood Drive was a mistake. Only Yoshiki was the only character that was not shit.

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Google super saiyan levels and post
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Googled super sayian 15 and had some laughs, but I'm going to bed. Good thread OP.
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This girl is dumb
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>This girl is best

A cute. Why is www.working!! so much better then the main series?
This girl is cute

What's your pick for best ED of the season?
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If you want to talk about EDs you could at least post a link, faggot. This thread is bound to die young.
Not the same guy (though he posted my pick for ED of the season), but here it is.

Re zero ed 1http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HdQCWXh3XXU
Nothing's even come close so far

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Watch this webm

Now tell us if you think the girls are a couple or not
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I've never seen this and I don't know what it is.

Blue dress is gay. Yellow is just comfortable with her friend and relaxed.
Related by both being in a garbage anime.
>Blue dress is gay. Yellow is just comfortable with her friend and relaxed.
Dead on.

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Never has any anime made me feel more like a beta piece of shit than this. Was the purpose of this show just to cuck the shit out of all the all the male viewers? To remind them they'll never be able to fuck a bunch of Japanese middle schoolers? Jesus Christ.
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You missed the entire purpose of the series on many different levels. Stop thinking with your dick idiot, the majority of sex in the series was depicted in a negative light because the characters were being taken advantage of.
>never have I felt like such a cuck
Shoujous are for faggots and cucks
Even the good ones
Sorry you had to learn this the hard way
Then what was the purpose, besides telling some fairy tale padded with comedy and reverse harem shit? All I got from it was that women, from even a young age, are just sluts that'll spread their legs for the hottest Chad that comes by.

Utena's supposed to have been true to her "prince", but instead fucks two guys, one a grown ass man that'e engaged, and another that was a literal Chad (who she hated but fucked anyway because "omg suteki desuyone!"). Fuck that shit. I'm tired of it. I get it. If you're handsome you can fuck anything. That's what this shit is all about. That's the purpose. It literally spells it out for you every episode about "princes" being able to make women do whatever they want. Utena tried to become a guy, literally got mindfucked, just because some Chad gave her a ring. Because a handsome guy gave her jewelry. I get it. Women ain't shit, just mindless slaves to materialism and lust, is the real purpose of this anime. Just one giant motherfucking redpill is what it was.

And for that reminder, I'm grateful.

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Everything is clearer now
Life is just a dream, you know
That's never ending
I'm ascending.
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more like a nightmare
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W-What's the meaning of this, anon?
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spoonfed pls.

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2000: FLCL
2001: Spirited Away
2002: A Tree of Palme
2003: Tokyo Godfathers
2004: Mind Game
2005: Mushishi
2006: Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur
2007: Mononoke
2008: Casshern Sins
2009: Redline
2010: The Tatami Galaxy
2011: Nichijou
2012: Hyouka
2013: Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
2014: Space Dandy
2015: Nihon Animator Expos
2016: In This Corner of the World
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Zetsubou sensei ain't on here? There's quite a great deal of honorable mentions that should be on this list in all honesty.

What about progression in direction, art, tech, writing, thiught, music, etc?
>2013 not Rebellion
that's right, it isn't

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The series would have been better with her being alive.

>best teasing attitude
>most playful
>bullies Mein
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yeah but they had to kill somebody, and mine wouldnt have upset poeple
I agree OP.

Also, the series would have been better if Esdeath had been killed sooner and not so bullshit OP.
>hey look I can stop FUCKING TIME LMAO
She has to be OP because the author forgot to write some allies for her that are alive.

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This is your sensei for tonight
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My cumdump, you mean.
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Sorry but I'm very dumb and need classes all the time.
Anatomy classes.

>come home
>see this
What do you do?
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Put it in.
Start up the hot pot.
That's a boy isn't it?

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I don't know if this makes me an overemotional fag, but I cried so hard when Kumiko said 'Kininarimasu' as a nod to Hyouka in the latest Hibike. It made me think about the legacy that KyoAni has, which made me think about how long ago 2012 feels, which led me to contemplating how long, complex, and beautiful life is. Amazing that one simple word from a language I don't speak can stir such profound emotions.

(Making a new thread since the old one is almost at 500.)
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You're just a fag. Kininarimasu is not a word exclusive to Chitanda.
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2012 is always the current year as far as I care.
but its standard word in japanese

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