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stoppu fapping raito nao!
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remove clip
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Don't bark at me bitch. I'm knot done.
If I were fapping, I would not be on /a/ right now.
Seriously though, take your hand off your face and stop tapping your foot

I was not surprised when dream girl died.
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Nah m8, it has boy pussy.
Yes it is, with a little witch with dick as something new.
But she was best girl

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>3 years ago

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Damn, I liked this.
Did the manga already ended or it's still running?
The manga ended back in 2014.

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anta baka
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anata Okurasemasu desu
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Serious reminder that only faggots use "anta" instead of "omae".
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anta baka?

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Never seen Hellsing or Hellsing Ultimate before, so I was thinking of watching one of them (or maybe both, I guess) since it's spooky month.

Some quick questions:
1. Which one should I watch first?
2. I hate to ask this, but sub or dub? I usually watch subs, but there's sometimes the rare occasion where I watch a dub because it's recommended.
3. So... are they any good?
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>sub or dub
>considering dubs ever
watch regular hellsing first because it is not as good as ultimate and deviates heavily from the source material

watch the sub

if you think they're bad you have shit taste
If you're ashamed enough about watching dubs that you'd spoiler that you should already have your answer.

For fuck's sake, if you're going to be a dubfag at least commit to it.

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So did they fuck?
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Yes, madly and passionately. And the story takes place in 1998,so they probably have kids nearing 20 now.
Yes, in class and everyone pretended not to watch
>classmates trying to pay attention to the lesson

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Is there ever going to be a better sports anime/manga or should I just give up hope?
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Absolutely not

Hiruma was the GOAT
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I hope you are wrong. I can only re-read it so many times.
That game against the dinosaurs is one of my favorite moments in manga

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>Do you think that you would be a hero or villain based off of your personal views?

I had this thought today when I was watching the average anime where the difference between the antagonist and protagonist characters are how they perceived hardships.
When one saw his loved one be killed in front of his eyes he sought out revenge on the world.
While the other took his burdens and decided to make himself stronger that way others wouldn't have to feel the same way.
>This is typical setting is in plenty of anime, games, manga, books and almost anything else.
Ill post what I think I am in a bit but I thought I would share it with others and hear some stuff before I do.
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Side character desu.
I would probably be closest to the antisocial/dull school-life protagonists. In a fighting/fantasy anime I don't see myself being either the protagonist or the antagonist as I'm too submissive for either and would at best be a supporting character. Personality-wise I'm fairly amoral and would be closer to the antagonist but I can't see myself being a henchman so I would most likely instead be unwillingly roped into joining the hero's party.
>implying any of us are anything more than background characters

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If magical girls are so cute why do they never have boyfriends?
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They have boyfriends. All of us are their boyfriends.

You know better than that anon.

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Let's settle it: Is this the greatest anime protagonist since Shinji Ikari?
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>Great protag

He is less of a bitch than Shinji but that's not a tall order.
No, but he is the cutest
>Shinji ikari
>being great at anything
Evangelion is shit. Shinji is shit.
Shit taste confirmed.

Do not compare garbage with refined works such as RE:Zero.

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ITT we post our jojo memes
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Does /a/ like "impure" female characters?
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does CC know about this?
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I'm sure she's seen somebody kiss . She is like 200 years old.
Why was Kallen such a whore?
she's got a nice body

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Wasn't this really unsanitary? I mean, she was just wearing that.

now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I wouldn't have inhaled the shit out of those panties while furiously masturbating.
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Inhaling shit is not sanitary
better get off 4chan then
You think Poorara cares about that

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>Girlish Number
>Brave Witches
>Show by Rock
>Sangetsu no Lion
>Yuri on Ice

This is objectively the best season of the year.
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Add Stella's magic.
The gayest one.
blog thread, ignore

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