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I haven't seen a rejection this brutal since Maison Ikkoku.
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My favorite part about this anime is the enthusiasm Logy uses when saying Escha's name.

Pic related
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What would you do if you were trapped in a locker with her?
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Take the clip
ask her if i can hug her. if denied ill cry until she does.

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Plain old bread is pretty shit.
They don't even put anything on it.
Tasteless, unappealing, stale and boring.
At least use some grape spread or something damnit.
It's always just a slice of generic bread, not even the fancy bakery kind.
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I know this is a bait post. I know it is. Yet I can't help but respond to it: Fuck off. Plain bread is great if its well made and not the store bought crap you eat.
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I bet you eat tortilla chips without any salsa or dip too, faggot.
T. Amerifat

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>wanted the same thing sinbad wanted
>just that he was legit killing people to achieve it
>sinbad is somehow much more hated over him

Explain yourselves magifags
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Because he wanted a dictatorship and communism. Sinbad wanted Capitalism. Kind of sucks how we only saw most of them Djinn equip a few times and then it was forgotten.
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This. He wanted an unified peaceful world where everyone is the same by force. Sinbad wanted a diverse peaceful world where everyone never fights because of political force.

>now missing an arm and leg while living in exile from his beloved country

don't know if he or sinbad got the worse end.

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A-are we getting a new chapter?
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kys fenixfag and go back to your re:shit containment general
Last night actually. Naked mole rats.
raws or translation?

>still no S2.
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>Season two will never happen.

At least we can have a best boy thread.
But why? Don't they want our fujobucks?

Show me a better dj
Pro tip: you can't

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What do you think of malnourished girls?
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I'll inject them protein if you know what I mean
Needs more thicc
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It's truly awful that western perception has been warped by the glut of overweight women in our society.

Would anyone mind if I raped this girl to death? NEVER have I hated a fictional character so much.
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She's precious
>t. delusional anon
>to death
What will be the exact cause of death?

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There exist a finite souls in the universe.
33.33% in the living world.
33.33% in soul society
33.33% in hueco mundo

The Soul King although sometimes mentioned as God it has actually never been refered as God. Nor does it seem the Soul King is omnipotent or omnipresent. It does have precognition though.

The Soul King is probably just a 'container' into wich souls get absorbed when they 'die' and are then redirected to the correct world, heaven(soul society), or hades(hueco mundo)
to restore the balance between souls.

Another theory is that the Soul King gives only a part of his soul to each Shinigami who then receive powers from him. When the Shinigami dies their soul return to the soul King to be redistributed.

Ywach (from Hebrew bible YHWH) is the son of the Soul King. Ywach is the ruler of the human world. He also has the ability to share his soul and they return again when the soul dies.

Barraggan is the King of Hueco Mundo. He has the weak version of the power to manipulate time. The origins of Barragan are uknown, but as he seems relitively weak compared to Ywach and the Soul King he could have been just a normal soul that gained immense power through absorbing souls. Unlike the Soul King and Ywach he does not have to power to 'give life' (share his soul). This seems fitting for a Lord of Death.
Hueco Mundo in contrast to the human world and Soul Society seems anarchistic in the sense that it is not governed by divine beings (Quincy or Shinimgami)

When the quincy's (children of Ywach) kill a hollow (soul from Hueco Mundo) that hallow(not sure if this effect applies to all types of souls) goes back or stays into the human world (either reborn as human again or born as a quicny). It seems that the quincies have the power to override the balancing powers of the Soul King.

While when the Shinigami (children of Soul King)* kill a being the soul is redistributed to the correct world(human, heaven, hades) based on the current balance.
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*In the end every being is a child of the Soul King since either directly or indirectly everyone comes from the Soul King and returns to the Soul King.
for uknown reasons each soul gets only a limited number of spiritual power (reiatsu) based on what type of being is created(animal, human, hollow, shinigami), but through training it is possible to increase spiritual power.

Because Ywach including all quincies have the power to override the balancing power they can in effect by killing enough hollows make the world unbalanced.
But even if theoretically all hollows where transported to the human world, as long as the Soul King exists at least the 3 worlds won't be completely destroyed cause the Soul King still has authority over the Shinigami.
To rebalance the world the Shinigami need to kill enough Quicy's to redistribute the souls back.

So if Ywach wanted to destroy all 3 worlds permanently he had to first kill the Soul King and then all the Shinigamis. (wich he did ofcourse.)

It is not known if Ywach had the power to manipulate future before he absorbed to soul king or not, it is known he had the power to see in the future.
So I think it is as follows:

Soul King has power to both manipulate the future(wich Ywach absorbed later) and see into the future.
Ywach has the power to see into the future
Barragan has the power to manipulate the physical decay of objects/beings
Aizen has the power to manipulate the perception of time.
The book dude has the power to manipulate the past.
Orihime has the power to manipulate the physical restoration of objects/beings (opposite of Barragan)
It is not known if the Soul King has to power to create things out of nothingness.
It seems the Soul King did not create the world, nor is it all-powerful Thus avoiding the problem of evil and why the Soul King can not be refered to as an Supreme Ultimate God. Since time, past, future, did not exist before existence, the power of manipulating the future becomes nullified.

It is possible that The Soul King foresaw the destruction Ywach was creating and therefore manipulated time to ripen the perfect conditions for Ichigo & co and Aizen to appear and helped give Ichigo power boosts to defeat Ywach.
Ywach in the end did kill the Soul King and gained his power to manipulate the future, but the power of Aizen manipulated the perception of time of Ywach therefor reducing the power of Ywach wich ultimately led to his defeat.

Wich Ywach death his soul returns back to the Soul King to whom it originally belonged. Altough the Soul King was already killed by Ywach... It is unsure if the Soul King just manifested back into life. No info is given about who or where is the current Soul King. It could also be Ichigo's son.
Ywach seems to be the personification the problem of evil. Why create a world in where there is death and suffering? And thus he superficially seems the 'good' guy by destroying all worlds and removing all suffering and death.

Aizen gives the answer to the problem of evil. There exists suffering and death so that people can grow into better beings through courage.
Aizen himself wanted to become the new Soul King. Concluding frim his final statement he did not want to alter/change the world. He just wanted to be at the top. Aizen could be seen as Lucifer who was prideful and wanted to take the place of God, but then Lucifer fell down and was locked away in Hell.
Similarly Aizen fell by becoming a hallow, altough because he was a Shinigami he still retains his Shinigami powers. Then was locked into Central Great Underground Prison(Muken) forever.

That's it.

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How are you enjoying AOTS?
Ed of the year too.
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strangely aroused.
I think this was the show that I was looking forward to the most this week.
Still disappointed they edited some scenes for the Japan/CR version.

Why didn't someone tell me we got Appmon subs?
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They're okay. It's probably the double language translation, but some lines are a bit off. I didn't notice anything too bad this episode.
>based on mexican fansub translation

times have changed
this show is ruining anything cool about digimon i liked

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What did /a/ think of the latest chapter of Umaru?
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When is the Kanau arc starting
I find Hikari's bug eyes moe for some reason.
Cute as fuck yo

Now that 3-gatsu no Lion has turned out to be shit, should we reaffirm that this is still the only watchable Sh*ft show to date?
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If you didn't like 3gatsu anime you probably won't like the manga either.
>3gatsu is shit
Probably not for you. Go back to your shounenshit

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I want to steal Akari's pantsu during swimming lessons so she isn't wearing any the rest of the day.

Then as everyone is leaving school, I'd show up with her pantsu on my head and shout "AKARI'S PANTSU ARE ON MY HEAD"! And everyone would stare at her and ask her if she was wearing any pantsu.

She'd be so embarrassed.
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You really think Akari would do that? Only bring ONE pair of underwear?
fuck off akane
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I'd rather have TOSHINO KYOKO!'s lewd panties

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state of the art.jpg
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Macross is in the pinnacle of the Mecha genre and frontier is, and it will always be, kawamori's masterpiece
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Kawamori got exposed with Delta
I think Delta, at the most, got 40% of what Frontier achieved..
Frontier was unironically epic

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