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>show is set thousands of years in the future
>people still use the word "god"
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Wow! A word or concept which is used to mean a powerful and unexplainable entity is still used in the future! What next, do they still have the word dragon or demon?
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>Being this gay
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I can smell your fedora from behind my screen.

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Japan has gone full Jew and decided to crack down on the anime industry and all anime and manga has been taken down and is now available to the West on a pay-per-tankobon/episode basis. Ignoring for a minute the impossibility of killing all pirating sites, would you still be heavily invested into the industry? Would you move on to a different hobby? How much would you be willing to pay per volume/anime episode before telling them to fuck off?
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This acutally is going to happen in a few years thanks to the new hardware DRM, Intel SGX and protected video path.
I have enough anime stocked to last me 25 years. I calculated.
It'd really depend on how much we are talking about here, but that would probably mean watching less shit or be an opportunity to move on to a different hobby.
I was going to write "more productive hobby", but who am I kidding.

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Moshi moshi
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I'm gay.
Hai anon-desu
Watashi wa ningen desu.

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What does /a/ think of Angel Beats?
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Both figurative and literary
It's my girlfriend's favorite anime. Her second favorite is Clannad, 3rd is Erased, 4th Sakurasou, and 5th Katanagatari.
Fucking terrible. I got memed into finishing it and it's probably the only series I legitimately regret wasting my time on.

The characters and comedy were mediocre and the ending was the best example of forced drama I've ever seen.

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would you?
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Depends. Is it a christmas cake?
You don't stick your dick in crazy. But I would probably make an exception.

I hope they continue scanlations of this, I think they were having cleaning trouble. I follow a lot of manga but so much of it is rarely released, it's nice having something like this where you know when it's coming each month.

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>there's no male character
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>all girl cast
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>there's no male character

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You are in a bar, and this guy smacks your girls ass. What do you do?
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I turn into primordial soup.
Smack his ass.

Check em
Realize clearly it must have been an accident because Shinji is gay.

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>loli fanservice scene
>loli covers her chest

But why? There's nothing to see and I doubt anyone cares about some little girl's boobs
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I care about a little girl's boobs.

I care about them a lot.
Nobody thinks little girls' chests are attractive and it's disgusting.
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Shimakaze was made for the new age of high quality trap doujinshi.

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>background characters have own setting

This is why I fucking love kyoani.
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They should make an album in which fans can collect those cards and at the same time publish more, like the birthday cards and the likes.
I'd buy it right away.
daily kyoani circlejerk thread
What kind of orchestra has a single string instrument?

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When was the last time you fell in love with a 2d?
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We are going to take it slow, but I really like her so far
>When is the last time you watched an anime with a female character in it?

Good question, about an hour ago.

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Fact: the quality of a show directly correlates with the quality of the show's threads while it's airing.
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Counterpoint: Yuri!!!! on Ice, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Cross Ange

Counterpoint: Opinions are subjective
What did he mean with this?
Occultic;Nine is good.

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>The original story takes place the day before the class reunion depicted at the end of the manga, seven years after the manga's climax. Yusei Matsui, the manga's creator, collaborated with the film's staff for the original story. The film's visual already hinted at the story, showing the character designs for Nagisa and Karma seven years after the manga's climax.


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They should have stashed the money in a fund to do good.
>we are still alive
Guess not lmao
IF only..

What /a/ thinks about Pitou?
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he's cute
Pitou a shit
I like his design, but he deserved the smashing.

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Is this really as bad as people say?
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people hate it's author and that's basically it
also purple is useless
It's pretty good. People hate on it because it's written by Okada.
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What do they say? The drama is predictable but it's okay.

I wish it had been a battle anime. Tenga is too much of a musclehead. I don't like him at all.

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Did he died?
People die when they're killed anon.

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