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Would you a cat

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Yes, I would.
What's making this manga SO fucking popular in Nipland? The sales are insane for a new series' standards.
Are the kids reading Jump that pent up?
tits and ass
tankobon nipples

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First big battle in 6hours and some minutes!
Will evil shota get his ass kicked or will Kei join in?
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Best girl reminder.
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I hope she will get some time to shine any time soon. Anime is almost over and she did nothing so far.

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I'll start.

SoL about a man dealing with obesity and constant need to poop.
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Isn't there an anime about some old man's sentient fart? Never say never.
good that sounds like a terrible anime
Fat people shouldn't be encouraged to remain fat by being shown in the mainstream media.

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Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, Spectre, The Legend of Tarzan) as Doctor Dyson Ido, "the cybersurgeon who finds the cyborg [protagonist] and becomes her mentor."

Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Preacher, The Dark Tower, The Birth of a Nation) as "a monstrous cyborg in a villain role that will call for plenty of CG and greenscreen.
Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled, Deadpool) as Zapan, "a villainous cyborg who is in possession of a weapon called the Damascus blade."

Keean Johnson (Nashville, Spooksville) as Hugo, the "love interest" and "a young man who teaches Alita how to play a gladiator-style game called Motorball but who also has a secret side job stealing robot parts."

Mahershala Ali (Luke Cage, House of Cards) as "one of the movie's villains, a man named Vector who runs and fixes matches in a gladiator-style combat game called Motorball."
Eiza Gonzales (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Spider-Man: Homecoming,The Land) as the "cunning and sly friend" of Keean Johnson's character.
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Whats the source material about? And whats with this sudden surge of western anime movies?

Is the casting good for this? I mean I do like waltz.
>The black guy is the villain
How the fuck did they got away with it?!
Vector was in the manga though

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Is this actual unironic autism?
I just like spreadsheets


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What the fuck man

Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency wasn't like this and Abdul just died before I even had any emotional connection to his character. When Caesar died it meant something

Also, why is everyone wearing ear jewelry?
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I must have been too drunk to remember this part
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Get out now you FOOL
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Will there be more sad doggos?

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Would you a fujoshi?
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I would a hot fujoshi.
Would I?

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ITT: Buzzwords that need to stop
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What does /a/ think about Kemonozume? Just binge the whole series10/10 reminded me of Blood+
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one of the best misaki yuasa works
very romantic. love the scene with the jeep on the salt lake.
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It reminded me of Far Cry 2 with the absurd MC trait (IBS in this case) to the point where that and the distinct animation are the only things I can remember

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Find a flaw.
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Reused character design.
Satan had different build, had different hair and never veined up like Nappa.
No major ones. He effectively tricked the entire world into thinking he was their champion and savior making him one of the smartest characters in the series.

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This is your swimming instructor for today.
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Too fat
Ew, get that autist out of here.
I'd the cement addict.

What does the sign say?
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It doesn't say anything. It's blank. Do you think I'm fucking stupid?
That's the second time today someone's done this to my post. I've had enough of this shit.

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Why is the window always on the left?
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Those are some nice floors.
do you want morning sun in your face?
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>left therefore east

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Why don't you love her, /a/?
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Give me a good reason why I should.
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But anon I do.
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It's a cute king.

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RIP humanity.jpg
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ITT: Underrated masterpieces.
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I fuckin' love Zegapain. I'd never happen, but it'd be amazing if they could remaster it with smoother/better CG, it's kinda the show's only weakness.
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Great show that no one watched. I imagine this is how Bubuki will be like a few years from now.
Zegapain was garbage

Nobody will ever say that about a full CG show

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